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  1. Winning a fort, in a 3 way fight, in the last 8 seconds...
  2. First we got pushed out by NM, ABYS and Furia. We respawned and went back with like 7 min remaining. I only got 5 minutes of footage but it was something to remember! Thank you to all involved - great fights and even loosing would have felt epic! Enjoy!
  3. I like it how you guys picked on the exact line I failed to comment on 😛 You are totally right - World is no longer destructible and my comment was referring to the second line. On rules changing from world to world: What they've build so far are The stage, The dolls and they have written the first 5 minutes of the play that we have been playing over and over. As proof of concept is a 100% success. The fact that we don't have more options is because they have never build them - they have just made the infrastructure for it. On strategy: what we have now is a storm in a glass of
  4. I've been playing large scale PvP mmos in the last 20 years and I've lead in combat guilds of 200-300 people and alliances of 500-800 people. If performance will hold - Crowfall is, by every aspect of my experience, a Large Scale Strategy Game. This is a 100% accurate! This is 100% accurate! The Deep Character Customization is 100% accurate. No other game on the market offers this depth. Advantages and Disadvantages This is NOT in the game indeed. ------------------------------------------------------ I would like to mention that I have been playing this gam
  5. Hello and welcome to Crowfall! Let me start by saying two things: 1. There is still balance needed - but that it's the never ending part of any online game. Dota games go through itemization change once in a while just to keep the game&meta fresh. 2. Crowfall is quite different then any other mmo on the market to date. Now on your topic. You have stated an opinion that is your alone and I respect that. However I beg to differ heavily - all archer promotions are great at at least one thing. If the classes don't work how you envision them it does not mean they are 'Horribl
  6. In Vekelsey campaign KDS was the strongest player in EU primetime and in the wish to give everyone on EU a better chance at fights we did not wanted any alliance. Most EU guilds allied to take us out and in that effort all EU guilds got outplayed by NA guilds in terms of points. NA having already the advantage of playtime in two Siege windows - where for EU the second window is at 4-5 am. KDS Remembers! We hope everyone else will as well! Thank you everyone for a great campaign!
  7. When everyone wanted a piece of KDS and NA guilds outplayed EU ones.
  8. Top 5 Crowfall likes (things you feel we're doing great on). Random world generator - will keep the worlds new forever keeping exploration an actual thing. Class build complexity that leads into group/raid build complexity - incredible depth Crafting Complexity - Excellent for those that do want to focus on it - hated by those that want top stats with minimum effort investment. EK - good path - making them any size pvp arena by importing the faction flags would make them almost perfect. Gear Power progression - not too steep - excellent choice. Top 5 Crowfall
  9. Forts are max cap speed at 10 people as they are intended content for 10-20 people. Outposts are max cap speed at 5 people (if not even 3 - we have not tested that aspect of late) as they are intended content for 1-5 people.
  10. On a EU Sunday evening when NA is active as well we decide to go for the gold fort as that's highly needed at this time. We were expecting some fights but we did not expect what we managed to pull off. On behalf of KDS a big Thank You to everyone involved! /salute
  11. guards in the ground http://prntscr.com/vetreq
  12. @makkonConquerors are a very nice tool in large scale fights as they are CC immune and can act as CC tanks as they can AoE Blind and AoE Silence quite often. They are in Mail with not the greatest survivability but huge mobility in a Heavy CC environment like the Crowfall Combat. They are a threat big enough that is worth considering to be taken out or your casters won't have much liberty. I actually think they are spot on for that unique role in the CC battles.
  13. That could actually be a decent choice @blazzen
  14. 50 vs 50 is not what Crowfall has been advertising unfortunately. I think such a change can be brought in as an alternate mechanic (the beauty of CF campaign system) but can't be the main mechanic because it would bring even more negativity.
  15. I see a lot of 'wishing for handshake sieges' and while I like the principle I do not find that to work well in Crowfall. Problem: Zone caps! Let's say the limit will be 250 people per zone (we are at 175 atm). If there will be just ONE siege happening at specific time then everyone on the server and their grandma (if memory serves well 2000 people is current estimated concurrency) will want to be there. How many defenders do you let in? How many attackers? How many that are not directly involved do you let in? Any ONE event in Crowfall it's a 'No Go' imo. For 2000 people
  16. With 6.2 on live around the corner we are looking for 3-5 more players for our prime time activities. If you are looking for a chilled environment that is focused on PvP than join our discord for a chat or just apply at http://www.kdsguild.org /salute
  17. Aliepo Campaign has come to an end. KDS would like to say thank you to our friends from Caldera and The Black Hand Order that have been our allies in this campaign and have helped up getting this victory. We would not have done this without you guys. The V alliance, though not at full force but still with NA presence, gave us quite a fight especially at the start with some tough sieges. Thank you for the pressure! After Summer though only Nordic Marauders were left holding the flag for the V alliance and they took all fights regardless of odds. Kudos to them for that. Another
  18. Greetings Crows, With 6.200 around the corner it's time for a KDS&EU Server Status Update. Over the last few months of Crowfall Beta we have been having a good time playing at a steady pace. One of our objectives, as through the whole development process, was to help introduce new players to Crowfall and help them close faster the knowledge gap. We have done that in two ways: 1. Recruiting new players - about 70 people have been going through KDS since the start of Beta 2. Helping Guilds new to Crowfall like Furia and TBH (The Black Hand Order) 3. Helping CAC - the French Comm
  19. Adding the Infected flag mechanic to EK’s should go a long way to making those testing battlegrounds a reality. Let the players handle it from there...
  20. Like everything in life - the more you know about a finite (limited by mathematical computation) subject the easier everything is. Now you are comparing a knowledgeable approach to a fresh perspective and being offensive in the message speaks more about the experienced person. You will find your self very lonely in any PvP games with that mind set. If you have the experience - share it and allow others to catch up faster and actually offer you a proper challenge! Beating newbies is pvp only for some! /salute
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