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    Gaming (especially weekend game-a-thons), football, UFC, running/yoga, coffeeeeeee, tea, buffalo chicken wings, craft beer/cider/vodka, meeting awesome new people. /wave =D
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  1. Holy crap I'm finally done school (knock on wood). I've missed all you yahoos!
  2. Meeting on Sunday, September 13, at 9 p.m. EST If you're interested in joining us and you'd like to attend to see what we're about, PM me and I'll get you our TS info.
  3. Just listened to this on Youtube and then saw this post. This is F*%#ing awesome.
  4. Awesome! Grats! It'll probably be a month or so before I get mine, if they keep on the same schedule. ALL ABOARD!
  5. Soo good! There are about 3-4 videos total ranging from a few mins to about 50 mins, all from the same guy. They are posted on the TG forums now too. Did you stay for the aftershow!? Noc and I were on there!
  6. It's been a pleasure having you.
  7. Bahaha I meant PRE-alpha. I'm pretty we're all pro-alpha. I can't wait to see new community content/videos/streams. #crowfalllife
  8. How are those people in Pro-Alpha enjoying it!? How are things feeling so far?
  9. That has not been decided officially. My guess would be (just from past experience) that we would be going Order. Nothing has been set in stone yet though, will update the main post when we know.
  10. Great discussions on the TG forums. I love how active and excited everyone is. ^^
  11. Haha see you in there Snis! I will be sure to pass the message along. I got sucked back into FFXIV. If anyone is playing on Diabolos, look me up: Martini Vaniya. ^^
  12. Hello and welcome bud! Hope to see you around.
  13. Phew school has been kicking my butt! I miss you guys. I've been playing The Wolf Among Us, Witcher 3, and vanilla WoW while I wait.
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