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  1. Good to know. Cant say i played the game, but its in my library now.
  2. i never see any barcodes. Personalty i think this will turn many people off. the app installs but unless someone visualy shows where the barcode is, then this step is lame.n crowfall should of done that in the faq
  3. So I bought the game today. And it wants some two party authincation. I did download for the pc and the phone. Verified my email and phone. Then its asking me to take a picture or scan a bar code but nowhere does it give out where to do this. Is this fraud? should i file a paypal claim for this company making me install 3rd party junk on my computer and preventing people getting products they pay for?
  4. UM WTF? I downloaded all these dumb apps. where are these dumb codes. I am about t file a paypal claim against this company for putting in some bs crap. 3rd party crap that is not easy to use or understand. Theres no app, no bar codes to take pictures of.
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