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  1. Once again Crowfalls communication baffles. Forum post on January 21st. According to post 3 days to update shipping information January 24th. Email sent out on February 1st. Was there even a news post about this? Checked the main site and didn't see anything. Even going back to the first forum post of January 13th that's still only 10 days to update information on something. People don't check the site every day. Big yikes.
  2. Can we get a roadmap? So far everything Crowfall has done has felt extremely amateur in its presentation, including this beta. "Hey we are going into beta soon, when? Next week". Who does that... Not to mention how piss pour this beta is. A roadmap of upcoming things would be great to have to look forward to things that Artcraft plans on implementing into the game at some point. Even if its a Before release - at release - after release without any real concrete time frames. But it would at least give us an idea of what to expect, rather than this sporadic nonsensical communication the devs currently employ.
  3. If you look through the forums you will see quite a few posts discussing the Passive system in depth by veteran players on both sides of the coin defending and opposing it. I am in the group opposing it. The passive system IMO is going to be one of the main reasons Crowfall fails. Much of this games progress and dependency is on crafting and harvesting. The way Crafting works is you have experimentation points that allows you to increase stats of the equipment you are crafting on a percentage basis. So if you have a weapon that has Support power on it and you have 2 experimentation points, you put it into the Support power to increase it based on a percentage. So instead of getting 10 support power on the final product you get 30 because you increased it by two experimentation points (it fluctuates because its RNG on the experimentation, but for easy understanding ill just use flat numbers). You can have a max of 10 experimentation points in a category you are increasing so that 30 support power could easily become 600-700 support power with all points spent in it. This by itself isn't a problem, but when you have the main resource of obtaining more experimentation points at the end of each crafting tree, now you have a very vertical power creep between veteran and new crafters in the items they can make. This again, isn't a bad thing having veterans be able to make things more powerful than new crafters. That is how it should work. But when you have a HARD time gate on it that cannot be circumvented you now have crafters sitting for months before they can craft anything even resembling what a veteran crafter can make. This is the same for harvesting and not being able to get decent materials for crafting for quite awhile as well. This is the main reason people dislike wipes that have been playing awhile, building up your passive tree again is very time consuming and you can't actually create decent gear or harvest for decent materials until much deeper in the passive training tree - which again takes months. Its a problem that @jtoddcoleman is beyond stubborn on and has delayed fixes on for quite awhile even though brought up in numerous different forms. It seems like he feels CF is EVE in fantasy form, when they are vastly different games. Which is one of the main reasons OP feels like the passive tree is giving them reason not to login. A lot of people feel the same way. I also agree. Guild UI and Guild Banking in the game is drastically needed. I've been saying it for about as long. Its a really poor show that they are calling this a Beta without having Guild UI in. This is a guild based game and they don't even have guild UI functionality in this late in the games development. Its sad honestly. No matter what the CF team says, this is not a BETA. This is still very much an Alpha product.
  4. I would say it is an imbalance. Everyone knows how much of an impact the passive system makes on overall character development. Instead of having to rely on combat characters or harvesters or crafters you could create an account that just does it all. Removes the whole specialization aspect of Crowfall. Atm you have to choose if you want to do harvesting and crafting or harvesting and combat or crafting and combat, making it a choice on overall progression. With three training available that detrimental choice in what to specialize is gone. Yes people can create multiple accounts, but you definitely shouldn't balance a game around people multi-boxing. Multi-boxing should be limited as much as absolutely possible. It has ruined plenty of games in the past.
  5. EVE and CF are nothing alike. Absolutely nothing alike. Allowing for people to train all three tracks at once would create severe imbalance issues with their current implementation. I dont think you realize how much of an impact the Passives make on the game as a whole. So much of an impact that if anything kills this game, that is an actual game system, it will be the passive training. EVE allows you to perform in a number of different roles throughout the games life and your training progress. CF you are a blocked from doing specific things that have a major game impact or severely limited to the point of being useless in other aspects. Allowing people to train all three at once and not others is just asking for trouble. I have years of VIP as well, and this would be one of the dumbest things they could do. This really just tells me you haven't played CF.
  6. https://crowfall.com/en-US/news/articles/beta-is-coming Use that....
  7. Just a heads up that, we are still recruiting those that are looking to join the Order faction and also eventually journey into the Dregs when they become available. If you are interested in joining send me or Deioth a message on Discord. Or join the guild discord and @one of us in the interview room.
  8. When there is a working economy this might be more viable for newer groups. But currently its not really. You either end up having to pay a large amount of Chaos Embers (for usually junk non-additive vessels), something new groups don't get a whole ton of or bring your own materials, which new groups aren't going to get a ton of because they are new and don't have the harvesting passives done to even get the minerals they would need from farming motherloads for those vessels.
  9. Lol you guys went out and got one more kill, well played.
  10. Not sure. Seems like Order has more of an active player base than Chaos does currently - at least in terms of participating in PvP (which is what we like). I mean I have more personal kills than the entire HaX guild put together. But I appreciate the offer. I think we are situated pretty well on Order though.
  11. Can't agree with a full wipe or a passive wipe so close to another full wipe. The only thing it will accomplish is killing off the current player base until the full wipe happens with Dregs. The new player experience has been tested numerous times over. Hell there is a whole thread here: Nothing but new players. The issues are known - they don't need to wipe again to figure it out. The only thing I would be on-board for, if you really want to see CF surge with population, is bring the 24/7 servers down. Ramp up marketing and bring 24/7 back up again when the Dregs are ready - with a free week of play for new players. Having people trickle in now when there are many damaged systems in the game that deter or outright screw over new players is not helping the CF population at all. Another wipe before all the new systems come into place isn't going to help anything.
  12. Welcome to our new members. Player 3 is about to enter the campaign. Go Order.
  13. Hitsaus. Sorry for the late reply. If you are still interested in joining hit us up on our discord if you haven't and we can have a talk!
  14. Just letting everyone know we are still recruiting for Crowfall. If you are interested in joining. Hop into our discord. It will give you access to the Interview text channel if you have any questions you can hop in and ask them there.
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