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  1. 3 hours ago, Rikutatis said:

    I disagree. The animation lock version was even worse than this current version. Actually considerably worse. Don't get me wrong, I love well made combat systems that make good use of animation locks and weighty movements. My current main game uses animation locks. CF's Hunger Dome was NOT one of those. It was jarring, each time you were moving and performed an action you'd just suddenly stop dead in your tracks and only then start the animation. There was no flow of movement. There was no momentum in the swings and animations. ACE said they tried to make this momentum work, but couldn't. So they switched to the current version. Which is also not that great, I agree on that part. But better than what we had.

    As for the OP, I assume it _might_ get better near release, since they might still have plans to add more feedback to the combat. More stickiness upon hit registration or at the very least more sound/visual effects upon hitting. 

    It definitely had issues, but the main issue was the controller they were using back then. The entire game was in a terrible state until they updated the character controller. We never got to see the animation locked combat with the current controller. Nor did they try and build or flesh out that combat system. 

    The Hunger Dome combat system was definitely a better foundation than what we currently have and they should of built on top of what they had to make it fluid, instead we have what we have now which is probably the lowest skill ceiling MMO I have ever played - which I have played a lot of MMOs. 

  2. This is the product of CF listening to the wrong crowd when the game was in its earliest testing. 

    The game had a really impactful feeling combat system back in Hunger Dome. But they changed it to this super floaty, no animation lock system we have now. CF also has an extremely low skill ceiling so you don't feel like you are doing anything significant because of it. I don't think there is much we can hope for this late in their development. I've been an advocate of changing the combat system to a more skillbased system than we have now, but what do I know. 

  3. Replies in bold blue

    On 12/8/2019 at 3:17 AM, manusdei said:

    Hello, a small feedback after a couple test sessions in the past days.

    I played the game already at least a year ago.

    I am aware this is still pre Alpha, so my criticism of mechanics and the like is to be taken with a (big) grain of salt 😀

    I reached about level5 (or 6?) so did not see much yet, and I only played in God's Reach.

    Definitely need a lot more experience, Level 5 or 6 takes about 10 minutes if that. 


    Now the game is much prettier, and the experience is much smoother.

    Still a lot more optimization incoming. It should get even smoother from here on. 

    I think we had the opportunity before to test random recipes to see if something happens, I couldn't find it again but I liked it at the time. It feels weird to have to use wood to craft a pickaxe, even a level3 one. Having to equip the right gathering tool each time I wish to gather something else is a bother, I hope we will be able to equip all gathering tools later on and just use the right one when prompted (like Guild Wars 2 does for example). 

    We had potions that allowed us to hit experimentation/assembly caps on the different crafts. Don't expect these to make a return because ArtCraft wants to see how the full training/craft interaction works with the upcoming patch. 

    Don't expect to ever be able to equip all your harvesting tools. Having to run out onto a campaign with multiple tools in your backpack and run the risk of losing those tools to another player is part of what Crowfall is. Things equipped are safe from being looted. 

    I had trouble making the difference between things to gather with the pickaxe and the hammer, they all look like big lumps of stone, I can't understand why one would be gathered with a pickaxe and one with a hammer.I found different stones (level1 and 3), they looked different enough that I know that I will differentiate them with time.


    Definitely learned in time, they are pretty easy to distinguish once you know that Stone (hammer) are square looking nodes and Ore (pickaxe) are less symmetrical. Though uncommon ore and stone does look very similar. Slag is pickaxe it will look like a white rock with black lines running through it. Cobblestone is a hammer, its pretty much every rock on the ground that isn't slag or an uncommon node. 

    I found different trees, but even the level1 looked different from one another. By itself it's not a problem, what bothers me is that different kind of trees gave me different woods. Fir and oak are different kind of trees that should give different woods, I know it's a game but it bothered me enough that I write about it.

    The different types of trees can be a bit deceptive especially since so many Knotwood trees have different appearance types. Just remember that actual uncommon tree's have a small glow around them. 

    Combat does not give many options yet (remember, I'm not very high level) but feels ok.

    You will gain a lot more diversity in your class and build as you gain more levels like any game. Crowfall also has major and minor disciplines and a talent system to further diversify and make your class feel unique. In the upcoming patch we will have more build diversity because of changes coming to the talent and passive systems. 

    The leveling once logged off is pretty cool, I barely used the skill trees yet but they look intelligently made (going from one skill to another made sense).

    While at first the passive training system does look enticing. You will soon come to realize that it is very time gated and won't allow you to accomplish certain things you might want to for a few months. Luckily ArtCraft has noticed the disparity between new and veteran players in terms of the passive training system and a revamp is coming in with the next patch. 

    Still, despite all the bad points I wrote about I had fun and I'll keep playing 😁

    Welcome to Crowfall, enjoy the game. It is definitely a great game with a ton of potential. The next patch should really bring in a lot of new and returning players to game. 


    The UI is mostly clear, but I have a bunch of things to sacrifice to the gods and I have no idea where, and couldn't find how to do it ingame.

    UI is being worked on quite a bit, they have shown off some new elements of the UI in recent live streams. The Sacrifice Fire is in the center of the Temple area, you have to run past the spiders on the God Reach initial area and through the first portal. Just be aware that the sacrifice fire doesn't take into account over sacrificing items. So if you are 500 EXP to the next level and you sacrifice 700EXP worth of items the extra 200 does not get applied to the next level. 


  4. On 10/6/2019 at 9:48 PM, miraluna said:

    Why not purchase them from a veteran crafter? 

    When there is a working economy this might be more viable for newer groups. But currently its not really. You either end up having to pay a large amount of Chaos Embers (for usually junk non-additive vessels), something new groups don't get a whole ton of or bring your own materials, which new groups aren't going to get a ton of because they are new and don't have the harvesting passives done to even get the minerals they would need from farming motherloads for those vessels. 

  5. On 9/25/2019 at 7:52 PM, TowB said:

    You guys should stop messing around and come to chaos. 

    Not sure. Seems like Order has more of an active player base than Chaos does currently - at least in terms of participating in PvP (which is what we like). I mean I have more personal kills than the entire HaX guild put together. But I appreciate the offer. I think we are situated pretty well on Order though. 


  6. Can't agree with a full wipe or a passive wipe so close to another full wipe. 

    The only thing it will accomplish is killing off the current player base until the full wipe happens with Dregs. The new player experience has been tested numerous times over. Hell there is a whole thread here: 

    Nothing but new players. The issues are known - they don't need to wipe again to figure it out. 

    The only thing I would be on-board for, if you really want to see CF surge with population, is bring the 24/7 servers down. Ramp up marketing and bring 24/7 back up again when the Dregs are ready - with a free week of play for new players. Having people trickle in now when there are many damaged systems in the game that deter or outright screw over new players is not helping the CF population at all. Another wipe before all the new systems come into place isn't going to help anything. 

  7. 14 hours ago, DocTarius said:


    People from Vanguard are coming over from Euro, and vice versa, in wartribe gear and contributing in a meaningful way. 

    But let's go past that for a second, this isn't about you guys being competitive, it's about you wanting to be equivalent, in a matter of weeks.

    You don't have to have equivalent everything in order to be competitive. Unless of course your guild is the only one on your faction, then you're going to have trouble. But that was your choice.

    To be competitive, numbers really matter in this game - if gear is equal they matter a lot. But Group comps, positioning, choosing your targets and timing to get numerical advantages if possible - they can let people with not the shiniest gear win fights against better geared people.

    Gear is important, but you don't have the shiniest gear to win all the time. You go on about experimentation points - do you really, and truly believe that one person have 10% more crit damage is going to make the duel a blow out? Or how about 8 percent fire damage on same gear types?

    You could have amazing gear and have a terrible group comp or class choice and discipline choices, or bad luck, and still get wrecked.



    This is less about saying your wrong and more about questioning your assumptions.

    You think a new guild should be competitive with highest performing guilds within weeks, working essentially alone - in a game that is designed to force people to have to collaborate and not being able to do everything by themselves, or everything in general, right away.



    So your argument is taking a guild that is combat passively trained and rolling around in groups with other geared Balance players in W and HoA and comparing them to people without combat passives and aren't being buffered by a group of people that are combat passively trained and geared? Sound logic. 

    Nobody has said anything about being equivalent. You certainly like to put words in peoples mouths. Being baseline competitive is nowhere near to saying equivalent. I don't think once anyone has mentioned crafting epic-legendary things for ourselves

    . I do believe everyone has mentioned Rare quality which is pretty much a refined step-up from War Tribe Gear, to be stat specific for your class. 

    You are taking one stat and comparing it against one stat. When you look at it with a microscope yes it doesn't look that bad. But when you look at the whole details page and it is 15% or better above, is it still a 15% base increase? No. 15% less damage vs someone that is doing 15% more damage to you in return does not = 15%... So yes, it does make a large difference. 

    We are about two months in (just the guild - I've been passively training a lot longer and still not through a craft tree for the last points). A month and a half in and still unable to craft anything better than war tribe gear because of how Harvesting and Crafting work in conjunction with each other. You don't get enough materials to waste crafting poorly made socks gear that you get better gear from war tribes anyway. 



    12 hours ago, DocTarius said:

    Well, what else can I do when you guys keep making asanine statements. Like this ones you just made.

    How is pointing out how you obviously are having a hard time reading statements and blowing them out of proportion, asinine? Read what people write and stop adding words or using words out of context to propel whatever you are trying to spin into your favor. 

    12 hours ago, DocTarius said:

    Maybe, I'm sure a not-insignificant portion of players don't like it. But you literally have no meaningful data on why people stop playing. ACE might, but I don't think they do uninstall exit interviews. 

    Have literally had people quit from our guild because of passive training - new players. Have had people from out of nowhere say they are having a hard time with CF because of passive training. Happened today when we weren't even playing or streaming CF. Guy found us playing AA and mentioned he was playing (unprovoked) CF but him and his guild were having a hard time because of how gated CF is. You can shut your eyes as much as you want but the evidence is out there. 


    12 hours ago, DocTarius said:

    And how many of them are trying to play in a faction by themselves or don't bother forming a sizeable guild at all.

    lol....Solution. Everyone join a zerg. Good job. 


    12 hours ago, DocTarius said:

    I love how everybody else thinks Clams and WB don't try very hard. We have people literally spending 8 hours a day in this custardin game. Most nights we are still begging people to log in. I mean, you act like WB people never outnumbered. HAX has tons of people - just the other day me and a single group had to play the ninja game just to try and capture outposts because a group of 10 HAX rolled over us like dried wheat.

    Irrelevant and nobody has said anything about how hard WB or Clams try, don't think I have even mentioned Clams once in this thread. I'm sure you have your own challenges to overcome. Don't forget we played on Balance for a session and know how deep HaX can roll at times. This isn't news to anyone. 

    12 hours ago, DocTarius said:

    Almost all of your gear problems could be solved by simply buying/trading vessels and gear from other guilds like WB, HoA, HAX, Clams, etc.

    Going to keep it in faction for now, which is what we have been doing. So your assumptions of us not getting help, as I have said previously is utterly wrong. But keep making those ridiculous assumptions. 


    12 hours ago, mystafyi said:

    I feel this is a core problem that is causing a lot of other issues down the line. They added rng drops recently and have not yet addressed crafting. Not having a working marketplace/economy isn't helping matter any.

    This is definitely the main issue. There really is no reason for newer crafters/players to progress efficiently with the current system with how crafting works and harvesting works. Everything is very back-loaded. 

  8. On 9/12/2019 at 7:18 AM, DocTrine said:


    You can, but as is evident by your posts your guild has not accepted help from others and you don't seem interested in doing all the things in game that are designed to boost your crafting ability apart from passive training.

    What's funny is I don't think you realize that it use to be the case that recipes were actually gated by passive training. lmao

    But anyway, the core thing here is you at least stated what your time frame expectations are which is what you should have said more concisely from the very beginning. You want your small guild that is brand new to be equally competitive as people in bigger groups that have been here since the last wipe, and some having been here for 3+ years - in a couple weeks.

    Amazingly, you can be, or close to it, you just have to do a lot of work like A LOT of work- which you can actually do - but I sense that you don't want to do that stuff but would rather just grind out mobs or grind out crafting poorly made socks nobody will ever use to gain crafting points you can allocate.

    I respect your guys attempt to be hard chargers, and most of us recognize the crafting system needs to be improved, but you aren't gong to get much sympathy from people who have been neckbearding this game for more than a year if you aren't doing all the stuff we have to do to be competitive.


    Evident by what posts? Others have already said they have been assisting us. Just because I don't accept help from everyone doesn't mean we aren't working with others. We are working within our faction. Like I said before, we appreciate everyone extending a hand, but it isn't our goal to receive handouts from everywhere. That is a band-aid created by the community, while appreciated isn't exactly helpful in terms of testing. 

    Been playing on and off since Hunger Dome. Have plenty of experience with each iteration of the game.  

    Please explain to me then how exactly you are supposed to get 19-20 experimentation points without passive training, since experimentation points and experimentation success are such massive components in the quality of gear you can make. If you don't have that many experimentation points and success to work with the gear/vessels you churn out is going to be vastly inferior to anything anyone else that does have it can make. We aren't even talking about adding the ability to harvest higher grade materials efficiently to compete with people that have Epic/Legendary gear/vessels. Just Rare gear to put us in a bracket to be competitive. I really want to know in case we are missing something crucial. 

    To be blunt, nobody in my guild actually cares about sympathy from anyone. These posts were to get information out based on our experiences with the game for the devs to see. If you guys want to throw input in on how wrong we are and give reasons, more power to you. But so far I haven't seen any tangible evidence to suggest that there actually is a way to become baseline competitive as a new player/guild outside of get handouts from other people. Using peoples throwaway poorly made socksty blue vessels that get put up on vendors isn't going to help anything either. 

    War tribe gear doesnt help when you are non combat passive trained white vessels vs combat passive trained blue-legendary gear/vessels. The stats compound. I don't know how many times I have to say it. 15% isn't 15% anymore when everything is taken into account. 




  9. 3 hours ago, Angelmar said:

    I admit I only skimmed the wall of text.

    First, you're badly falling into the trap of assuming perfect gear equals minimum viable PvP competitive gear.  (This is false and many folks demonstrate this regularly by playing on their non primary region server NA/EU in white vessels with wartribe gear)

    Second, you shouldn't waste time crafting whites "intermediate" gear.  ACE has instead given you Mana from Heaven and wartribes gear is better than whites will be anyway.  High end purple wartribes gear is as good as good greens or crappy blue gear.

    Third, your point that passive training will drive some ppl away is accurate.  It's same issue EVE faces.  (With addition of vessel leveling, I too have wondered what the point of passive training is and couldn't it get rolled into vessels or talents?--a lot of folks want the no-effort skill gains tho)

    Fourth, you're point the finger at the wrong training branch.  Crafting has lots of tools to allow a crafter without skills to be effective quickly and with a bit of dust and min-maxing make gear thats only off by 5-10%. Where passive training really is an advantage, is harvesting, and there are fewer buffs/gear options (but not none) to carry noobs in this area. Check out community resources for buffs/gear options https://winterblades.net/crafting-combinations/

    Fifth, many guilds in the CW (essentially every guild other than -W- and HoA) started in the last 9 months.  The many Chaos guilds started before gear got significant nerfs and normalized in 5.9. This climb is not insurmountable. It does mean you have to accept your going to be at a small disadvantage. See #1. 

    Sixth, Eldritch is shooting themselves in the foot trying to be run before they can walk.  Instead of learning the game on a populated faction, they are trying to be a 10man army of Order against the rest the NA population.  (To ameliorate this issue, setup arranged fights and scrims.  Clam Stacking Casuals good crew that started in December to sparr with).

    Seventh, don't turn down offered help.  I dmed Vunak August 25 and offered to pass him some BS crafting gear and vessel.  He never circled back to me.

    I wouldn't say anyone is assuming that being in near perfect gear is the equality of minimum viable PvP. I would say that Blue grade and up is where you want to start your crafting adventure. Wartribe gear is decent if you are playing as an extra to a group or going against other players in wartribe gear to a degree. But if your entire group is in wartribe gear and is fighting against others that are in decent crafted gear there is litter chance to compete, especially with stats coming in from various other sources like the passive training tree. Experimentation Points are extremely important to crafting even lower grade gear and to get max experimentation points you have to be done with the crafting tree to get the last two, otherwise that blue grade gear is no where near someone elses who can craft with max experimentation points. Its likely a waste of mats. 

    (the cycle you have to go through to get to a point where you are maxing out on points is pretty crazy. Blacksmith to make BS gear. Then makes Necro and Alchemy gear, Necro makes BS Vessel of higher quality to make more BS and Necro gear. etc. The loop is really badly done)

    Not being able to utilize and craft white grade gear to be useful or having white grade gear not be useful at all and a waste is exactly what is wrong with the current system. Its not even about being viable as a combat player, but being viable as a crafter. You have to spend months in the passive training to be viable to craft for a guild especially if that guild already has crafters in Blue - Legendary vessels and crafting gear. There is nothing you can actually craft as a new crafter that wouldn't be better crafted by someone deeper in the crafting trees. 

    You can start harvesting fairly quickly and gain decent enough resources that people will utilize. Dust is always useful and you get that from hitting just about anything in the game harvesting wise. New Harvesters have a place in any guild. Will that harvester get as much dust as another that is deeper in the harvesting training trees and geared etc.? No. But their dust they acquire is just as good as anyone else. 

    The disadvantage is not small. It is quite large. I know many HoA and W players are running around in Legendary grade items and/or vessels. Along with max passive training. The 15% difference is not 15% anymore when you add everything together into one large stat advantage. Is it insurmountable? No definitely not, but it is going to take quite awhile to catch up to an already established force that is maxed on a lot of different things. Older guilds should have an advantage, but I dont think that advantage should be time gated with no alternative but to sit and wait months to get to that point where you are caught up. 

    Going Order was probably the best thing we could have done honestly. It is giving a large insight into how new players and guilds will have to deal with certain issues currently with CF in its current iteration. Its good testing. We can't just cover up issues by starting the game a certain way. The faction imbalance will likely always be a thing on the campaigns that have factions. Faction systems have historically always had issues with population balance. Not showing the issues currently in CF with that would be a mistake especially since its even worse in CF because of the way passive training works with how time gated it is.

    I appreciate everyone that has reached out to me from Balance and Chaos offering help in various different ways. I didn't get back to some of you (likely forgot tbh, sorry). But we somewhat wanted to build from Order to get the full experience of what it would be like trying to build things ourselves from the ground up. We are doing okay for ourselves currently with gathering materials and things for getting our vessels going and gear. Again though, we are 3 campaigns in and still have a long way to go before we start getting to a point where our 10 can face off against 10 Balance or 10 Chaos and it isn't a knowledge of the game thing many like to say it is. 

    I mean that is why all the crafters hate it when passive training gets wiped. 

  10. I would definitely like to see Crowfall tighten up its combat. Not just for ranged precision, but in general. I've said in the past I don't enjoy the very left click heavy mechanics each class uses. Its very basic at its core, and could use some love in that regard. Your skills are used mainly for debuffing/buffing and CCing. With the current state of retaliate a lot of those CCs are underplayed. Entire specs are broken currently because of one ability. 

    I would have definitely of liked to have seen the CF team continue on from the Hunger Dome refining its action combat style with fluid animation locks, to really put some weight behind each ability press. Unfortunately as others have said they dropped that iteration of the game for a much more basic and "floaty" style they employ now. 

    I do not agree with people saying CF employs politics or sabotage or any type of play like that - currently. The only things that matter in CF at the moment are numbers and the stats in your details page being capped. I would say skill as a player is very low on the totem pole for contributing to winning fights. Unfortunate to say, but that is just how I feel and what I have seen having played on all three factions in the past month or so. Is this bad or good? I think the current state of the game would argue for the former rather than the latter. 

    I do look forward to seeing CF progress as a game and iterate on things like combat. But I feel they have a ways to go to bring truly tactical or skillful play forth - hopefully both. 

  11. Currently GR is taking to much of peoples time. To many people are staying on GR and farming materials safely. 

    I would propose that GR is strictly limited to Common quality materials. Remove Kings/Captains and Motherloads from Gods Reach as well. And remove the ability for war tribes on the Gods Reach server to drop anything higher than common. The point is to let it be a introduction to the game, not a place for people to get swole. Everyone should be being pushed onto the Campaign worlds and be on the campaign worlds to stay. 


    Side note. Remove the ability to bank where ever you are on the Campaign. Only inside Forts, Keeps and the Temple. 

  12. If they want to foster PvP I think the main thing they can do is get rid of Uncommon + materials and gear on the Gods Reach server and make it so it caps at level 20. After level 20 you should be pushed onto the Campaign worlds. Get level 30 on the actual Campaign world. Make people harvest on the campaign world. 

    Area outside the Temple should only allow green drops. Nothing more than that. 

  13. Guild_Information_CF_wip.png


    Use this link for access to the discord, the one in the image is broken, I will update the image later!



    If you are looking to join the guild, when you join the discord server reach out to our Community Manager to be invited to the guild. If you just request to join the guild on the Crowfall website without reaching out, it will expire!

  14. 17 hours ago, PopeUrban said:

    We don't actually need dizzy. Just have the first hit down people. Anyone specced for harvesting already has a built in passive defense against getting downed while staring at a rock. Dizzy is a relic of a different combat system.

    Also blind is terrible. The team is super averse to stuns being too powerful. Blind is hands down more powerful than every other CC effect in the game.

    Anything that puts big dumb filters on me screen in a third person game fills me with anger. Its like a bizarre 4th wall break and I feel personally attacked by the FX designer every time it happens. Make me miss attacks or screw up my controls or literally stop rendering the people around me or something but stop vomiting this nonsense on my monitor please.

    Adversely I love the blind affect. Its a strong CC for sure, but it gives real world simulation by actually blinding you fro  the action making your actions after that very detremental to the fight. Especially with retalliate being somstrong right now.

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