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  1. You apparently missed the last sentence of my post.
  2. I think the best choice would be to get rid of static rewards and instead make the rewards be based on how well each side is doing. So if Chaos is dominating Order by 75%, then say Order gets 12%, Balance gets 12% and Chaos gets 75%. That way it keeps the other teams motivated to continue the fight. If Chaos goes to 70% then Balance and Order get 15% each. So there is no real throwing the match because you are screwing yourself out of resources at the same time since you aren't getting a static number. As the score comes closer together Balance starts taking from both Chaos and Orders winnings. So say at 60/40. Chaos would take 40% Balance would take 40% and Order would take 20%. So it doesn't become: "Well I'm gonna lose and get 15 points anyway." Instead it becomes a how bad do you want to lose. obviously those numbers are just for example.
  3. "I need a pole, a crowfall flag... and THAT GUYS EYE!"
  4. I will stepback, sigh and say "That is fluckin awesome". If situations like these happen, then CF has done it's job. Get the betrayers back in the next one.
  5. So long as Crowfall can keep me from asking the dreaded "Why am I doing this?" question. I think the carrot being chased is fun rather than a treadmill or grind. What separates you from someone that just started will be experience. It could be that they are better pvpers skill wise but have no knowledge of how to acquire resources etc so your experience over someone that has been playing a short time could be a huge advantage. Will they eventually close that gap, possibly but you will also be learning new things and gaining on a personal level rather than an artificial leveling or gearing system. To me it seems Crowfall will be attempting to keep players interested off of competition; rivals and alliances. Social aspects in CF will be pretty large. You might of lost one campaign and we're taunted by the winners and now you are just that much more motivated to win the next campaign. Then a new group of players come in and wipe the floor with both of you... etc etc. Competiton.
  6. Vunak

    Melee Druid

    Maybe they duct tape the staff to their forehead and turn into a unicorn and impale people with their horn.
  7. Along with what you said with the Cash Shop, Hacks/RMT, and gear grind; There were a few other things that threw me off from ArcheAge. One of the primary reasons was that while the game was supposed to revolve around a player driven economy it really didn't. The entire crafting system was counterproductive to that. Base materials were more expensive than refined materials because of the way crafting was introduced. You can't push the economy forward when raw materials are more valuable than refined materials. No point in hiring a crafter, or buying a crafters goods because of that simple little oversight. That's without getting into the massive RNG blunder it was, like you stated. It was a game designed around trade (along with crafting). Prided itself on it. Allowing you to keep your enemies from progressing via hindering them during trade runs. A type of player driven regulation on inflation...yet they created a counter productive system in the Peace Time/War/Neutral mechanics. Instead of creating a system where trade was risky, yet rewarding via player interaction, they created a very rigid system that counter acted everything they built into the trade system. The Peace Times. This was a huge deterrent for me, not because I want to gank people (Even though I do), but because it allowed a huge aspect of the game to go unchecked. Not to mention how terrible the zones were done. Not being able to sail into certain areas because you can't attack someone until they attack you is horrible design. Especially when you are getting into group fights and all you can do is just sit and watch your friend/Party Member/Guild Mate get exploded. That brings up ships. There was little reason to actually engage in naval battles. Were they fun? For a time. But you eventually ask yourself "Why did I just blow that Junk up..?" . It was a system designed around being an unpleasant person for no real reason, not designed around an actual economical benefit for the winning party. Harassing merchant/fishing ships was the best you could do, and with the way Junks and Cutters moved, you could never actually bring a merchant ship down (read: catch) without first killing the captain and crew anyway. Which once again there was no real point to them outside of killing the Kraken. Having sea warfare with a little more meaning behind it would have gone a long way in keeping people motivated to play the game. It felt like there were two heads at war trying to create the same game. You would have something really well designed and then have something that completely destroyed that design theory. Had Jake stuck to his guns and kept the game the way it was back during the Korean CBT's the game would of been a smash, outside of TRIONs blunders. But Jake gave in and changed his own vision and it caused... well what we have today.
  8. Chat bubbles and box with the option to turn them off or on however you want.
  9. Doesnt matter what game you play online that requires reactionary ability, if your ping is that high it is going to affect you vs people with smaller pings.
  10. Vunak

    Melee Druid

    The knight enchanter from inquisition is a good example of a mage turned melee effectively. Also extremely fun to play which is a bonus.
  11. To many negatives. I don't even want to see flight paths because the game is about economy and having an easy path negates the ability for people to set up strategic locations to hamper other players/factions trade routes/supply lines.
  12. Bard for sure. I have always loved buffing style support classes. If only we could make our own music...
  13. This doesnt even really validate a response. I come with factual information and all you are doing is spewing falsity. Why dont you actually do some research. No the head Server Architect isn't going to lie at China GDC or "change their mind" 3 months from release....
  14. TERA is server side, stop with the false information. Seungmo Koo presented about it back in 2010 at the China GDC. Its not as prevalent in GW2 because its soft targeting and your abilities track. No blade and Soul has soft targeting. TERA would be more similar to Black Desert or Vindictus. While ping is an issue with every game, its not all that bad. Mayfair one of the top lancers in all of TERA plays NA from EU and has a relatively high ping, yet he has been ranked numerous times in 3v3 arena where that sort of thing is more prevalent.
  15. Safe zones, places where you can't randomly PK people are collision free. That includes towns, cities and outposts and sometimes instance areas. There is also no collision (for friendly targets only) while you are in a raid. There is always collision for enemy targets unless you are dueling in one of the safe zones. What you could be seeing is desync which is pretty prevalent in TERA and in other games. Check out the stalker impale issues in Wildstar. Its more noticeable in games like TERA because collision plays such a big role in combat. GW2 you wont see it because of soft targeting even though its still there.
  16. Im sure this was just placeholder to show off the Voxel destruction. There would be absolutely no reason to have castle walls etc. if it were that easy.
  17. Probably because he is in town, collision gets turned off in towns for good reason.
  18. TERA has collision. The games combat was literally built around collision.
  19. I'm not quite sure why people keep using GW2 as an example. It was tab target. Crowfall is not. That alone should be a huge indication that Crowfall will not be like GW2 and for good reason. I see more weight behind people asking for DF style combat than ESO and GW2. Both of those games were tab target/soft targeting system. GW2 would be horrible with friendly fire. You would be putting allies in the downed state all over the place. At least in games like TERA and DF you have complete control over your characters abilities and where they will go. There have been some extremely large battles in TERA over the years. I remember in CBT3 there being a huge war between about 5 guilds back on the Jagged Coast server. Just search youtube for large TERA GvG and you will get swarmed with large fights. One thing I would like to see from games like GW2 is the polish though. GW2 definitely made the game look good and it ran well. TERA had a ton of engine limitations and UI issues that caused it to run pretty horribly when you had a ton of people on screen, unless you had NASA computers. No I am skeptical because what you stated literally isn't true. "Filled with animation locks and traps, and few to none ways of actually breaking out of them once a choice of action was made." False. You could break every action aside from only a few with dodges and canceling them with other skills. Especially claiming you played a Slayer and a warrior at cap would indicate you know that just about every skill they have can be canceled one way or another. People that make statements like that have always admitted they never got passed level 15-20, you would be the first who didn't. Hence my skepticism. I am not disputing what people find intuitive and what others don't. I am disputing what is false in the statements made and correcting them and inputting my own opinion which seems to be in line with the developers. Animation lock creating another layer to combat.
  20. And I agree. There are a lot of things to be improved upon. I'm not trying to spearhead TERA as having flawless combat. There were a lot of things in it that definitely needed a ton of work. But I feel BHS got the technical flow down pretty well. I would like to see Crowfall maintain that same impactful and thoughtful combat system and improve upon it, by deleting the issues TERA did face. Such as hitbox issues, lock-on skills, desync issues etc. I am extremely curious to see what ACE can do since they aren't facing the same issues BHS faced with TERA; Getting smashed left in right with legal suits by corporate giant NCSoft. If you did fair enough. Forgive me if I am still skeptical though, anytime I see someone make a comment like your last one it is because they lack the knowledge of how the game should have played from level 1 at level 60+.
  21. I agree with that completely. One thing that was always a huge downside for TERA was how slow the game started and really didnt pick up speed at all until around 30s-40s depending on your class. TERAs slow start seriously hurt it for its potential player base by a huge number. Everyone I talk to about TERA says the same thing about its slow start. As for the large sieges and things like that I think it lends itself well to. There are some fairly large GvG battles that have happened over the years in TERA that played out really well. The Alliance 3 faction PvP in TERA worked well. TERAs limitations in massive PvP are more the engine than the actual gameplay/mechanics. Granted these aren't going to be like the old days, because obviously tech and limitations etc.
  22. Im not a fan of LAS, but its not game breaking to me. I just hope its a not too limited I suppose. 5 abilites would be way to simple for me like he said in the interview. It sounds like they may be aiming for 7-10 which could be decent.
  23. I hope its in the 15-30 (20 being optimal) range. 5-10 seems way to limiting on what you can do, combat becomes stale and rotations are extremely simple. Situational abilities are limited as well, which ive never been a fan of. I like have options to choose from. You can safely fit long CD abilites on your bar like Stone Skin in TERA. So long as those situational abilities dont become I win buttons like the 4k DP attack from Sorc.
  24. The point is that you can cancel all animations with either using another ability that chains into it. Some animations can't be canceled that way, instead they have to be canceled with an I-Frame ability. So for a Sorcerer that would be Backstep or Teleport, or Dodge for Slayer. This is where TERA sets itself apart form all the other games out there for action combat. Committing to an Attack in TERA has way more meaning than any other MMO. You are either going to leave yourself extremely vulnerable, or you feint use another ability to cancel the animation or blow an Iframe ability, which can be extremely detrimental to your situation in combat or benefit you greatly and you can take advantage of your opponent. This stacked on top of all the states and secondary effects certain abilities have such as KD immunity, or detrimental CC creates a very in depth and layered combat system that not many games have reached or even come close to. To play top end in TERA you absolutely have to be able to do all of that effectively. Its a very technical combat system.
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