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  1. There is animation canceling in TERA. To many people think once you commit, you're done and there is nothing you can do about it. That is not the case. Even classes like Sorcerer who have drawn out animations to make up for their massive damage have an abundance of animation canceling available. I dont agree with GW2 combat because it was soft targeting/tab targeting, and very floaty. GW2 had no weight at all behind any animations. You felt like you were on an ice skating rink. The fact that people/developers have modded their games to play more like TERA combat is telling. GW2 with the reticle mod, TSW with the Aiming patch. Wildstar with the mouse lock addon. Yet you never see any TERA players talking about modding TERA to play more like this or that games combat.
  2. I Expect the dregs are the starting point yes. But that being said everything in the dregs can translate into the other campaigns. I imagine the systems developed will be very flexible just for that very reason. So they can tweak the bar to create the different rulesets they are planning.
  3. TERA was originally Lineage 3. Which had been in development for years. TERA came to fruition when NCSOFT canned lineage 3 and the developers on Lineage 3 branched off and took the work they did for NCSOFT and started "TERA" with it. So yes "TERA" began development in 2007. Hence the reason BHS the developer behind TERA had a huge lawsuit in Korea over stealing assets. This is going way off topic though. The fact of the matter is DF isn't the innovator that everyone thinks it is when taking into account reticle combat in MMOs.
  4. About the same. also take into count nothing was concrete for DF until about 2005-2006 and that was just a tech demo.
  5. I would argue that TERA had been in development before DF as lineage 3.
  6. Not really DF isn't the only MMO that uses a targeting reticle. BnS and TERA both do and the Devs have already said they took inspiration from TERA and wildstar. So I would take a stab that it's reflected from TERA
  7. I am in agreement with the Devs on this one. It's not that I dislike healers, but I kind of do. Healers become requirements to any group wanting to compete on any kind of level. For example two dps/tanks/supporting classes fight off against a similar group. The outcome of the fight is determined completely on the groups coordination and synergy. Now if that same group comes across a group that is dps/tank/support and a healer. The group with the healer pretty much default wins because of the way HP works and them skyrocketing the effective HP of not only themselves but there group members as well. Now this isn't always the case, but 9/10 times it is.
  8. Vunak

    Druid Spells

    Im not into the whole shapeshifting thing either. Though With specializations and promotion classes, it could be a branch off for that since there are people that tend to enjoy that aesthetic it seems.
  9. You both are misunderstanding me. Obviously using skills without thought process at all is stupid. But without understanding the TERA mechanics its hard to put in perspective. You would have to know the layered combat of TERA and how it works to understand why my comments are made the way they are. And yes I did play GW2 against my better judgement as I was a GW1 player that obviously wasn't ANets demographic.
  10. You use skills on CD in GW2, not because they actually provide some sort of real tactical advantage. Just because you aren't using the same skill over and over again doesn't mean it isn't spammy.
  11. And I disagree, GW2 is way to flimsy/spammy in its delivery. The animation lock of TERA makes it more tactical rather than a spamfest like most other action combat games are. Thinking in combat in TERA is required, not a bonus skill that makes you better. If you spam in TERA like you do in GW2 or Wildstar you die its plain and simple. Where as Wildstar and GW2 spamming as many skills in a short amount of time is the way to go (playing your Cooldowns rather than your opponent). TERA has some insanely complex rotations especially for classes like a sorcerer. Where as GW2 and Wildstar are very limited. I do agree I hope they come up with something that "fits" Crowfall as neither of those combat systems translate well in their entirety to siege/destruction style mechanics.
  12. Nobody said the system was perfect. That would just be asinine to assume. Everything can improve in some shape or form and the slow start to TERA is definitely one of them. Just because it has faults doesnt mean you write off everything about it. If that were the case we wouldnt have 90% of the things we have now. You wouldn't even be talking on a forum because computers would of never came to light. You are grasping at straws my friend.
  13. No problem, the only thing I can recommend (depending on your class) is not to make to much of combat until you are around level 30+. TERA is a very slow starter and doesnt come into itself until late in the game.
  14. Now I will give you that Melee, most of their attacks aren't built and designed for y-axis. But ranged are built to aim in all directions. But yeah, Wildstar everything was locked via the telegraphs, you couldnt manually aim down the y-axis. That isnt to say that TERA's melee couldnt hit along the y-axis either ( Some mobs would jump in the air etc that needed that y-axis aiming), its just TERA didn't really have layers to justify having to hit along the y-axis for melee.
  15. I disagree. DF combat doesn't take the most skill. AoC took more skill arguably. You are right though AoChiv definitely took more skill than DF. But top end TERA takes a ton of skill, having played them both TERA definitely took more thought process and skill to be successful in. DF was only more difficult because of looting False. TERA you can aim down the y-axis.
  16. I tried to stay off the train, but it's left the station and flying through space.
  17. PVP everywhere, no safe zones to hide in. No discrete levels. A skill based progression system
  18. Vunak

    Druid Spells

    A charm beast type spell or ability would be awesome. As the hunger sets in the effectiveness of the charm diminishes until it no longer can be charmed.
  19. Dregs for sure. That is where I will live out my days.
  20. I've played darkfall, MO, daoc, lineage 2, wildstar, tera etc etc etc. I've experienced the massive battles in those games. TERA has the best combat out of all of them for the thinking man. Someone that doesn't want combat to be a spam fest yet still requires twitch skills.
  21. Vunak

    Druid Weapons

    More then likely a staff will be my main weapon as it just seems to fit. But I wouldn't mind seeing spears, ritualistic dagers, bow/arrow, club, talisman
  22. People talking about animation lock being the worst thing in combat have no idea what they are talking about. It creates a system that makes you think about what you are doing directly in line with the whole strategic game play they are aiming for. You can't just spam skills like a mad man slapping your keyboard with an animation lock. I would rather have animation lock then have people strafing around, bunny hopping and smashing out as many skills as they possibly can in the least amount of time as possible with no real thought process.
  23. Vunak

    Druid Archetype

    Druid is more than likely going to be my main class depending on the playstyle, but I like the aesthetics of this Archetype the best so far. If it plays anything like I think it will, then it will definitely be my main class.
  24. If they go with TERA influenced combat then I will definitely be happy. TERA had very fluid animations, a very tactical flow to it, via animation lock and different status effects. Getting stunned in a game like wildstar or ESO...gw2 etc... it sucked. Getting stunned in TERA you are probably dead or very close. Jumping in wildstar, bunny hoppers everywhere. Jumping in TERA meant your death mostly (You were knocked to the ground if you were hit with an attack while jumping in the air). Skill decision is a real thing in TERA, make the wrong choice at the wrong time? Death. Wildstar make the wrong move at the wrong time... meh. Im not fond of the telegraphs. I think its dumbing down the action combat, you end up fighting the telegraphs rather than the player. I would rather see people predicting abilities and dodging attacks etc off of animation queues rather than the paint on the ground. Meaning they have to actually watch and read their opponent, predict what they are gonna do etc.
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