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  1. That happens when you don't get above level 30 in that game for sure. But at level cap combat is extremely fast and fluid. Animation lock doesn't even feel like animation lock because most if not all animations can be canceled by chaining other skills or using an escape skill. if you did get to cap and still didn't enjoy it fair enough. But you really can't make an informed opinion on tera until you hit level cap where you get your full toolkit and attack speed increases.
  2. Because combat in Tera is what is keeping that game going. Of all the failures that TERA had, combat definitely wasn't one of them. It's the best combat system of any MMO by far.
  3. Oh well that is what I was going for, I wasn't clear in my posts. That is my fault. When I meant persistent worlds I meant the EKs and how imo they should operate. Not that there should be separate persistent worlds from the EKs, that would negate the reason to have EKs. But you are correct this is mainly discussion for discussions sake for now. We dont have enough information on EKs and how they will work in relation to the campaign worlds. I am hoping they aren't just lobbies for when people want to show off trophies though. I hope they are meaningful in their own right. Like I said, creating a more stable yet meaningful conflict for people to forge lasting relations with other guilds/factions/players/etc.
  4. I don't think it would. You would obviously have to create enough incentive for people to go onto the reset worlds, but that is fairly easy to do. I will elaborate below. You are correct, the whole point of reset worlds is to allow newer guilds to compete and not have to battle up hill to get on even footing with everyone else. That is accomplish-able with persistent worlds that are augmented by reset worlds. No matter what, on the reset worlds everyone will be on even footing (or at least as close to it as possible). The persistent worlds would be where the ongoing conflict happens between rivals and warring guilds/players. Where meaningful alliances happen. Like others have said, in a true PvP oriented game, you do not NEED reset conditions. Conflict will continuously push factions of players ahead or break them. Look at Darkfall for example, there have been multiple alliances that have risen and fallen, dominate and then get dominated. Now if you throw in the reset worlds on top of it, that could be a potential reset of resources and a wealth shift on the persistent worlds; in doing so you create a dynamic environment in a persistent space. Its more than just a trophy to show off in the EK's. It gives more purpose to the reset worlds and more purpose to the persistent worlds. People that don't join the reset worlds will be at a disadvantage, giving incentive for people to join them. Guild A could be dominating a persistent server before a reset world and after a reset server is finished they get dominated on it and in doing so end up losing the foothold they had on the persistent world to Guilds B and C. Im not saying its a perfect system. But I do believe it would create a more meaningful community and more meaningful conflict for PvPers to really dive into.
  5. They could make a number of servers permanent. Those being the primary servers people play on in the traditional sense. And also have servers that have win conditions on them every so often that have really rare materials etc. To compete for. That would create a dynamicness they want while keeping the persistence that players want. It would create a high amount of demand for the reset servers and create a power shift on the persistent servers through the win conditions on the reset servers. The idea behind the reset servers is so no one faction dominates a server and causes conflict to become stale. With a healthy mix of both standard and reset servers they would alleviate that issue. So long as the reset servers matter in a larage way when taking into account dominance on the traditional servers.
  6. They could potentially make one server not reset and not make it impact the other world's at all with a permadeath mechanic. Your character dies and you can never go back to that world but it is still there for others to compete on.
  7. I would rather see them go for a weighted combat system like TERA where your decisions REALLY matter. In TERA if you make a mistake and your opponent (opponents) is good they will exploit that mistake and make you pay dearly for it. Recovering from that mistake is extremely difficult if you can at all. In games like Wildstar, GW2, DF you make a mistake and you can recover from it fairly quickly because the combat isn't as impactful. Not to mention GW2 isn't even true action combat it has soft targeting. So I would throw GW2, ESO and Blade and Soul right out the window. Crowfall is supposed to be a very strategic game and while TERAs combat system is fairly fast paced, it is also very tactful. Especially for classes like the Sorcerer/Archer, you have to really think about the moves you are going to make and how you are going to counter this or that. Predict what your opponents are going to do etc.
  8. Not true. Games like Lineage 2 arguably one of the most popular MMOs is a HUGE time investment and it does really well. Same with Lineage 1 and Final Fantasy XI. Both of those game take incredible time investments and have sustained a very healthy player base for over 10 years. The simple of it is people that invest time should be rewarded for it and the people who don't invest time should be rewarded for the time they spent. Not the guy that spends all his time in game gets shafted because the guy who doesn't can just drop cash and get whatever or content is so easy that the time investment isn't needed. Let me clarify: Im not trying to say that people that dont have as much time shouldn't enjoy the time they do commit. I am saying that they shouldn't expect to be able to accomplish what the guy really investing heavily into the game can. Also if you actually wanted both spending money on the game and time investment to be on equal footing then you would have to make the money spent relative to the time investment needed to acquire whatever it is. That is not the case, ever. Money trumps the time card in every game a P2W system has ever been placed into.
  9. They could make it more realistic where tunnels can collapse. Make it so it needs the proper fortifications, make it take a long time and manpower etc. I like the idea of tunneling it seems pretty awesome. More dynamics and strategies being used is always better so long as they aren't gimmicky.
  10. The dedicated should prevail while the lazy fail. Its just that simple. If you don't have the time to put into an MMO the way another person does than you shouldn't expect the same out of it that the person willing to invest time should. How is that fair on the person willing to invest their time.
  11. Hmmm. There would have to be something to offset the advantage of having a larger mass to bull through other characters. It's possible, or they could offset it with a smaller hitbox, which might be more likely. Though I personally would enjoy seeing g something like more agile, speed etc.
  12. Depending on how the combat system works. I could potentially see myself playing one of these. They look interesting.
  13. In Action combat systems that include collision,creating focus targets in large scale battles is not plausible in the slightest. It is too chaotic. Tracking targets just doesn't happen. You don't hear PvP leaders shouting to focus specific targets you hear them shouting "Push push push push, focus healers" etc (I know we dont have traditional healers no need to bring that up). Because its so chaotic that trying to single out targets just isn't going to happen. Push push push obviously to smash into the back lines and be disruptive to supporting style classes. Orders are very generalized and for good reason. If you do have someone being focused its usually melee doing it because its easier for them to focus than it is for a mage. AoE Mages are their to create area of denial and blanket damage. Not to mention melee dont generally have to worry about their attacks being soaked by a random target that runs in front of their projectiles. I think a system like this is unnecessary. It potentially nerfs more than just the traditional magic user (aka Glass Cannon AoE) in groups. It potentially creates a vast difference in effectiveness of having other style magic users in large scale PvP comparatively to other archetypes that might fulfill a similar role. I'm sure there are other ways to create a system that brings mages into line with everyone else (if it is even necessary) but also keeping the gameplay interesting, something more active than passive. I think a system like this would have been amazing in a game like Embers was supposed to be. I just don't see it for Crowfall.
  14. I don't see a system like this working in a game aimed at group play. Its specifically penalizing a group of players for no other reason then to be different than other mechanics. There are other problems involved other than that hefty side affect, pushing magic users to become solo players or have guilds with very few magic users in general. Other problem areas would be how a resource regeneration method like that would interact with a GCD (I am assuming Crowfall will work off a GCD system) or ICD methods. This is more like an energy bar mechanic with a random variable. Having random variables are never good for balance. Its like RNG it can never be taken into account when trying to figure the norm. You can figure averages, but that is not reliable because of the nature of RNG. You could argue, well the regeneration hit per magic user doesn't have to be drastic. But if that were the case then the system has no meaning anyway other than a slight annoyance to a specific group of players. You could argue that it would impact a very large group of casters, but at that point they are already experiencing the disadvantages of not being a varied force, not to mention the likely hood of seeing a large enough unit of magic users to create that scenario where it does become a factor. Balance would be the next hurdle. The developers will have to either push heavily in favor of or disfavor of Magic users which obviously isn't a balanced system at all. They would end up making a dominate force is small scale warfare and an average unit in large scale or a average unit in small scale and a lackluster unit in large scale. Class balance is already difficult enough without having to balance a system (a constantly shifting system at that) all by itself on top of the general balancing act. There are just too many negatives to a system like this to justify the positives which would be uniqueness. And honestly I would rather be functional than unique in a situation like this. This is a sounds good on paper but falls short in actual implementation scenario. ~~~~~ Hmm I want to address this as well, you talk about this balancing the "spectacular and unique advantages magic users have". I have to say that you are taking "lore play" and putting it into actual system mechanics. Generally speaking Magic users in the typical sandbox/themepark game are powerful damage wise but extremely squishy defense wise. That is the balance to their "unique advantages". Its also balanced on the melees side by having things like spell reflect abilities, or charges/stuns.
  15. Not all action combat systems are limited action sets. Tera for example, has classes with tons of abilities (20-30) that create unique situations and counters to other classes abilities, to classes that have few abilities (10-15) but each one is extremely important to the set.
  16. I am really enjoying these unique class/race setups. The stalker looks and sounds awesome. Never thoughat I would be interested in an archetype like this but I am very interested. Wonder how the more action based system for combat is gonna work with a bow. I could really go for some of that.
  17. Steam I think is a good idea. It will create all kinds of exposure for Crowfall.
  18. Vunak


    This is the first class I might play. The others are interesting, but I like more caster style classes. Looks interesting!
  19. This is actually a pretty awesome idea. It keeps content fresh without feeling to repetitive. It will be a delicate balance for sure, as you don't want people feeling like all their hard work is for nothing in the end. But if done correctly this could be a serious change that could push the genre in a great way. I was leery about Crowfall for awhile, but as these updates are released on development ideas and how some systems will be done my interest is peaked continuously. I hope you guys keep it up, we really do need a MMO that pushes the genre forward again.
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