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  1. I'm still hoping there will be a native linux client for Crowfall. At the moment, I am on a dual-boot just to keep up-to-date with the game
  2. I am not sure if there are other Filipinos in the current roster but for sure, Pinoy Gamers will hear about this soon. To bring awareness to everyone in my country, I've created a facebook page to unite us all. Updates about patches, bugs and general news will be posted on the page. I truly believe this game will give us the experience we all have been waiting for...
  3. Linux all the way! If Crowfall won't have a native client for Linux users, then it's just a matter of time before someone figure things out. Linux users are innovative and passionate about reverse engineering things.. as we always do. I know a game that didn't waste their money for supporting Linux users, instead, they realize that it's vital for their growth. 0AD is very promising, that even on it's early days, linux/mac/windows is already supported.
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