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  1. I encountered a bug, but to report it I will need "client logs". Unfortunately, the path listed by OP does not take me to anything, and I do not have a LocalLow folder anywhere. The only "Art+Craft" folder I can find contains just 3 files (all .cfg): Chat.cfg Settings.cfg UserInterface.cfg These are in the "live" folder, and the bug was encountered in the live game. For example, I talked to a quest giver, Br-something, at the exit/entrance to the initial wolf quest, and I ended up having to step away for a moment. When I returned I was disconnected from the game, but the quest dialog box was still there... I stupidly clicked through it to make it go away, believing it a graphical error, and when I got back into game I couldn't speak with the guy -- no interact option appears. The Quest still shows with the objective to speak with this character.
  2. Since stealth are currently in both racial ability/bonuses and classes, I am not sure your point. I think disciplines are really smoothing over a lot of the class feel right now in testing. The classes could be more unique, I agree, but I anticipate more changes for classes to come before launch. The overall change in philosophy that brought the archetype split leaves a bit to be desired for some of the classes. Discipline tweaking will need to happen but, in all fairness, we don't yet know how soon or easily we will be able to gain disciplines when the game goes live.
  3. Tiers already exist within most player choices. There are tiers for healing, armor, weapons and most of it is divided up between classes and disciplines. The racial benefits need to be standout and noticeable in effect but they should be much less role defining and more so role enhancing. Core/backbone of character should come from its class and definition should come from disciplines, IMO
  4. I like the idea of the Wood Elf camouflage and the Guinecean burrow but I feel like they are giving access to skills that also make up the functionality within classes. Ideally, giving each stealth its own strength and weaknesses, i.e. Camouflage (detection modified by movement speed and flora density) < Burrow (detection increasingly affected by items equipped, possibly Vanish also tied to racial) < Stealth discipline ( increase to detection w/ distract-like ability and expose) < Assassin Stealth ( baseline for stealth) What I am seeing is that Assassin stealth appears to be the first class-dedicated stealth ability and expanding access to a lesser version of stealth (but with similar downsides as I gave examples for) through disciplines could alleviate the potential that races are creating more influence on "class" makeup than they should. Not that they should have such a small impact but currently that is how all other choices of character design are being treated. If you don't get a shield or you can't use a bow you can get access to it through disciplines and modify the role of your character outside of its base class. A statement was made about quivers for Rangers, stating they would be there as a perk that you get for being the dedicated bowman. Imitators could invest but if they wanted to truly be as good as a Ranger with a bow then they would need to play a ranger. Everything else that would be an alternative class choice is being turned into disciplines, so I wonder why this same logic wouldn't apply to stealth as a mechanic.
  5. Wrong forum If you are having difficulty with the launcher, I recommend deleting all of the Crowfall files you have and redownloading and installing clean - It's only ~5gb.
  6. I had this wrapped up in another post but wanted to expand it more here as part of a suggestion I'd like to make. I think Stealth as a discipline for a select few classes would really expand opportunities for character depth and variation. I think the flavor for this stealth would be hard to uniquely place among current stealth variations but I like the thief perspective, personally. Well, anyways, here are the classes I would suggest for access to the stealth discipline: Duelist, Druid, Ranger and Frostweaver. Duelist: If Duelist had less of a focus on stealth, burrow could standalone much better as a lesser stealth effect with cool racial quirks and more races could have access to the class. I think this would give the opportunity to add more definition to the Duelist, and Guinecean players would essentially be the only Duelist that don't have to invest to get the companion stealth functionality. Unreleated: I also think Vanish is great but it would be cool to see an ultimate that felt a bit more unique, now that Assassin is clearly getting a smoke bomb that does approx. same thing. Druid: Overall, this just makes sense from the perspective of choices. Plainly, leather wearers start out with the least. As an alternative to dawning better armor through disciplines, a stealth discipline seems like the needed option for all of the classes that don't get to freely move between armor types. Ranger: Already feels like they are getting access to stealth but also falls in the camp of leather wearers with less starting options. Frostweaver: It would be cool to see the Frostweaver as a bit atypical among the current casters and stealth would definitely be an interesting addition to a theoretical, and frosty, master of cantrips (personal visualization) What do you think about the inclusion of stealth as a character defining discipline?
  7. I think the concept of campaigns being more or less a fresh start is really going to lend itself to the games vision for notable crafters. We don't know yet how much influence disciplines will have on crafting but I can imagine it being almost as significant as the combat disciplines - to a degree. On top of that crafters won't be less integral just because all players have invested in the skill, they will be integral because of how they wield it! Same could be said for combatants, everyone gets combat skill but will everyone be a known fighter? Is it any less effort for a crafter? I would say it is probably more effort! To the notion that you won't be a real crafter until much time has passed... Well, you can still gather resources, you can still craft items that everyone will need and you can still drive commerce, even without any skills invested.
  8. If you had setup training before going to work and then feel that a whole 36 hours might pass by before you find enough free time, why not just login later that first night and spend some of the time you earned rather than waiting to hit cap? It makes sense that a daily login might feel like too much responsibility. However, if this is an incentive to get people logging in everyday I do believe it will work. I don't personally enjoy these tactics, and if at the cost of losing people they would consider letting us access our skill trees and place skills from a mobile app, then they could get the benefit that I thought about the game everyday and was still displaying interest even if it didn't result in a daily login. Overall, effectively monetizing a game is no easy business and I don't intend to criticize their choice at all but just share in the frustration for how time gating thresholds, or missed opportunity structuring as an incentive to pay or play more generally make my brain feel... kinda gross.
  9. So far, it appears there are only three ways, hypothetically, for a player to access stealth. You can play as a Guinecean "X", Wood Elf "X" or "X" Assassin. These don't appear exactly the same from what I've seen and, IMO, give the impression that stealth may be even more broadly accessible. Guinecean offers the burrow ability to all of its classes. Will Duelist make better use of the burrow's stealth functionality over other classes available to them? Is Wood Elf camo visibility affected by detection skills reducing/increasing or will the ability's effect be variable on the player's movement alone? Was it the design for Assassin to be the highest achievable values available for stealth players? I recall in a stream that the reasoning behind the quiver for Ranger was to give a benefit to being a purist while others have access through disciplines but aren't exactly committing to the specialization. Will the "purist vs dabbler" philosophy exist within the varying forms of stealth as well? Will we see a variety of situational pro's and con's for different stealth types instead? Both? Last, but not least, will Ranger get access to stealth through its class or through a discipline restricted to its class...and others?
  10. Personally, I think tying tiers of protection to disciplines is not a good idea. I would completely understand if the disciplines offered anything beside access to the armor. The benefits and drawbacks of armor should be an affect upon equip and players should have the freedom to choose which benefits or drawbacks match their build design. Otherwise we are going to see much more of a cookie cutter approach to build philosophy due to the efficiency of discipline slots. Maybe I am looking at this the wrong way, though. I feel in the current state of the game that some minor slots aren't even being utilized because a build can be achieved after most major and weapon disciplines are equipped due to there being such limited skill bar space/passive loadouts... However, I recognize I don't fully understand the thought behind this system or why it had to go this direction.
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