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  1. Holy moly, the game isn't even in alpha yet as far as I know. Why would anything be etched in stone, and if we can't debate the merits of game systems before there's even a playable build then why discuss anything at all? This thread was started with the implied intent that people would give their feedback. Mine is my argument against RNG, which so far hasn't been credibly challenged by anyone. If you want to formulate a coherent counter argument supported by sound reasoning then do so, but it isn't your place to tell me my efforts are wasted. On that note my analogies were perfectly reaso
  2. No, the indisputable point is when RNG enters the equation the impact of combat is no longer solely in the players hands, it is then at least partially in the "hands" of an algorithm. That a player can make out of combat choices to influence in combat RNG is no more relevant now than the the first time you said it. Nowhere in that is contained an objective argument as to why RNG is in any way beneficial or necessary to achieve meaningful character customization. I also don't accept the false dichotomy presented between a game of chance (RNG) and a game of reaction response ("twitch
  3. Your solution of countering one RNG system with another will only compound the problem and exaggerate the effect of unreliable outcomes. Moreover you have failed to justify the value of an RNG based combat system at all. Yes naturally a player will make trade offs for their strengths and weakness, but this will be true regardless of whether the game contains RNG. Stay on topic - it's a pretty simple argument. RNG creates unreliability in PvP, which reduces the impact a players actions and choices have on the outcome of the battle. I would argue this is always a bad thing as it's less rewarding
  4. RNG is random enough that it creates unpredictable outcomes, even if those outcomes can be influenced. And even accepting the premise that "the results of a battle should never be solely determined during the battle" as true, this doesn't at all justify the need for RNG. A game can utilize pre combat preparations without relying on randomized combat systems.
  5. Ridiculous. By definition there is no accounting for randomness. The distinction between RNG and your example of a potential encounter with enemy players is that the latter is solely the result of player actions while the former wrestles control from players and gives it to inherent game equations, thereby diminishing the impact of players actions and decision points. You have to do a far better job of explaining how that produces "active player skill through engaging gameplay".
  6. Both the character creation and art style look cool, but there are a couple immediate warning flags. Most importantly that combat utilizes RNG (Damage 15-25, Critical Hit Chance 5%) which can result in a roughly 200% damage variance (15 vs. 31.25). The more RNG factors into combat the less a players individual skill and decision making does which is incredibly frustrating for players. Designing a healthy combat system is a huge challenge so I can understand the appeal of incorporating RNG as a compensation tool, but it's lazy and not healthy for the game in the long run. The second issue i
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