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  1. Well, well, well... Hey there, Kash. Funny meeting you here. Welcome aboard, bud.
  2. That's an old Sims Online thing. Sadly, those days are done. Perhaps I'll open up an iron works or something in Crowfall where I'll employ folks to make crow shaped weathervanes?
  3. We've been waiting for you. What took you so long?
  4. Greetings, folks! (but you already read that, right?) I've seen a few familiar names pop up here and there, so it already feels like I know a few of you. So, I'm going to break my usual routine of lurking for a few years and then making my first post. I'm the father of two wonderful children, a geek, art hack, and a gamer. When I'm not being a silly daddy roaring in dinosaur museums and zoos, or pretending to be a butterfly fluttering through botanical gardens; I'm reading, doodling away on my Intuos tablet, reading gaming community forums, or actually playing those respective games. Gaming began for me on the Intellivision, TRaSh-80 Color Computer, and later my first PC -- with a math co-processor! Text adventures and Lunar Lander were eventually eclipsed by this wonderful new thing called an "online role-playing video game." Pre-release days of Meridian 59 were my first taste of MMOs and I have been hooked ever since. While I have played most of the MMOs to date, I am not really actively committed to one. There is a long history from the early closed beta days of World of Warcraft and progression raiding in release, far too much time invested in the shop-keeping and filleting of fish to buy a guild tower in Ultima Online, opening a garden gnome workshop for the community in Sims Online, fighting crime in City of Heroes, double-jumping around in Unamed-SolarBody, and Everquesting to various Landmarks on to the Next big thing. I had a relatively brief gig in podcasting for Star Wars: The Old Republic, but really did prefer the my time as the ever-singing, dancing, tailoring, holocron hunting and interior house design guy of SWG. In addition to time spent with folks here, I spend my gaming days and nights with friends in the Alea Iacta Est gaming community where I'm a community officer passing out hugs and smiles, and helping the community get into new games and their fan communities. I've been doing a lot of reading here, and I'm intrigued. I eagerly await the day of Crowfall when the crow finally comes home to roost. Be well.
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