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  1. Hi there. I am fated. Fairly new here, but excited for the changes in the upcoming 5.3~ I've been impressed with the Developers willingness to get beyond the original goals.
  2. Fated

    People of Faith

    Good Day, I am Fated. Lately.. in my fleeting thoughts... (you know the ones that come and go in the early morning, or when you are standing at your desk at work), I've been thinking about the Cleric. RP story lines, book concepts, short stories, game mechanics, etc. Powerful negotiators, healers, and warriors. Zealotry, Faith, and Fanaticism. Defenders of the weak.. Driven by ethic, dogma, or perhaps spoken to by a god to pursue the life. Cult or Church... life and death. Light and Dark. I've also been watching Crowfall on youtube, General announcements, etc. Synchronicity.. I look for it in life. With the announcement of the Cleric class I decided to take the plunge. I'm happy I did. I like the art style (so far), I have enjoyed playing the different available race / class combinations. I haven't spent an enormous amount of time socializing or deep diving into all the game mechanics (that will come). Potential is the word that comes to mind when I play Crowfall... I am looking forward to 5.3! -Fated
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