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  1. You know, the fact that we just had a massive update to improve combat and progression and all skills with any degree of locomotion are the same level of broken they were since I started playing in 2017 is depressing. It cannot be this hard to make it so that skills stop when you hit something rather than stopping mid air or forcing you to watch your character run into your enemy for 3 seconds before the skill ends. I'm not gonna act like the feel of everything isn't improving but this just feels like such a basic piece of functionality that has not been touched in years.
  2. I don't quite know what the hell happened but the game has become unplayable. I keep teleporting around the place. Everything seems fine while just walking around and fighting NPCs, however, using a teleport skill, or relogging puts me in a place I've been to before. I have just backed to the temple, found things struggling to load, relogged hoping to fix the issue, and I was back in the camp before the teleport with my recall being on cooldown.
  3. I am impressed at the general feel of combat in this update. Definitely a big step in the right direction. Abilities feel more responsive, attacks feel more impactful. However I am incredibly disappointed to see very little of the jank around skills fixed. The Q on the Champion still feels sluggish and awkward. The dodge on the Centaur still doesn't properly hit the ground. The dodge on Wood Elf is still very disorienting. Switching trays is still not as responsive as I feel it should be. Some animations still morph and bend your body in strange ways. Projectiles still don't hit targets proper
  4. Considering how long we have been waiting for them, the mounts are honestly really disappointing. Their animations are very janky, they don't have anything interesting about them, they stop instantly, turn instantly, their manes and tails stretch weirdly, they don't seem properly grounded either, and their feet slide as they idle. It's good that they're here don't get me wrong, but man, I was really expecting something more inventive after all the wait.
  5. Yes, my drivers are up to date, this is the only game that does anything like this, so it's unlikely to be my hardware failing on me either.
  6. So I have a pretty big issue, and I had it for the last few versions of the game. I am glad to see that the game is looking and running better since the release of War of the Gods however it also seems this is the most unstable the game has even been for me, and it seems to be getting worse with each update. Last week on test, I could run the game on high settings for some time before crashing. Now however, running on any graphics setting above Basic means an immediate crash as soon as I load into the game. But that is not all, the game is not the only thing that crashes. It takes other applic
  7. This is a question of my understanding of the mechanic, because I thought that the export tokens given out allow each player in a guild to take out item from the campaign. The way I understood the system bigger guilds would get higher rewards for winning campaigns, but would have to work harder to win, while smaller guilds would have an easier time getting points but would get to take out less items from the campaign.
  8. Since Dregs is out on Test and I am currently unguilded, imma make the post here again Guild criteria: Region: EU/UK Atmosphere: Relaxed, friendly, nothing too serious. Casual / Hardcore?: Usually casual, I play games to chill and have fun. Can get into stuff if needed though. Size: Small or Medium, much rather an approachable tight group than a huge group Play Style: Like healing, enjoy DPS sometimes, maybe tanking tho not sure about it here. So far I enjoy Cleric and Templar quite a bit. Commitment: Varies quite a bit, I play when I feel li
  9. Neckbreaker on Champion doesn't seem to spawn the effects properly. The rocks only pull up from the ground after the ability ends. It might be intentional, but it doesn't feel right. There's also an issue with a weird dust cloud in front of my character, cannot work out when it happens though.
  10. There will be a catchup mechanic added in at some point. In the past they spoke about experience tomes which would let you put accumulated XP into an item you could give to other players. Dunno what if that's what they're still planning or how this stuff will get handled though.
  11. I noticed that when your frames drop below 60 not only can animations feel slower and more sluggish, but also the audio doesn't play properly. Sounds feel slower, and sound cues get skipped sometimes which might contribute to the poor feel of the combat and game in general. I also wanna say, sometimes charged abilities don't execute properly when coming off another ability. For instance on Confessor, if you use any ability and then use Meteor Purge or Condemnation right after, the ability won't trigger. You have to specifically wait for the animation to stop, then press and hold the butto
  12. The issue with the game isn't the animations being bad, or the audio being bad. It's the way they fit together. Hits are mistimed, ability effects don't place quite right, audio doesn't cue at quite the right moment. There is a slight delay between the animation playing, the ability hitting and the sound effect playing. It's just about big enough to make everything sound off. This is present in a lot of things in the game, with dodging animations being pretty off with how your character moves, the movement of your character and the walking/sprinting animations not fully lining up. And this is
  13. You can choose to do both though, but you're not easily able to do both at the same time. Early game has to specialise, much later into the game's life cycle you can branch out more. This is one thing the game does let you choose. But mechanically, the game is set up to encourage but not require team play. Ye, you keep running out of stamina gathering early, but you can gather with friends to speed the process up. Ye you don't get to harvest all resources your self early, you need to work with others to get specific items. You can dip into stuff, but the bonuses gained from working together ar
  14. So far out of the classes I tried out since 5.110 hit Test (Frostweaver, Templar, Knight, Champion, Confessor and Cleric) I think Confessor might actually feel the best as far as effects and feel are concerned. Their animations are decent enough, their abilities root and restrict movement as you'd expect, and they actually have some nice VFX for their fire. Even their constant pirouetting with their basic attack looks decent enough while walking (still needing smoother transitions though).
  15. Can I say that personally, I don't actually like the idea of a complex, choice ridden passive tree locked behind a hard time gate. The tree being simple as it is it creates a scenario where yeah, you have to wait, and yeah it does suck a bit, at least you don't get the situation of you spent your points in the wrong place, you now cannot play the game for 3 months until you get the points to fix it. The choice here, far as the passive training goes, is do I want to do ranged or melee? Do I want to do digging, or logging? Do I want to be a necromancer, or a blacksmith. They're large scale choic
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