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  1. Zastier


    I entirely agree with you! The mount system in BDO is great though, and pretty much the only bad thing about it is the RNG grind.
  2. Zastier


    Yes, and basic mounts that act as not much more than a glorified sprint are part of the issue IMO. Black Desert Online, which is my favourite game to travel in, does mounts in a much more interesting way where mounts can level, get skills and exist in the world making taking them places a risk as you have to think of where to leave them if you go to gather or kill enemies. It's not perfect but it is my favourite mount system. Another example of a more involved system is Albion Online, where mounts act not just as a way of moving around quicker, but also as means of carrying more inventory and escape. Where the mount has an AoE within which you can freely move to gather without it despwaning (while still receiving the weight buff). The issue isn't just the speed, as much as it's the fact that these implementations give you nothing to really think about while you travel. You don't have skills to use in the right moment, or interestin things you can do to players using them.
  3. Zastier


    I'll be honest, moving around in Crowfall feels terrible. Your movement speed is slow and some areas feel really big making them a slog to get through. It's a common issue in MMOs IMO, but I think this game has the base to fix it. So I suggest adding a "Movement Mode" that can be activated by pressing Shift while in your harvesting tray. Each race could have it's own mode of travel to give them more unique gameplay feel while also making moving from place to place fun. Think sprinting in combat, but more free form. Some Possible Examples: Fae - Upon pressing shift, your can fly (simirarily to crow flight because it's actually pretty fun and feels good) at a high cost of stamina. Guinecean - Dig underground, stamina can be spent to move faster/dig a few feet forward. Centaur - Sprint, but can be mounted by humanoid races Stoneborn - Costing stamina, can boost it self with a rock to travel a set distance Human - fast sprint So this came to me while playing Fae and thinking "yeah, no this glide is kinda pathetic" and it got me thinking of how could the different races move around the world. I think making movement feel good and fun is very important as it is the main thing you will be doing in the game. Going from node to node, monster to monster, travelling from town to town. It should feel good to go places, but now I almost feel like dying and flying back as a crow is more fun than walking back. Adding these sort of movement options though would also give gatherers and crafters more interesting means of avoiding combat, which IMO is also an important thing for this kind of game. Yeah, it's kinda all over the place. Sorry about that, but I do think it's important and wanted to share the idea.
  4. Wolves should have groups walking around hunting paths. It would be great to have roaming enemies, maybe you could learn their patterns and intercept them? It would bring life into the world and make travelling a bit more exciting as well. Wolves are perfect for that.
  5. I'm curious about race models. Are they final? Like, will the Half Elfs and Netharis specifically get more unique looking models?
  6. Agreed. I do think what makes it bad though is the time it takes for the skill to get trained. They should flat out remove the animation and transition. When you click the skill, you should get 3 buttons, a train button, an exit button and a time bank button. The time bank button should just throw some time from the time bank to the skill, without a fancy animation delaying the process. Just click, it does a small shine up to show it applied time, and done. The UI is fancy and nice looking, but it's way too cumbersome. It is at the point where they sacrificed function for some pretty animations. Edit: Oh, and while at it, you should be able to just click another skill on the tree to just select another ability. It just adds to the tedium of skill training.
  7. Good to see I am not the only one confused by this. You want players to be able to have one character to relate to but you also want to have a constantly evolving economy of crafting and decaying characters? How are you planning to satisfy crafters while letting players keep their vessels essentially for ever?
  8. Exactly, and that is my concern. I have not had a chance of looking at intermediate gear since the update hit (am planning on dedicating some more time to the game later) but from what I recall from 5.3, it's just one set of items, a weapon for each class and 3 different armour types. And while that is fine, you can only make so many meaningful and interesting things out of that without running out of ways of experimenting. So question still stands, is there anything I am missing from the system? Or is this something that wasn't addressed by the developers yet? As a crafter, how much will I actually be able to do for the first month of gameplay? And on a larger scale, how many different items will be available to craft? And how much will the different combinations of metals and components effect the final item? What I always figured is that the game would start by throwing you into an EK, and having you do some basic tasks. You know, craft some basic gear, combat to get some basic pieces, show you how to expand your EK, slowly expanding the scope of your tasks before throwing you into an actual campaign. Say, starting you off in an EK with some cave, you go and kill some monsters from said cave, and get given a mission to craft an item. Said item would be used to access campaigns.
  9. Basic gear is inctedibly easy to obtain and it doesn't use the experimentation mechanics, nor the blueprints, essentially cutting out the need for crafters until these skills get researched. This means that people who want to focus on crafting will basically have nothing to do for the first 20 days at the very least. Its potentially cutting out a huge chunk of the player base, if there isn't a sufficient amount of meaningful crafting to be done early on.
  10. I get that, but won't people hit a roadblock eventually simply because there is a limited amount of things that can be crafted before getting the specific skill you need to get the next level of equipment? Surely, there has to be a limit to how much people will be able to do within the 20 days, with thousands of people crafting, fighting, exploring, trading etc. Will the variety of meaningful things a player can do within those days be big enough to stop people from saying "custard it" and leaving?
  11. So with 5.4 hitting live, we have a new crafting progression. Now being tied to the skill tree, requiring the use of crafting stations for recipes. Now, I feel like tying what you can craft to the skill tree makes sense, but it feels to me like a bit of an oversight. The way the system looks currently, it seems like for the first 20 or so days after release, players will be flat out unable to progress. You need to wait for skills to level, to get access to crafting recipes, which need a minimum amount of time for anyone person to get. How is this going to be addressed? I feel like I am missing something here.
  12. No, it wouldn't. The game still isn't a game, there isn't really an objective and most of the base systems are still not there yet. They are still building the architecture that they can use as foundation for the game. That's why it's still pre-alpha. Pre-alpha stage of a game can take a lot of time, and often is the longest period in a game's development. But worry not, soon as they are done laying the foundation, the speed of updates should increase by a significant margin.
  13. I have currently tried out the Confessor, the Knight and the Duelist. I think the Confessor plays incredibly well, with some really fun abilities and combos (even with the lag and general alpha jank). That said, I think the melee classes should have some degree of animation locking. I think the issue would have simply been the matter of the animation locking removing any mobility, which would make the combat feel stiff and probably way worse than it is now. That said, I think the game would still benefit from an overhaul to melee classes, where maybe instead of full animation locking, you simply had a more ESO/Skyrim style of thing where your movement speed is slowed down during an attack, and your character movement alters your attack, still giving you some feeling of weight, while not requiring a huge amount of tweaking and fixing to put it in that just right zone full animation locking would require. As for when I said the world felt massive, it is mainly due to how empty it currently is. There are very few landmarks, huge expanses of empty land with pretty slow movement. It feels big for all the wrong reasons. I do realise here that this is hugely because of the fact that the game is in pre-alpha, but I still do think some improvements to how sprinting, jumping, and transport in general feels would make the whole experience a lot more enjoyable.
  14. Hi, I have picked up a patron package recently and played the game for a bit. I just thought I'd share what I think could be improved, mainly in the combat and movement areas as those were the main issues I have seen during my time with the game. Combat: I think that the attacks are too far detached from movement. It's a standard MMO affair, really. You attack and you move, but the two are basically separate. I think it's the main reason as to why the combat is sub par. What I would suggest is to adjust some skills in order to incorporate movement into the attacks. An attack shouldn't just play out an animation, it should put you into an animation. Animation locking, committing to an attack, is incredibly important to a satisfying action combat system. But how do you lock the player to animation without making the game feel stiff? You give them directional versions of attacks. For example, if you attack forward, you do not simply swing your weapon, you swing your weapon and take a step forward. Slowing down your movement, but not stopping it. You attack moving to left/right? You take a swing to the left/right. With that, if the transitions between the different attacks are good, you can create an incredibly satisfying combat system. The benefits of this kind of System: It will give weight to each attack It will make movement less of a thing you just do to avoid AOE and more a thing you actively think about It brings an extra layer of skill to the combat As a result, makes wins and improving your personal skills more satisfying Players who would rather not focus on that can still play ranged characters Possible Drawbacks: It would take more work to make the combat work It could potentially strain the servers more Movement: Now, this is something very few MMOs get right. I think the only game where just moving around was actually satisfying was Black Desert (of course this is in my opinion). What makes movement unsatisfying? Well, the animation for one. It feels light and not very responsive. Sprinting, very rarely is it even there, let alone has a good animation to back it up. Movement options, not many games give you any options of getting places besides walking/running or teleportation, and when mounts are included, they are usually just a glorified sprint button. As Black Desert is the game I found the movement to be the most satisfying in, it will be where I draw my ideas for improving movement here from, so you might disagree. Moving Up: I think Crowfall could benefit from adding more options for vertical movement. In games like the Witcher 3 or Black Desert there often is an arch with a thud at the end, a pause to show the weight of your body hitting the ground. It helps in making your character feel more real by giving it weight. Both games also offer climbing, allowing for players to find new ways around the environment, and with level design built around that, secrets and plentiful resource spots can be hidden around the map for explorer's to discover. Moving Forward: The main thing I'd want to bring up here is sprinting. For one, I think sprinting should not be tied to the main resource pool, and should instead have another stamina pool to draw from, which maybe could be depletable with movement attacks to discourage running from combat. But in the open world, all it really does is make moving around slower as you sprinted around, and now you have to wait for your resource to fill back up before you go into any combat. For another, and this is honestly the more important point, the sprint feels pathetic and needs heavy tweaking. It should increase the movement speed a bit more significantly, and I think it could greatly benefit from having a bit more of a wind up and down (so you start slower, speed up, then stop gradually). Mounting: And now for a bit more of a personal request I guess? Mounts. The world feels massive, and movement around feels very slow. Mounts, properly done mounts, would make travelling a lot more fun. Of only for the sake of making it faster. But I don't think you should fall into the trap of simply making them an item you equip, or a temporary thing you summon. I think a system where mounts persist in the world would fit quite well in Crowfall. Allow players to build stables, from which mounts can be taken and stored. Once a mount is taken, it is out until it's put back into storage. Then you could have mounted combat, maybe even classes/disciplines based on mounts, and during sieges you could have cavalry, using speed to do short bursts of damage, while using mobility to avoid damage. Anyway, these are just a few things I through I'd share. I love what is there thus far (as laggy as it is) but I think these few things could really bring the game up to another level. And, I do think the movement improvements could help with the economy, making travelling fun will make more people want to be traders, mounts will make trading more viable etc etc. For example, adding the verticallity options would give people who like exploration new ways of earning a profit. Say someone finds a rare resource spot, or some treasure hidden in some ruins on a mountain, they could sell the information.
  15. Just grabbed an early access pack, and am looking for a group of people to play the game with. Quick Intro: I am a uni student who has no better way to spend money than to throw it at early access MMOs, so I came here. Played a bit and enjoyed my time, and want to get some people to have fun with. I generally am not too serious when it comes to games, I like being quite casual. I do enjoy some winning though. Hoping to find a smallish group of friends to play Crowfall with. Criteria: Faction: Haven't committed to one yet, though I am inching towards Chaos Region: EU Size: Doesn't matter too much, so long the community doesn't feel overwhelming Playstyle: I enjoy doing crafting and gathering, with some combat here and there Casual/Hardcore: I'm a filthy casual Commitment: It will vary, honestly. Mainly on how I feel and my workload at the time. Atmosphere: Relaxed and reasonably dank. Experience: Archeage: >100 Hours Black Desert: <1000 Hours (mainly AFK though) Tree of Saviour: 37 Hours and counting Blade and Soul: >50 Hours Albion Online: >100 Hours Elder Scrolls Online: <100 Hours As well as some misc time on: Guild Wars 2, Path of Exile, Runes of Magic, Revelation Online, Phantasy Star Online 2, Monster Hunter Online, Moonlight Blade, Bless Online, Vindictus and some others I don't think are worth mentioning.
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