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  1. I cannot fully confirm this as I haven't had experience in the Hunger Dome, but looking at gameplay, the combat seems to have regressed between then and now. Back then each skill had impact. The issues were mostly the transitions between attacks and movement. I think if they stuck with it they could have made a really good and impactful combat system that could, with recent improvements to controllers, movement, and combat flow in general, make for a really fun game. However, making that sorta combat system feel good on a large scale is expensive. Not only do you need to work with more restricted mobility putting a higher strain on designing good mobility and defence options for the classes, but you also need server tech that can support that where this kind of system is a lot less forgiving to ping. I feel the transition here was made more so for that reason than just because they didn't want to make the combat system feel the best it could be. It's simply easier to produce a system more akin to GW2 than to BDO. I think the improvements in 5.110 were a step in the right direction and if they continue this way going forward, polishing up animations, and adding further improvements to performance and combat flow I think they can knock out a good system by release. IMO, the main issues with the combat is the delays in hits and the inconsistent hit effects. Adding more feedback to the player would make it feel much better I reckon.
  2. I kinda assumed Caravans would be trading between nodes. Go to Quarry, pick up a pack pig mount, ride it to destination, turn in reward. With how much they seemed to be mentioning them in QnAs and stuff I thought they would be some kind of important feature, but from what I saw they seem to be the biggest disappointment this patch.
  3. One of two things happens, either people can come in and enjoy the game, or they can't. As it stands now, people won't be able to come in and enjoy the game the way they want to for the first month or so. Do you really think everyone wants to come in and spend all their time doing PvP or spend hours on min maxing meaningless crafting? If the game offers no meaningful downtime/casual activities, people will simply be less likely to stick with it.
  4. And that is not the point I was making? Sometimes people just want to hop into a game to chill, harvest some stuff in a safe zone, craft some gear, sometimes they just want to drop in, kill some enemies. People don't always, and shouldn't always be expected to want action and content for all should be available from day one. It's simply better for the longevity of the game.
  5. No, please don't make passive training any more crap than it already is.
  6. Crafters don't always want to PvP, PvP players always don't want to craft. The game won't survive if all the crafters leave because it takes a month before they can craft.
  7. This is what I feared the most, really long early game training speeds are going to kill this game. Nobody wants to play a game where bits of progression needed for getting to the next portion of the game take a month or more to get to, assuming you optimise your nodes. As is, it actually discourages people from playing early as these skills you need for crafting or gathering will halt your progress for a pre-determined amount of time with you being unable to do anything to speed it up. This is fine for late game retention rewards, but not for early game content like unlocking critical recipes, mounts or important harverstables. It shouldn't really take any more than a couple of hours top to get the critical nodes. You should be able to get the most important unlocks within a few days. Ideally, I think it's the end game purely stat bonus nodes that should take long. Reward players for sticking through while also not punishing active play. All that said, I still think replacing passive progression with some form of activity based system with a passive option would be better.
  8. Let us sprint while out of combat. This is something that has bothered me since day one and now that survival tray is gone I really see no reason why we can't just sprint whenever we want. It feels weird to only be able to sprint while not in combat.
  9. I actually prefer this. Quite a few games split stamina and dodging and it just makes for a slightly more free form combat environment. Anything that allows for more movement options is a good thing in my book.
  10. Good update, more of this please. Love the Stone Born and the Fae bonuses, and now it seems even a harder pick between Fae and Elken for me. Still hoping we can get this on TEST this month.
  11. Sorry, no I meant they have some cool stuff they could be showing but aren't. It's pretty clear they do because their devs are posting said cool stuff to their portfolios, and for some reason the official channels are being strangled from sharing information. Like, if they shared those cliff images along the Aracoix Knight, it would have made the story less... empty?
  12. Wait, you mean to tell me they shared this stuff online but won't make a blog post about it? Maybe I am not paying enough attention but I have never seen any of these and they look amazing.
  13. Makes me feel they already have a good idea of when the release will be, and that it's not that far off at this point.
  14. This is dumb, who reads posts about "Future Features" and expects for them to be in the game right now? Every MMO out there shares upcoming features before they're out, nobody expects for them to be a part of the game currently.
  15. There wasn't one though? Test was being updated semi regurarly. There were substantial blog updates being posted. And when the race/class split reveal happened, it was meaty and detailed.
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