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  1. I am genuinely appaled by this game. The UI is still garbage, scrolling in menus doesn't even work properly. Loading screens take ages. The game still has a flat nothing in terms of activities between siege windows. The Crowpedia is still utterly unusable and unnecessary. The game still runs like garbage. Animations are still hella broken. Combat is still hella jank. There are skills that lack sound effects. Bad pop in for game world objects. Stupidly long load times. Everything in this game feels like bare minimum slapped together. Good ideas burried by layers of jank and clunky implementation. You really going to charge 30 pounds for entry? You have the gall to charge 24 pounds for a half arsed, sliding mount? 13 pounds for a monthly sub that gives large gameplay advantages? I can spend almost half of that and get the entirety of Final Fantasy XIV or the sub for Albion Online. And both offer huge parts of the game for free! Absolutely custard disgusting.
  2. I do not believe they can fix what's there without adding new stuff. What is there to do right now? You got capture points, you got mob camp grinding, you got crafting, and you got sieges (and building associated with them). Ignoring the fact that the game doesn't really do a good job explaining these to you, what point do all of these serve? It all builds towards the combat. You grind mob camps to get discs and build characters, you gather and craft to get gear etc. Currently, the game lacks compelling objectives. What is needed is more accessible trading, better communication features, more things to fight over. Ability to claim resource nodes, camps, and other PoIs, having the ability to control some degree of resources in a campaign map, having the ability to trade between other factions using the resources you control would fix the issue.
  3. Mad idea I know, but what if you could make multiple named items at once! Isn't that a concept!
  4. Last time I checked, stretch goals are meant to be focused on once the core game is complete. They're addons, not necessary for the core experience. And the core experience is still missing vital chunks of gameplay, UI and functionality. Where's the EK management? The faction campaigns? Economy? No, it isn't. It only ever considers balanced 5v5v5 combat scenarios. They're not going to be able to use this limited mode to balance the dynamic MMO encounters which vary in number. The balance considerations are not going to be the same. Classes that excel in HG's matchmade encounters might do horribly in the open world ones and vice versa.
  5. Even if they did take some elements from the previous Hunger Dome, the new UI, map, loot tables, balance, and matchmaking would take an amount of effort to bring it up to the current game. That is all ignoring any adjustments needed to get the backend updates needed to make the old mode work with the new game. They're a small team, and the pace of development so far doesn't show me they'd be able to work on multiple big features like this at once. And once HD is out, like it or not they will have to work on it. Some amount of focus has to have went away from doing other features to get this out and I feel it may dampen their ability to expand the game by adding more game types they need to support when the current ones still need a lot of fleshing out.
  6. And this introduces a huge problem where seasoned MMO players like your self join Hunger Dome out of boredom to get some content, pounce on the newer players the HD is meant to attract and solve nothing in the process. Assuming the intent is to get more people into the MMO, HD is a horrible ways of doing it. Since it will act as little more than filler for the MMO player, and doesn't seem to provide progress to it, unless significant resources are allocated into good matchmaking this mode will just result in new players getting frustrated. Either way, I said all I can about this now. It just feels strange that they would focus on side content like this while the main game is still empty.
  7. It doesn't fix the problem though. You're doing it because there's nothing else to do, not strictly because it is the content you want to do. If there was content in campaigns at all times would you want to spend this time in HD?
  8. But it doesn't give you rewards unlike other campaign rulesets. What it sounds like is HD is THE GAME, while the MMO is the side progression you have to play to get good at THE GAME. Why would someone who enjoys the MMO (as in the grind, large scale fights, sieges, territory control, missions, crafting etc etc) want to move over to an arena mode? And why would someone who enjoys the arena mode want to grind, trade, conquer whatever to get better at the arena mode? If the arena mode acted as a simplified version of the game in which you could test out builds and learn the game in, then I could maybe see it. If during the course of the game, you could pick between different skills on a simplified version of the skill tree (think abilities only, no stat bundles for example), you could then build your character dynamically to suit equipment and discs you find out, experiment with builds as you do and have a reason for an MMO player to enjoy it. At that point HD could act as both an extra game mode and a good way for new players to experiment.
  9. If running EKs is genuinely this much of a problem for them post release then I really do not see the game surviving. Dozens of MMOs have instanced housing in a similar vein, but very few rely on it for persistent progression. If an EK cannot be accessible to all players 24/7 the feature is kinda useless. What would be the point of running a marketplace if it shuts down soon as people leave? Not to mention the huge disadvantage that would give to smaller groups and new players trying to break into it. What skins? The repurposed enemy models for the genuinely dreadful mount system? The lowkey pay to win parcels and buildings? At the pace they have been going at, with the lacklustre variety of art assets on display I'd be honestly surprised if they were capable of supporting the development of new skins while maintaining development of crucial gameplay features.
  10. It honestly just hit me, but there is something potentially cool out of this system. As we know this will store your items away from your character while you are in the match I wonder if they could expand that functionality to all campaigns so that each one has it's own inventory for your character. That way exporting and importing could work via the account vault and you would lessen some of the social restrictions locking characters to campaigns imposes on the game.
  11. This hits the nail on the head. Nice and concise way of explaining why the Hunger Dome is a bad investment over other improvements.
  12. 20 hours of story. That's excluding non critical path content. With side quests there's easily 40 hours of content in the game right now. That is actually about on par with many AAA games that offer 25-30 hours of content. And the game is meant to be replayed as you cannot experience all of it's story in a single run. Each run means new characters, new ways of playing, new story paths opening up etc. It's not a complete experience yes but to say you're not getting your moneys worth is a bit of a stretch.
  13. Baldurs Gate 3 currently offers 20 hours of story and 40 hours of gameplay overall with many people easily finding more than 100 hours of entertainment in it. The game comes from a studio that has delivered great games of the type to us multiple times. It's a game in a huge franchise, and the first one to use D&D 5e like this. Nobody is going wild like that over Crowfall, a small indie MMO with lacking content and usability features by a new studio of mostly unknown developers.
  14. I actually think offering a part of the game for free would be a good idea. Especially if they're banking on long term growth over launch success. It's a lot easier to get people to try the game when they can join in without any financial commitment. You could go for something along the lines of playing up to Infected for free but having to pay to enter campaigns as a trial of sorts. But they would really need to bolster up their monetisation before even considering doing that. All of that though is assuming the game launches polished and engaging enough to get people invested to the point of committing money to it.
  15. You are unnecessarily closing the audience of the game by not having these tools. Not that many people actually have multi-monitor setups. Not everyone who would like to enjoy this game is on enthusiast level. Not everyone who is in this game's target demographic will scour the forums for hours to get information about trading or guilds. If launch rush comes in and this game relies entirely on meeting new people through forums and Discord, most people just won't and the game will lose a big chunk of potential players just because it's missing accessible social options present in every single other online game out there. It's just not a good look.
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