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  1. "not all characters will have the same mass, so a larger character like a Centaur will have no trouble pushing a much smaller Assassin out of the way." That sounds amazing!
  2. Nah, Kingdoms of Deception is the server I play on.
  3. If it's gonna be mostly open world, then I am totally in. I love Lineage 1. Hell I still play it on a private server nowadays.
  4. Meh. I get the impression it's gonna be heavily instanced. What made Lineage 1 so fun for me was that everything was open world.
  5. rhino

    Albion Online

    This game has some things that appeal to me. But I honestly have never been a fan of classless MMO's. Especially since skills in Albion come from your equipped items. That whole system turns me off.
  6. rhino

    Vanilla Wow

    Anyone else a huge fan of Vanilla WoW but can't stand modern day WoW? I tried the latest expansion (WoD) and they've made so many changes that I simply despise. Things like Garrisons further separate people from others and make WoW feel like a lobby game. But I was reminiscing today and looking up old Vanilla PvP vids (I absolutely love Vanilla's super hardcore grind PvP system, I made it to rank 12 and it felt very satisfying) and came across this project which really caught my eye and impressed me. It's a free Vanilla WoW server that's apparently mostly done and should be launching soon. I plan to use that as a time killer until I can get my hands on Crowfall! http://www.kronos-wow.com
  7. The different world (server) rule sets is what really tickles my fancy. I personally am a big fan of the factional type of RvR like in DAOC. Nice to see this play style will be supported.
  8. I'd honestly like to have at least 1 server that has all the PvP systems the same, minus corpse looting. But if not, oh well I'll deal with it. I love everything about PvP, but full looting isn't super appealing. I've never been an MMO packrat, so storing backup gear is just a tedious thing IMO.
  9. Respecs should be costly. I like character choices to be meaningful and semi-permanent. Of course if a class is drastically changed in a patch, I believe in a free respec.
  10. I'm not quite 100% yet. Hopefully the upcoming reveals will show Crowfall to be a game that focuses on open world PvP that has big rewards and consequences for winning and losing. If that is the case, I have my money ready to be thrown at them.
  11. I don't mind quests. As long as there is an alternative to questing... like killing questers. That would be my ideal means of progression.
  12. I like when races really matter. With each race having unique racial abilities. Race being nothing more than a different skin is incredibly boring. Please have impactful racial skills.
  13. I'm a big fan of exotic races. Most MMO's are kinda bland in the race department. Human, human with pointy ears (elves), short stocky human with beard (dwarves)... Probably my current fav race are Worgen in WoW. Despite some ridiculous animations, I enjoy their aesthetics. And things like werewolves are not playable in most MMO's. I'd also like to see something like a fish type race. oh, and of course I want a Rhino race!
  14. I just really really REALLY hope there is a Tamer or Beastmaster archetype. I love being able to tame any beast I come across and use them as an ally.
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