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  1. So....should LoD as an organization stop posting? Asking for a friend.
  2. Either rebooting pc or login from another pc was a possible fix for me
  3. If you are a solo player you are probably wasting your time trying to craft gear. You should just farm cash in gods reach / skypoint to buy decent gear at Aerynth Traders. You are probably not going to be able to do much solo except for try to gank others. If you enjoy the crafting side it may be easier/more rewarding to pick a niche harvesting area and then sell your materials to guilds/vendors.
  4. I had the exact same issue a week or so ago and that fixed it for me and I received confirmation from Ace that nothing changed on their end. Good luck!
  5. I had this issue a while back. Try rebooting your pc and/or logging in that account from a different PC. Not sure which one fixed it but it was one of those
  6. Is Death even coordinated enough for any of them to know how many they have anywhere at any point in time?
  7. I am sure this is a knob that could be adjusted, so no worries!
  8. It is eerie to still see his name all over these forums and on our private forums as if he is still with us posting. :-(
  9. These aren't really differences. Just keeping up with the times. Even down to resistances and disciplines which are going to be pretty much the same. There are differences like a new crafting system and temporary campaigns etc that are all designed to reduce player attrition that shadowbane sorely needed. My point is that every time something is introduced that was in shadowbane, like guards for instance, someone who played shadowbane talks about how they worked in shadowbane and will likely work here. And instantly everyone says "this isn't Shadowbane omg omg omg".
  10. That's the best you could come up with. Wow...huge differences.
  11. Pretty worthless guide imo. No offense
  12. I'm glad you guys like the filter. It was my idea. You're welcome.
  13. Praying I'm not stuck with this poorly made socks. If I do talk about an epic troll by the mods
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