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  1. look cyneric...this game is not for everyone. We told you so.
  2. sounds pretty carebear. Look I get it. You have never played a game where you could lose months of work for something like killing a random person, or talkin poorly made socks on the forums for that matter. Its okay. Its fun. Embrace it. Here ill use the word of the day. Its immersion
  3. you are included in the we good sir. Just wait till the full reveal. All will be clear.
  4. Placemarker for 10 seconds after the full reveal.
  5. The consequences of me killing someone would be them burning all my poorly made socks down as retribution. It worked great on shadowbane. You learn pretty quick who to custard with and who to leave alone. Not some arbitrary mechanic to....hold my hand
  6. So to clarify in uo there were no assets to lose really. I couldnt burn your house down?
  7. it would make a decent hole in someone tryin to break in. And good stopping power. lol I guess. Is she into guns tho?
  8. why do you people insist on having the game hold your hand?
  9. sam and helen were good people from what I have heard. Their kids were all right. Their grandkids are spoiled unpleasant people.
  10. fact check: According to the cdc there were 16121 homicides in the us last year. So people do go around killing random people irl.
  11. hey welcome to crowfall, please see the FAQ and news posts before posting. Before starting the same topic we have seen a hundred times, try using the search function. Remember reading comprehension is welcome here, although it does seem uncommon. Enjoy your stay
  12. Is this repeat dumb thread day and no one told me? You were trolling when you said there were no pve games right? Why do they filter tr olling
  13. Gordon Walton any relation to Sam Walton?
  14. Anyone have one? With a lifetime warranty and low price I think it could be a fun little gun.
  15. Hm. I feel like if that was the case they wouldnt have answered third person ots
  16. here you go lazy custard.http://community.crowfall.com/index.php?app=core&module=search&do=search&fromMainBar=1
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