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  1. jaedia


    Thanks peeps. In Rift.. gotta be Scotty's Sheep Wand. Had way too much fun turning guildies into sheep and watching them bounce around!
  2. Love her! Lots of good news in this update. And darn, beaten to the avatar switch by a pinch.
  3. jaedia


    Awesome. Chronos looks really cool. I'm trying out the different ranged DPS gods at the moment, love annoying from a distance.
  4. jaedia


    Thankya! I haven't tried many out just yet, I'm pretty new to it, but I've been enjoying Nu Wa a fair bit and eyeing up Bellona and having a brain blank but the awesome creepy little girl. Lots of Gods still to have a try with!
  5. Ooh, welcome to the blogosphere! Do check by the Newbie Blogger Initiative and introduce yourself on the forums. Currently there's a new one planned for May.
  6. jaedia


    Jaedia (aka Hannah) here from the UK. Long-time blogger and Twitterer and lover of MMOs. These days writing for MMOGames, a lovely bunch of people, and enjoying a bunch of different games on the PC. Currently playing (prepare yourselves): FFXIV, GW2, Smite, TESO, Tera, Rift, Trove, SkySaga, and a few others! Looking forward to seeing what Crowfall brings to the table and desperately hoping they reach stretch goals for mounts and artifacts because I'm a collecting fiend. ;D
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