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  1. Guild criteria: Looking for a guild for myself and my 3 sons all teenagers Region: NA - Central Time Zone Atmosphere: Relaxed, friendly, supportive. Casual/Hardcore?: Reasonably Competitive. Looking to learn the game and make some friends as well. Size: preferably Medium - Large. Play-Style: I play Supports characters most often and my kids like tanks and DPS players but we can do whatever the team needs including crafting which we ALL like to do. Commitment: We play afternoons into the evening on some weekends, and occasionally evenings during the week. (2-3 times a week) We greatly prefer pre-determined and organized raid nights. Language: English Experience: UO, Asheros Call, DAoC, WoW, Horizons, Albion, Age of Wushu, EVE Online, Archeage and many more.
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