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  1. 8 hours ago, mandalore said:

    I don't think your building your healers right.  Just gona toss that out there. 

    Look, I can't find anything that helps explain what goes into healing, because Weapon damage multipliers don't do a thing, there is barely a difference I can see in 800 support power and 100.  I've tried EVERY disc that aids healing and even tried to do a kind of mitigate, stun disable build to slow damage for others, as well have tried looking for effects to cast on others to stop damage but most are self only and any others are "stay from dying" which is not the same as keeping someone topped up.

    So please help me rather than tell me I'm not building it right. 

  2. On 12/24/2018 at 8:23 PM, Pwca said:

    If it's going to be poison-only, the return should be 25% or more.  Trickle healing is nearly useless in a game with substantial burst.

    Basically ALL healing in this game is arse. It's why you'll see "barrier" builds mostly. Even being a dedicated healer, it takes 4-5 abilities and 30 second cooldowns to restore 1,500-2500 health to someone at best each minute. Meanwhile a 1v1 fight can pump 20,000 points of damage in that same  minute. Pointless.

  3. I'm told the test server has a new build with weapons performing differently and folks are suggesting this will lead to an item wipe on live. Is this true?

    I won't be surprised if weapons and armor are wiped, but that doesn't mean mean materials will be too? We're trying really hard to get to good vessels as we are crafters only and we keep getting wiped by solo pvpers in hyped vessels and gear. Getting a materials wipe is going to be devastating. We've spent the last month curating purples and aren't even close to ready. We're chaos and we're already tired of being outnumbered...

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