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  1. I am 100% not trolling. I was a backer when this game (and Camerlot Unchained but hey at least Crowfall actually launched) came up on for crowd funding because Shadowbane and DAOC were the most fun pvp I have had in any game. When I tested in beta I was hampered because my PC was an old piece of crap. I put together a new PC and remembered crowfall and launched it up and even used my invite code for my friend only to find..... a dead game. I went from 1 to 30 doing all the quest chains and I found NOONE ELSE except in the main town with the earth tree and vendors then rarely I would see one or two people. I see no pvp I don't even see people to fight. I love my class and spec, but I joined for pvp. This game is not "play to crush" Am I doing something wrong, or on an upopulated server or is this game just DOA. You cant have pvp with noone playing.
  2. Interested in trying different classes
  3. So what do I do walk up to a tree and what hotkey to harvest?
  4. I chose to go Myrmmadon, and was going to begin by chopping down trees however my character has no axe to do so, where is/how do I equip the spirit axe?
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