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  1. Agreed, there's some stuff to really sort of before you'd even think of going in this direction. That said, it's when games start as one thing, and become another, that they fall into trouble. Gaming history shows that in abundance. Crowfall, which has been PvP from the start - and should only really be interesting PvP types - needs to stick to its roots, really. That means it's not for everyone but I think, so what? Not everything in life is meant to be for everyone. There's heaps of PvE games out there.
  2. Yeah, I took a look as well... even the Discord's gone. Shame, it sounds/sounded really quite good.
  3. Sometimes balance comes into these decisions. Not balance in terms of what a character can do, but how many of them are selected. The devs would know, for example, that by choosing to make Duellists Guinea's only, there will be less Duellists than if, say, humans could be Duellists too... and presumably they are OK with that and it's part of the design.
  4. I'm listening to Lana Del Rey's latest LP, Lust For Life. Have given it a few spins and maybe 2 or 3 of the tracks really pulled me in. I have a hit and miss rate with Lana LPs. The previous one, Honeymoon, had far more hits than misses, even on the first listen. The one before that, Ultraviolence, was more like Lust For Life, insofar as maybe 2 or 3 tracks stood out, but I didn't care for the rest. Her first LP, and the EP that followed, meanwhile, were all good for me.
  5. This is really cool and useful, thanks for making it!
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