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  1. I'm pretty psyched for my future character silhouette. I feel like the V-shaped torso, massive gorilla arms, and stone skin are a cool take on the usual short pudgy dwarves. Cant wait to crack some knife-ear skulls between my stone-wrought fingers. The delay does kind of suck, but Shigeru Miyamoto once said that "a delayed game is eventually good, a rushed game is forever bad". Ill wait until they are satisfied, and make an awesome Stoneborn for me to play.
  2. Rogues! Thieves! Highwaymen! Scoundrels of all colors! lend me your ears! Are you tired of your quarry laughing at you, as you alone have attacked a well armed caravan armed with naught but a pointed stick, and malicious intentions? Are you tired of seeking compatriots only to find flower picking pacifists who want nothing but peace and love?! No hippies here my friend! join us and find honor amongst your fellow Outlaws. Join us as we raid, pillage, and plunder our way across the worlds for fame and riches beyond your wildest expectations, and then return at the end of the day to sing and boast of your conquests to like minded brethren. Whats ours is ours. What's theirs can be ours as well! Alright all that aside, the short of it is were looking for a few mean pukes who want nothing more than to be royal pains in the asses. If this game is all about Lords and Lands and the battle for domination then think of us as your friendly neighborhood bandits out for riches, fun, and if need be a sword for the right price. Accomplishments: Turned entire zones into barren wastelands over mining nodes in WoW since 2004 Ganked a max level zone so religiously that most competition switched to different servers. Turned a Mormon into a bloodthirsty killing machine for about 8 minutes on Ark: Survival Evolved. Made a grown man cry over Vent. If you're looking for a serious guild for you are a serious gamer then you're looking at the wrong recruitment post. The sole goal and mission of this is to have fun, have laughs, and knock heads! ages 18+ If you have to ask your older sister for a credit card number then you've come too far, but its a dont ask dont tell policy so just dont be obviously too young to hear naughty language Discord is a given. Reply if interested and Ill hit you up with the info so we can game together while awaiting release. Guild will be named closer to release because I'm too cheap to pay the 80 bucks to reserve the name.
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