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  1. So I've been trying to get any and every friend to play this game. Unfortunately no luck for me. Everyone time people are turned off by the wipes. I happen to like the wipes. However I do wish that the game had some over-archer continuity or achievable long term goal. Aside from the EK which feels too removed and useless in relation to the actual game is there a long term goal?
  2. @yasha @baewen Thank you very much. This is exactly what I hoped for.
  3. @Groovin Thank you. That makes all well with the world again.
  4. I was told that current training is x10 speed from what release will be. Is that incorrect? @Hyriol Praise the Founders
  5. To be able to use ONE type of advanced tool you have to do 21 pips of training. So at regular speed will that be around 6 months? So you can craft the tool in one month but have to wait for 5 more months before anyone can use it? Please tell me where I'm mistaken or how they think this is sensible?
  6. Wayoun


    Why are there no normal hair styles.
  7. @APE Thank you. The race ability page is helpful. If you guys get a chance to add a best race class combo for different crafting professions I'd do a happy dance.
  8. Does anyone else think that it would be helpful to have a COMPLETE overview of racial and class benefits ANYWHERE? Kind of like in Shadowbane you got your stats before you started your character?
  9. Does anyone have a good info sheet on best race and class for crafting and harvesting in each discipline? Thanks
  10. Hello Everyone. I've not really looked at Crowfall for a year or so. Will anyone please give me a quick update on the variability, or lack there of, movement speed in the game please.
  11. Why are there so many duplicated crafting bonuses but not a bonus for every crafting discipline.
  12. Crowfall is the only video game that I'm hoping success for. With my kickstarter package and computer I bought specifically for this game I'm $2400 in at this point. Overall I'm still impressed with how the game is turning out. However I've yet to see what it is that MMO players will see as their grand vision for this game. Everything, except the tangentially irrelevant EKs, seem to be transient, and therefore so will the player base be. Am I wrong about this? I've been out of the loop for a year or so...
  13. So it's just like our regular lives.
  14. Wayoun

    Eden's Gate?

    Have any of you read or listen to the Eden's Gate books by Edward Brody? Every time a new book comes out it really makes me want to play Crowfall...
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