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  1. Why are there so many duplicated crafting bonuses but not a bonus for every crafting discipline.
  2. Crowfall is the only video game that I'm hoping success for. With my kickstarter package and computer I bought specifically for this game I'm $2400 in at this point. Overall I'm still impressed with how the game is turning out. However I've yet to see what it is that MMO players will see as their grand vision for this game. Everything, except the tangentially irrelevant EKs, seem to be transient, and therefore so will the player base be. Am I wrong about this? I've been out of the loop for a year or so...
  3. So it's just like our regular lives.
  4. Wayoun

    Eden's Gate?

    Have any of you read or listen to the Eden's Gate books by Edward Brody? Every time a new book comes out it really makes me want to play Crowfall...
  5. Hello Everyone. I've a request for those of you who are planning on playing Crowfall. What is the best reason to play Crowfall? Only positive comments please. No contradicting others, criticisms, suggested improvements or what have you. Thanks.
  6. Wayoun

    New Videos

    As it stands the videos narrator is somewhat drowned out by the background music of the game. Maybe mute the music when the videos play?
  7. True. Bad word choice, but what's the chance of me wanting to run fast when ambushed at a node and it not buffing speed at that time...
  8. Friar is also a random buff. So you may not be fast when you want to be...
  9. Twisted definitely reads as if it only works when you have four songs running and the buff is only for one song so it may be difficult to get it to be the speed buff every time.
  10. An idea to make the EK's feel more relevant for EVERYONE... A once a year with a system of portals that lead to participating EKs which each have a flag in them. Portals only open at certain times and participating EKs agree to PvP during this once a year tournament. Most flags at the end wins. Especially with a great prize this could really spark interest in EK development as well as Crowfall overall. Or maybe a tournament that last a short period of time in a place with no resources. All resources must be brought in (maybe by portal) from EKs. Maybe each EK could have a portal that they must defend at certain times while destroying other portals. Last portal standing wins....
  11. Friar? Where does it show a movement buff for that? And twisted just means singing 4 songs? Are any of the difference actually measurable? I do know that basically any char with bard speed can keep up with trail master which can't benefit from bard.
  12. Guilds will have VIP members who are in the game for PVP but will harvest when necessary.
  13. From what I can tell max movement speed pretty easy to attain across the board at this point. There is no combo (that I know of) that allows a build faster than everyone else. Please if I'm wrong teach me :).
  14. The game is definitely turning out to be weighted towards killers and hardcore gamers. Casual gamers and harvesters are going to struggle with Crowfall. A strong PvP (mostly the 1st person shooter variety) community will enable Crowfall's success. Tactics, and strategy haven't really appeared yet except for maybe squirreling away food for the winter.
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