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  1. Heard she be buyin' tha first round...
  2. Yer jus jealous I do it goin' commando
  3. Look at all tha lubbers stumblin upon some new shores. Many o' recognizable names about these parts.
  4. Forget mounts they be fer lubbers! We be needin' ships!
  5. I be thinkin' once we take o'er tha undeads crypts.. we get dem makin' us sum rum.. day 'n night no breaks.
  6. Politics be fer lubbers.. rum drinkin' is where it be.
  7. Ye lubs achieved the impossible with gettin' Ssly ta post..
  8. Gud thing I be only known' me name as X allows me ta be rememberin' seein' these names 'n past games.
  9. I went with the something different route as I'd prefer a hybrid. A thought of another archaic fully tab target WoW/Rift game with 5 hotbars full of macros and skills just feels MEH. Soft tab targetting would be okay as long as things are more actiony, ie less standing there spamming a rotation ala WoW or other such games. I want the combat to feel alive and some of the action systems, like ESO or other games, missed the mark. Some by a mile others much closer. A nice hybrid concept that actually gets some true focus to make melee fighting not suck and to make ranged fighting not be XxYolonoscope360HeadshotalldayxX, but also not have homing capabilities like ESO, is needed. GW2 felt okay but too limited. I liked that different weapons had different skillsets (as they should because different weapons have different purposes) and that should be reflected in a game. ESO's (and other games) left/right mouse button system for basic actions would be nice but the rest of the mechanics would need work. Maybe blending it more with DA:I. Wildstar was okay as a hybrid but the themeparkness is probably what drove me away from it. Anyways.. a soft tab targetting system with some basic action and only needing about 2 action bars for roughly 10-15 actions for weapon specific and class/skill sets and an alternative swap for a second weapon style / skillset totaling up to 20-30 unique actions and 2 basic actions would feel right to me.
  10. Haaarrr! I be doin' me rituals ta watch me Hawks o' tha Sea prey upon them fancy cheese heads tomorrow. Plenty o' wenches post victory!
  11. I think this sums up my opinion as well. Having 2 pots, one for health and one for mana, would be okay but keep buffs as a player effect only. That way, as Nevar said, you'd have a game where you'd need to play with other people.
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