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  1. If you don't like it, don't pay it. The game will be cheaper on release. The current price is for those who missed Kickstarter backing yet still want access to the servers now.
  2. All classes shouldn't be on equal 1 v 1 footing. In Dota 2 is Pudge OP because he can 1 v 1 many? No.
  3. Diablos

    Autorun hotkey

    Sorry to res the thread, it was the latest one I found with search. I don't support autorunning from A to B, but do support a hotkey to hold down W (my finger hurts already from 1 day looking around).
  4. The testing schedule calendar seems to be empty from next month. Are the game servers going down? If I purchase a pack will I be able to login and test next month?
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