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  1. It's somewhat ok for now but hope is we have a political forum at some point with less restrictions.
  2. Find bugged mobs and farm for cities, wait that was DF.
  3. I'm not gonna call you a zerg If you guys in pax can stand having 100+ bros in voice coms and get alone, more power to you.
  4. Most SB guilds have personality, we rarely join one anothers cause and just fight with what we have. Most all sb unification has failed besides short period in DF.
  5. He is around, mostly lurking these forums. About 10-12 of us still play the emu and bane most weekends.
  6. It's obvious they will mass recuit and goto the depths of being cn type fodder to not lose pixels.
  7. aux


    Good to see you guys here and good job at the bane today!
  8. aux


    We are currently playing emu for anyone wanting to learn SB and more importantly be a seal clubber.
  9. aux


    Hi Sheitan! This forum needs more tsccc
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