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  1. Crafting Thoughts

    I don't understand how the calculation work exactly, so it's a lot of assumption. My only comment is that when you deal with probabilities and you have an unbalanced equation (in the above assumption, One 50% Success != Two 75% Successes), there will always be a Best-Case scenario. I thought about this last night and it makes more sense that they've implemented a hard failure probability based on the Crafting Difficulty and your current Craft Skill value, and doing experiments increases that failure rate by 25%, 50%, 75%, 100%, etc. This makes more sense, but still doesn't create a balanced equation. In fact, it's the opposite in terms of the Best-Case. For example (using the new assumption in the above paragraph), if the probability for some craft is determined to be 20% fail, and you can increase the risk once by 50% (1.) or twice by 25% (2.), you end up with: (1.) - 20% Base Fail * 1.25 = 25% Fail. 75% Success * 75% Success = 56% chance to succeed at 2 25% Experiments (2.) - 20% Base Fail * 1.5 = 30% Fail. 70% Success = 70% chance to succeed at 1 50% Experiment. Yes, it can be made more complicated by considering that spending 2 Experiments separately, even if they achieve the same level of success, might not equal 2 Experiments in one go. It doesn't matter that there are different levels of success and failure, UNLESS those probabilities are differ just by how many Experiments you do at once. Anyways, the point is that it's a probability crafting system. I will commend the design, as far as probability crafting systems work, it's the best I've experienced, as players are able to make a decision on where to focus their attempts, and can create customized gear this way. Some non-probability crafting systems to compare to are Everquest 2 and Vanguard Online. I'm sure there's more but I'm being rushed to finish this reply Take care!
  2. Crafting Thoughts

    I've crafted about 2 hours worth of learning the recipes and completing up to getting a couple sets of proper gear. 1. UI - Indicate that a component is actually another recipe and allow a left click to bring you to that recipe, as well as a "Return" button to get you back to the original. Implement it such that you can "Return" continuously to get back to the "Top". 2. Crafting Timer - I honestly found myself falling asleep because of this. What is the desired effect of this timer? Of every single (realistic) activity that could be done, smelting Ore and casting it into a metal bar would take far longer than any of the other items, so I'm sure it's not for realism's sake (and how that's done with no heat source is amazing, and yet we need a campfire to cook food). 3. UI Transitions - For the love of God, the transition time and response time of the UI needs a serious overhaul. It's most noticeable when crafting as you are ONLY interacting with a UI during your entire journey. 4. Crafting Interaction - I complain about this in all games where crafting is concerned, and sometimes it's invalid because crafting is not the focal point of the game, but it has to be said in this case, where crafting can actually be the entire existence of a player's purpose. Make crafting fun! I was literally falling asleep at my keyboard after gathering all the mats I needed to create leather armour and a bow (non-basic). Some people are going to put all their skill time into crafting! Their main will gather resources painfully, kill NPS painfully, and contribute only their class's base skills to PvP. I don't have an answer, but how can you involve a human's skill and desire to be challenged with Crafting? Certainly not by obstructing them with a Progress Bar... 5. Font in the Crafting UI is nearly illegible. 6. If you are going to utilize a probability system where each "opportunity" is worth equal risk, and using multiple "opportunities" results in an additive risk...... Just don't. I don't know if the UI is describing probabilities accurately, but if you have the option to take Two 25% risks vs One 50% risk, only the people who failed Grade 8 Math will take the One 50% risk (non-risk is 56% vs 50%, respectively). There may be some incentive to using 2 Experiments at a time, I've no idea. Either way, with a probability system, once all outcomes are quantified, there will always be a "right" way. It's definitely better than nothing, for sure, and it did keep me trying for better planks, etc, for my perfect gear set. I can see how specializing using the Skills really could allow a person to claim that they make the best Sword Hilts, as suggested in a marketing video. 7. If I've succeeded in the craft, I should still be allowed to cancel and be refunded my resources, prior to playing with Experimentation. Actually, why not make the failure/success decision happen in tandem with Experimenting, and then I wouldn't complain or think I should be able to receive a refund at all. It would streamline a process that already has too many steps. 8. There are too many steps to craft something.... Could be streamlined. One idea above. 9. Allow me to repeat a craft, including having the same material type auto-added, when I click some button. Maybe just clicking the assemble button once returned to the recipe window after succeeding or failing a craft. Resources will attempt to be re-added, and the player can deal with any that no longer exist or that they don't have enough of. 10. Hunting through your inventory for an item that meets a requirement is tedious for players who don't already know. Perhaps when mousing over a requirement, applicable inventory items could be highlighted or non-applicable items could be dimmed. If the player has none, the requirement box could be colour indicative. Thank you for your attention! Lokked
  3. Two comments on these two lines: Darkfall, an old Full Loot PvP centric game, you NEVER see melee in group vs group PvP. Except during cleanup or chase. Albion Online, a brand-spankin' new Full Loot PvP Centric game, Zerg vs Zerg our organizer says, "If you are primarily melee DPS, you are useless. You are a burden on our healers. Don't come. Skill up a ranged weapon by next event." How this can be balanced is very difficult. One way is to decrease damage and healing across the board, giving melee DPS a chance to engage. Another way is to give melee support capabilities, but then what you have is already in every PvP Meta - The Tank. I think Warhammer Online handled this the best, in my opinion, through a couple factors - A Melee Stealth archetype, Mitigation calculations that left certain classes very delicate in the face of melee DPS, tank abilities that shielded all players in a cone behind them from damage, allowing a Flying V charge tactic to get melee within range, two melee archetypes - a short cool down sustain melee that needed to be peeled from their target, and a burst long cool down melee that needed to be outplayed with defensive cool downs. Melee DPS had the healing reduction debuts and the increase cast time and cool down debutfs. Which leads me to the next line. The number of active skills is another way to balance and force strategic thinking. Some games give you access to the whole gambit. Everquest gave you 8. Diablo 3 gives you 6. What kind of skill is the developer going for? Twitch gameplay and hotkey memorization? Skill in planning and being creative? In one of the above points of giving melee the crippling debuffs, the number of available keys could force the player to choose a particular role, such as a debuffer that specializes in nullifying long-cool down DPS, or shredding tanks or weakening healers. Or maybe must straight DPS. Maybe straight DPS is good in hunting gatherers solo or small group. There are even courses you can take now on design balancing. It's difficult.
  4. Shpuld these RMB skills be balanced equally? I think not. On a spreadsheet, is the goal to, by the usage of equal resource (pips), have all classes end up at the same position? Time is also a resource, as some have mentioned. Reuse Time AND Execution Time. What are the concepts that have opposite goals? Has everything been considered? - Melee / Ranged (the real concept is Positioning) - DPS / Healing / Mitigation - CC / Mitigation and the impact of a role being CCd - AE / Positioning And the above relationships are further complicated considering Activation Time, Execution Time, Frequency (Cooldown Time). The goal should be to balance Strategy, not specific skills. Balancing Strategy is where player skill comes in, and thinking about Strategies allows you to come up with more creative abilities and scenarios. The Available Capabilities drive the Strategy, and in development, the Strategies you dream up will drive development of the Capabilities. Given the direction that the game is being balanced Group vs Group, what strategies, and counters to those strategies, can you dream up?