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  1. How much do we have to donate to get elf ears attachments on the cool character models? Then you can just click a checkbox during character creation and go from zero to hero.
  2. Yeah, those are all good points. But back to me. My worst fear... my worst fear for this game is that you won't recognize my greatness as I crush you all beneath my stylish elven bootheel! Bwhahahahahaha!
  3. I've been wondering, since we have no real information about the game beyond what has been teased, if my worst fears are going to be realized with this game? Are ranged characters going to be screwed? Is melee going to sux? Are casters going to get the shaft? Or is stealth going to be totally unfun? I worry about these things. They keep me up at night. Also I'm scared of PvP. Having other virtual characters touch my virtual character on his body with pointy bits greatly disturbs me. I'm not sure if this should be allowed. But beyond that, based on the screenshots and details we've been given, I'm worried that the metagame will not live up to the crazy out-there details I've made up whole cloth in my head and that everything will crash and burn spectacularly before the game is even released. Who else is worried about this?
  4. Its usually the druids or other nature-types who view everyone as equal animals. Just FYI.
  5. I have wandered lands far and seas away, seen much and more and plundered most of it, and one thing is constant in my experience - elves are the best. But the other constant is the earthy tones of those dwarves complaining about it. Keep on, friend dwarf, for your insults bring a smile to my face, and your brogue lulls me to sweet slumber at night.
  6. Ok, the Hunger mechanic is too cool. House Lok-ri will play this game. I might have to recreate the guild from scratch, but it ain't nothin' I haven't done before. Basically, the guild is about how elves are the best and non-elves are the worst. And members of the Lok-ri family are the best of the best. But don't take it too personally; if you cry yourself to sleep at night about how mean we are, just roll an elf and suddenly we're your best friends!
  7. Yeah... it was more emotional. That was one drawback that I don't think anybody accounted for. If you won in Shadowbane, it was a huge rush of an awesome feeling. If you lost, though... all your work of months was gone, your friends and fellow players were scattered to the four winds, you lost reputation and respect and the ability to continue playing. Many people stopped bothering to log in after their city was destroyed.
  8. Tiny worlds. It's probably not a popular thing, because its probably not fun, but I'd like to play in a world that would take weeks if not months to traverse from one side to the other. The actual world is frickin huge on foot. I want to be on foot and feel like I'm in a huge world in an MMO too. Probably would take procedural terrain generation.
  9. monsters wandering around aimlessly just waiting to be killed. This is 2015, can't somebody code a decent ecosystem?
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