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  1. Didn't see it anywhere at the keep. Can you, please, give a more specific hint?!? Overall, from my prospective, this new system is broken... Why swords and daggers I can craft right away and for Axes I should go grind gold and then we don't even know where to buy this thing??
  2. There are always holy templiers who want to fight for the real truth and honesty... even if the whole world has moved on, they still want to stand their ground.
  3. Wow! Thank you so much! I didn't even know that it is so easy! OMG 😃
  4. I have 3 different accounts to learn different professions. Long story short, I have 3 accounts: for gatherers, crafters and a warriors. The question is 'How'/'What is the best way' to exchange resources and staff between those accounts?? Any ideas or maybe somebody practice that already? P.S. I don't play much to be a valuable guild members. Neither I like to depend on other people. That's why at this point prefer to do everything myself.
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