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  1. Fresh Butter used to increase Cuttin Grit chance. But it cannot be consumed no more and it does not have this buff in the description. This new fact makes Jewelcrafter's life even more difficult: not only I have to be a stonemason and a miner to be able to craft 1 crafting specialty, but I also need to be a quarryman to get that cuttin grit. Why did you remove that buff I do not see any logic behind that rather than making life harder for Jewelcrafters. Please, return the Fresh Butter buff of increased chance for Cuttin Grit, or add it to some other food (it does not care which food will it be). Just, please, return that cutting grit increased chance buff because why would you want to make my crafter's life even harder? It does not make sense.
  2. QUESTION: who could explain us the reason why our team application is still pending (who should we contact for that)? We all have played 10 matches. Which criteria should we meet to get that application for the tournament approved?
  3. Our team has applied for the Tournament on the 1st day when the registrations opened. Our application is still pending. I wonder when the applications for the tournament will be confirmed?
  4. Next time do Alt+F4. That way you should be able come back into the match.
  5. I died, released the crow and I couldn't move while in the crow form. I tried to press different buttons and it didn't help either. Then I closed my game client and when I entered again, I wasn't able to return to the current HD match. So that I was kinda disgruntled off a little bit by the fact that my team is now in disadvantageous position. Anyways, the possible solution to that issue in addition to just fixing this bug would be to press "G" (by default) to return to the Resurrection statue. Also, there must be an option to return to the match you were playing before you got disconnected or if you had to Alt+F4 because of a bug or something else.
  6. You give this character 12 active abilities + Ice Weaving combinations which is another 4 which need to be casted (animation is pretty slow). So this looks to me like a piano. Although I will try it out and see. It pretty much may be pretty decent in close combat setting...
  7. Just tell me HOW this guy is supposed to survive in 5v5 HD close combat setting?!? He is just paper thin with no escapes. I would replace Stay in the Fight minor with Glass Cannon. At least you would do some decent damage in that minute which you alive (1 or 2 seconds of your life are not that crucial). Stay in the fight is absolutely useless with Ultimate power costing 500 points. You will have mana at any point of time.
  8. I actually wanna try this class in the HD setting. The build you've pre-made looks pretty interesting to me too.
  9. This is a nice build too. Just the Fae race and Crit Dodge minor does not worth it. You'd better take the bottom 3rd stat bundle instead...
  10. The Inquisitor is a top-notch as far as I see it. That's a good build. Me approve.
  11. I just hate you guys for doing THIS to my signature class. It is a complete garbage build. Now I need to play something else and I don't like that... =/
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