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  1. The "BUY" button is inactive when trying to buy any consumable items for crafting. You can still put them into a vendor and set a price... but can't buy it.
  2. 1. When harvesting nodes and generating 0.5 pips of Beneficial Harvest power per hit: on 3.5 pips by using active ability you trigger power #4 instead of power #3. So that I trigger power #4 on 3.5 pips, on 4 pips and on 4.5 pips, instead of activating power #3 on 3.0 pips and 3.5 pips. 2. I became invisible while was building my EK: https://drive.google.com/file/d/14wZY2vVEdXhNEn7mKhBFVDsc8MvwEWGw/view?usp=sharing
  3. Top 5 Crowfall likes (things you feel we're doing great on). I like PVP focus and war for zones and resources. Game of Thrones concept. I like that there is not a big focus on PVE. Playing with real people and against real people is awesome. There is currently no other MMO which focuses specifically on PVP and not on PVE grind. I like group fights 5v5 and bigger. I like sieges they are intriguing and exciting. I like crafting and active resource gathering in Crowfall (except forts). Recent changes to crafting I consider as very positive ones. Getting those souls from crafting is a
  4. Just tired of constant wipes. Not sure if I should continue playing Crowfall now or wait for the release...
  5. There is a number of issues with outposts guards: they run away, they hide, they get stuck in 1 place, they lose flesh, stay stay neutral, they loose attacks animations and fire bolts just fly out of their stomach, finally, when they die they just stand still. Pretty creepy situation I'd say...
  6. I'll just book this space for now to write down my thoughts later when I get sober 😃
  7. Oh shoot! Yes, I used bon tippers. That's what it is then.... It feels like a pretty bad bug then. ACE, please, fix it asap.
  8. Yes, this happens too, I'm aware of that bug. But this time (the moment screenshot was made), I ate a pot pie 5 minutes ago.
  9. Many people backed it up even before any Alpha or Beta started. For me personally, the game feels like Beta already. Many games do pre-sale before you could even play the game. Crowfall was available for backers as soon as they made the very first steps towards the game. Right now nothing is going on LIVE servers because everyone is waiting for the next big update. Because devs asked backers to play on test specifically to rush it up. And because there probably will be item wipe on Live with 6.200 patch. Once 6.200 or even 6.300 will hit LIVE server, players base will be back there
  10. Crafting Experimentation Points bug From time to time I had my actual experimentation points reduced while crafting: while my stats showed that I had 16 Experimentation Points, my actual point were 15 only. It might be somehow connected with the fact that I was in a group with my Alt account who has Leadership passive training which increased my Exp Points a bit so I could reach out 16 points from my own points 15.87 to 16.12 But this is just my assumption. In fact the stat just shows that I have 16 Point while I actually have 15. But this appears from time to time, not always and I d
  11. ACE need a quick and easy solution. That's why this suggestion of yours would probably not be viable for them as it requires a lot of work and adjustments to the current game structure.
  12. Yes, I also expressed the idea of making refineries more important in the game in one of the big posts on this topic. It seems like a good idea to get rid of caravansaries in keeps and leave only refineries for refining resources. Also make them like an outpost which you'll need to capture before being able to use it. That opens doors to a lot of PVP activities right there.
  13. @jtoddcoleman Citation: "If other players are also there running around trying to loot those chests. That's not a stupid activity. You gonna end up fighting those players over the chest (which is what we want). So its very rare when I have somebody tell me "No I don't want that PVP activity. I want more PVE activity, don't shortcut the PVE activity". So I think I just kinda disagree with you there on that." November Q&A, 1:00:12 - 1:00:47 Issues with loot chests: As a player who played Crowfall from March to November 2020 for more than 1'000 hours, I can say that the things whic
  14. Thawing Ice passive ability does not work: it does not add health and it does not add Resist all. Actually, it does nothing right now and it feels like a skill point was just wasted. Video of testing this skill: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1eTaNgGjdo5fHcR-rZGRVu04SjWNWfCZg/view?usp=sharing
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