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  1. It feels like EXP and respawn rates are in a perfect spot. I get to lvl 16 with not killing a single mob (except Satyr and Deer, which is required by quests).
  2. You can buy Crowfall and play it at any time with no limits.
  3. You probably did not play those empty EU campaigns, bro. That was not fun like at all. Idk why do you need that right now. Not gonna comment on that anymore.
  4. I was able to do quests in GR 5 times on Thursday (the day Beta was announced) with almost no or absolutely no wait / queue / line... Moreover, this rush will calm down in a few days when 60-70% of players will have their vessels leveled up.
  5. We've been there already. It dodn't work well. For the next 3 months it'll be this way, I guess. You don't want your EU campaign to be a wasteland, right? Ping is Okay on NA server for EUns. We got clapped yesterday by Vanguard allied with W. Thus, it's alright for now.
  6. If you ever have paid for Crowfall at any point, you can play it immediately. Invitations are for those who dont wanna pay for the game.
  7. Looks like they've reduced the cost of basic trees though.
  8. No poopsocking still because the wipe on Live is still possible. But I will probably start a revolt if ACE will do another wipe in the next 5-6 months...
  9. Some feedback after a few hours of testing: * I really liked the new setup for gods' outposts; * New small keep setup looks cool too; * Minor discipline drop rate and chief/captain spawn rates feel right; * Mobs UI is much less stupid (or more smart you can say) and it's pretty hard (almost impossible) to glitch mobs and kill them without them punching me back; * Didn't find any significant bugs at the moment and was surprised by this fact. Overall, this build in its current state looks pretty solid at the first glance.
  10. Tested the new patch for a few hours tonight. Didn't find anything really worthwhile reporting but got couple very minor things. Overall, this build looks pretty solid now. 1. Not sure if it's a bug or a feature, but my mobile bank did not appear when I called it inside our castle. It did appear when I called it outside of our castle; 2. Sometimes, when you open a crate in tribes' camps and take stuff out of it, it disappears, but another one appears on its place right away.
  11. That's a great story man. You do not ask a question though. No question will result in no answer.
  12. LOL. Currently mounts in Crowfall look exactly the same =))
  13. Siege equipment in Infected does not do any damage to walls during siege windows: Furthermore, first 2 shots onto the wall are not registered in the combat log at all. After 2 shots fired, the third one and further ones are registered in the combat logs. BUT about 10-20% of my shots were not registering in combat log even after the first 2. Thus, first 2 shots were always not registered, after first 2 shots about 10-20% of shots were not registered in my combat log, as well.
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