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  1. 1. If you were to enter campaign in the times when the crow population does not hibernate, you would be killed every 10-15 minutes and would not have a chance against experienced players. That's why Infected is the new players' training ground. 2. You can unlock any of your vessels from campaign at any time: all your gear and inventory will be placed in your campaign bank. So you can keep using your vessel in GR, EK or Infected. 3. Rewards were just added in 6.300 for the test purposes. They are not real rewards...yet 4. NPE quests are half done, or even 30% done. It's a waste o
  2. Valeria are some good guys. Also, they've been pretty active recently.
  3. I couldn't find a place there to put in my address. I checked my order history and it says that I have 2017 Amber bundle. Not sure if I'm eligible for anything that you are gonna be shipping...
  4. I totally agree with this. Faerie Fire should prevent stealthers from being able to stealth or it should stay active until the end of its timer.
  5. Yeah man. The majority of player base is taking a break right now till the next patch. There will be a lot of changes to the game and also a full wipe. Usually, it is hard to survive in US campaign alone for 15-20 minutes as there are lots of players roaming around, especially during siege hours.
  6. Completely agree with this feedback and sign myself up for nerfing Mana Shield. I wanted to write my own post about the same thing but Galvia did it even better than me. I would just add that Pit Fighters need to be nerf at some degree, as well. Right now they are a bit overpowered.
  7. Most of the Crowfall player base is taking a break till 6.400 patch on LIVE servers since there will be a full wipe associated with it.
  8. 1. Small shield is only used by one class in the whole game. It would be great if a small shield would have more bonuses so that classes who can use shields could take it in exchange of those other bonuses for less defense. Same as you did with gear: leather, mail, plate. 2. Druid classes feel weak overall nowadays. Just a few people play druids, especially druid healers. 3. Knight class: combination of hook + dodge drain does not currently work actually because there is no slow in between of hook and using the skill to drain dodge power. In real fight the smallest lag
  9. You can see stealthed players in EKs: regardless if they are friends or foes, guildies or non-guildies, or even guildless. Still stealthed players are visible to all.
  10. You can see stealthed players in EKs: regardless if they are friends or foes, guildies or non-guildies.
  11. Of course real life happens and that is Okay. But guilds should think twice about members who only show up to the siege timer. Those people could play with their guildies as a separate guild still. It is just my personal opinion, it may not be the same as other peoples'. Just the way how I personally see things.
  12. Thanks for your feedback, man! Your point of view is very much appreciated. Just a few things I would like to comment on, at the same time: I do have a vessel with 350 DEX which is a hard cap which cannot be increased in any way. Also, 115 Cap for experimentation is a hard cap, as well. It cannot be increased further by any means. So we have the possibility to increase experimentation to 130-135 (if you summaries all bonuses from main stats, belts, disciplines, campaign tables, thralls etc.) but the hard cap is still 115 and you can't go over it. Moreover, the Assembly higher
  13. My gain was to enjoy the game while I keep having fun and do not push it to the limit when it becomes just a big chore.
  14. only after FPS improvements, please.
  15. When sieging my group and I had this crucial issue when we could not see Ballista animation so that we did not know that we were fired upon from Ballista. Moreover, Ballista itself was not appearing on the wall on our screens. At the same time, the incoming damage from ballista is huge and we were wiped many times because we could not see the ballista and could not see that it was firing. Please, make the ballista itself and its animation as a priority to show on players' screens because it dramatically changes the balance during fights. We only were able to see that ballista did the most
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