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  1. Did you buy the legendary once or the normal common once? Green vessel requires better then common minors and disciplines.
  2. Knight Guard in the keep patrolling the right side can get stuck at the door next to the foundation Edit: oh and its raining inside
  3. Scrolling for guilds in the Alliance Management window takes like forever (I had to spin the wheel ~40+x). The scroll bar helps here, but I guess this should be fixed 🙂 at some point.
  4. Cant you just login to the website and upgrade on the same account that you created for the closed beta invite?
  5. All I can say its Beta. Not sure what more to add.
  6. Seems to be a 4th faction :D? Infected faction selection screen
  7. Regarding the camera turning movement bug. I tried the following: -Used a different mouse at home - same -Re-logged a different character - same -Repaired files - same -Run Crowfall Test in administrative mode - same Solution that worked for me: Run Crowfall Test in administrative mode and reset key-binds to default. Below location. I did not test is without admin mode btw.
  8. You should change to topic to: I am sad that the Beta Live server is currently on-hold for normal playing due to ongoing bugfixes. And your post should be replaced to: I currently do not have the patience because instant gratification is my generation and as such I can only rate Crowfall Beta pretty low. But hey, who I am to judge anything these days... ?
  9. No, its weekend. Lets play real life xD
  10. Haha cool! Thats been years! Instantly reminds me of the Europe Chimaera times.. Ughh miss them (Pre CU - even though this one was still okish to play, NGE was RIP and /logout /uninstall!) Welcome!
  11. Not sure but I feel like the sound + animation effects of harvesting ore are only slightly offset? Video: Edit: Probably already known, but mounting up sometimes causes the character and mount to be higher in 3rd overall screen view then it should
  12. Not sure what happened to the alliance window upon entry but its stuck and cannot be removed? Probably not a good idea to upload this patch to live
  13. Cannot invite members to the party: Game response to any friendlies: Invite failed: you have a group invitation.
  14. Account vault when switching to categories enabled the bug where you cannot see anything in your account vault [again? I thought it was fixed :)]
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