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  1. incorrect tooltip, its not 450 health, seems like 15% or something. Activation takes waaaaaaaay too long! Like 2 Seconds?!
  2. While in the EK, after taking the consumable Pasteurizing milk. No actions and buttons work any more, like jumping, using skills. Everything related to combat or movement and attacking is completely frozen. Tried 3x restart, each time I initiate the consumable it happens.
  3. Movement speed in and out of combat are not reflected correctly in the Details -> Combat tab. 100% both in and outside of combat. But as soon as you go into combat (by actions) your movement speed isn't 100% but lower.
  4. Apart from the above the same map in Infected Sky Point needs a map check-up. All canyons have no slopes.
  5. Ok maybe the above wasn't clear... Some roads let you walk straight into a dead-end brick wall, these walls do not have an open entry to go to the upper level. Some wall sections are misaligned and some interior and exterior walls have gaps. Heck I dint even see the Castle's gate that should be there. All that needs to be done is login and walk at the Castle keep and you will instantly see all the flaws right now.
  6. Major Armorsmith and Weaponsmith Explorational Disciplines cannot be equipped on the same character. ☠️
  7. Sky Point - Keep of Amelia Powell need a 100% check-up. All roads and walls do not fit the concept. I noticed the first at Location: Z20 Large castle wall section missing (open entry)
  8. Sky Point - Keep of Amelia Powell Location: Z20 Large castle wall section is missing (open entry), was fixed on the campaign castle on live in 6.3. Probably missed?
  9. Statues shrines in Infected Keeps are not visually shown, their physical presence is there(blocked to put your character in the center)
  10. *Disclaimer: I am not a professional, nor a researcher that has gained an unbiased wealth of knowledge to provide any constructive feedback on the subject. I think we should ask ourselves why mRNA and not the traditional viral vector? Also check CDC website and take in consideration "Appendix B: Ingredients included in Pfizer-BioNTech and Moderna mRNA COVID-19 vaccines" Link So when approaching it from that angle, I love the picture since our body is 60% water? 😅 The unexplored, unknown and massively complex working of our bodies/system. You're messing with the unknown, so expec
  11. I can give you a buddy code I have available. It is only fair to share with such news 💝
  12. I'm playing a pit fighter, I should count as well then? Or..? 🤡
  13. The fact that you can bandage in combat, don't get interrupted by dmg doing it = also completely amazing (sarcasm)
  14. Well, we can go in depth of tons of stuff currently in 6.3, but frankly we are discussing history already because they are changing everything in 6.4. I was just saying that you cannot compare classes 1vs1 because there is no such thing as "perfect balance" on that level, just a general acceptance of people playing the game. And since people might have gotten sick of gankers killing them they went using this class for exactly that reason, because its just sturdy to do the "i don't want to die in 5 seconds" kind of way (if its intended or not I leave in the middle, if its not sturdy it wont be
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