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  1. *Disclaimer: I am not a professional, nor a researcher that has gained an unbiased wealth of knowledge to provide any constructive feedback on the subject. I think we should ask ourselves why mRNA and not the traditional viral vector? Also check CDC website and take in consideration "Appendix B: Ingredients included in Pfizer-BioNTech and Moderna mRNA COVID-19 vaccines" Link So when approaching it from that angle, I love the picture since our body is 60% water? 😅 The unexplored, unknown and massively complex working of our bodies/system. You're messing with the unknown, so expec
  2. I can give you a buddy code I have available. It is only fair to share with such news 💝
  3. I'm playing a pit fighter, I should count as well then? Or..? 🤡
  4. The fact that you can bandage in combat, don't get interrupted by dmg doing it = also completely amazing (sarcasm)
  5. Well, we can go in depth of tons of stuff currently in 6.3, but frankly we are discussing history already because they are changing everything in 6.4. I was just saying that you cannot compare classes 1vs1 because there is no such thing as "perfect balance" on that level, just a general acceptance of people playing the game. And since people might have gotten sick of gankers killing them they went using this class for exactly that reason, because its just sturdy to do the "i don't want to die in 5 seconds" kind of way (if its intended or not I leave in the middle, if its not sturdy it wont be
  6. The problem is, this class started being a care-bear/lets complain about thing as soon as the population dropped and everyone was getting sick and tired of getting ganked because their class wasn't able to do a dent in the ganker's class and couldn't survive or do something again 1 sturdy other class. Reality kicks in when you least expect it.
  7. @Koerpermilch@CrusaderW perhaps you can do a general check when you play in GER
  8. Ask NM and EITC how to kill a champion. They got a good track record of Jamin skulls, if they can pull it off - I would cry irl if no one else would be able to kill a pitfighter. They should deserve a medal called "Tactically plausible" due to proper skill and movement usage in pvp. Pit fighters were 15-25% more powerfull in ouput of dmg pre Disc and Passive changes, with healing they had more added talent healing options also. I have been playing it nonestop and defo do not feel unkillable anymore, my enemies are just noobspagetti. Regarding PvE, fml dont even get me started on the
  9. Server is down for maintenance. I recommend using Crowfall discord for status update. https://discord.gg/Cbrc7ERA
  10. <QUESTION> What are the plans regarding the sentinels debuffs at a keep parcel, will that get a concept rebuild/tweak/change? <QUESTION> Is the current roadmap to launch focusing primarely on PvP or can we anticipate some more PvE related content as well? <QUESTION> If PvE does have a part on the roadmap to launch, what ideas are currently discussed and/or being tested with? If PvE however does not have a spot on the roadmap till that time, what PvP concepts/ideas are on the table/being worked on in order to entertain those who are not into 1. Siege 2. Forts 3. Oupo
  11. If you are new to the game, just got a beta key and/or you have not found your way ingame yet, this is the perfect moment to catchup with all the basics before 6.2 comes on the test server. We are more then happy to give you the start boost you might require to enjoy Crowfall now and/or in the near future.
  12. Lets just make the most out of it, it would have been NA otherwise only. Guess something is better then nothing? 🤔
  13. Part 1/2 Once upon a time there was a great milestone, a powerful deity that once was forgotten called Ra came to the rescue in the Crowfall world to punish Kek's ruthless wrath. For centuries of everlasting dark, cold, starving and fearful moments there was once again hope among Ra's worshippers that roamed the world in small numbers. Kek's wrath caused Ra's vessels to endure massive starvation to the brink of collapse. His plans were to give Ra not a spark of hope to come back towards. It took Ra centuries of convalescence to once again resurface and rescue those that were in complete d
  14. If only it had vendors to buy all the NA looted/crafted stuff 😂
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