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  1. I'm not sure what EK stands for, I only recently learned about Crowfall due to my interest in Shadowbane and my search for a Spiritual Successor to it. I'm basically going down a checklist of what I feel are issues that can potentially ruin or break the game on some level before I install it, how guilds work is a big one.
  2. Cool, very nice. So it's kind of like a feudal system where when the King is Dead all the Feudal Lords gain autonomy and decide whether to elect a new King then? That sounds like an excellent idea for an MMO setup.
  3. I still have concerns. Like does "everyone packs up their assets ect, vote for a new leader" mean everyone leaves the guild and starts a new one, with a new leader, or does it mean the guild system in the game allows a new leader to be chosen within a guild? If the latter, Crowfall is leagues ahead of most MMOs in this, most just go with the lazy poorly thought out ladder based ranking system with no means of succession.
  4. K well that was never clarified in the FAQ and I had no other way of knowing that without investing a lot of time into the game, that's why I was asking. "You are trying to solve a social problem with a game mechanic" Guild Leader Abandonment isn't just a social problem, the inability for guilds to do anything about it is a game design problem. In games like WoW, when a guild leader leaves the game, it's solely because of limitation Blizzard has programmed into the Guild Tree that nothing can be done about it. I consider it a lack of consideration and game design forethought for MMO devs that just copy paste the laziest guild model found in other games and give no thought to what happens if the leader disappears.
  5. A guild leader can set titles in World of Warcraft or Rift, for example, the Guild Leader can appoint people as officers, even create custom ranks. But the structure is a ladder, the Guild Leader is on top, others are on rungs up the ladder with predefined privileges determined by the leader. Now let's say the leader stops playing, suddenly no matter what privileges have been granted, it's impossible to promote any new players to the second upper most rung on the ladder. Then if they leave the game, regardless of the privileges granted to the next rung down, they can't elevate people to their station. Guilds decay from the top down due to abandonment by a single person, and no one in the guild can do anything about it. It sucks. More MMO's need a guild succession system to prevent that from happening IMO.
  6. K cool. Personally I greatly prefer single server MMO's because they don't divide their community, but they have to be built for it, so I'm not sure how it would work here. If a game isn't designed for it, and there are too many players, that can also be a problem. I don't know much about the game yet, but I was a big fan of Shadowbane so it's piqued my interest.
  7. In several MMO's, if the Guild Leader leaves the game, the guild can appoint a new leader. I feel that is very important, at least as a fail safe if there is no clear line of succession in place.
  8. "why would ACE want to try to dictate how guilds run themselves. " Because if a monarch goes missing (stops playing the game, for instance) what happens then? In real life, someone would take that monarch's place, or a group of people would, but in video-games often that's impossible, the monarch goes missing and the Kingdom dies of top down decay and there's no way to fix it. What I'm most interested in is succession mechanics, fealty trees aren't clearly a succession mechanic as outlined in the FAQ.
  9. You can play with a controller? Well that definitely goes down as a mark in this game's favor with me. I'm starting to feel my age and sitting at a mouse and keyboard eventually starts hurting my poor back and wrist, whereas I can play with a controller in my hand dawn to dusk and feel perfectly fine afterward. I played Terra Online with a controller, I eventually left the game for personal reasons but I never once felt a need to switch over to Mouse and Keyboard. I'm also playing Divinity Original Sin 2 with a controller. I know it's no MMO, but I'm quite happy with the experience. I don't care what the haters say, playing with a Steam controller sounds great.
  10. How many servers does this game have and how populated are they on average? For games like this, I feel it's important to have heavily populated servers, or ideally, one big server if possible.
  11. I always liked the idea of guilds set up based around the Members->Senate->Leader model, where members can pay dues to the guild and vote for senate (officer) members, who in turn can elect a leader. This assures a cushion of stability, player investment,and delegation, while also assuring adaptability and an avenue for potential Game of Thrones levels of Machiavellian intrigue and betrayal, all of which makes the game more interesting. On the average, guild officers garner loyalty from lower ranking members and guild leaders garner loyalty as well, power shifts sometimes happen but aren't as common as one might think, and former leaders can regain their former glory if they are popular enough. I've seen it dozens of times. At the very least, it keeps guilds from dying due to an inability to recruit or make decisions should any one leader just up and leave the game.
  12. I've played a lot of MMO's, and there is a very common problem regarding Guild Succession. Usually, guilds are top down autocratic hierarchies, and the main problem with this (besides abusive Guild Leaders and such) is that when the Guild's Leader goes MIA, the guild slowly dies, and there's nothing that can be done about it. Some MMO's have a succession system, elections, and so forth to compensate, but that's extremely rare. I also feel that it's extremely important for an MMO like Crowfall. So before I become invested in any way I need to know what it's like. Can guilds change leaders when one vanishes? Can they change their tags if they have an unfortunate name like "looters" with a lowercase l and mature to the point that they want a more formal name? What are the options for guilds?
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