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  1. Sure, I would like to point out, there's the appeal in playing a fantasy game in the first place, then there's achieving a sense of satisfaction in executing a whole bunch of actions within the game, as opposed to ones where realistic execution doesn't even comes across as an afterthought (horrifying thoughts of Steam greenlit games, for instance), It's just that I've heard the arguments for 'realism' within games so many times over the years, all sorts of ideas which sound great on paper, but don't always work so well when implemented.
  2. This. I completely agree. There's the whole argument of realism in a game, but that kind of falls by the wayside when you're a Minotaur with flames being thrown from your palms in the general direction of a centaur. I think food ought to be in the game, but in the general buff sense, but a survival mechanic in an MMO? I get why people may find its appeal, I'm just not one of them. I can't think of one off the top of my head, but are there successful MMORPGs with constant survival mechanics?
  3. Hallo, only my second post here, though I did want to get some first impressions out of the way. That the game is running on my machine at all is a minor miracle, just glad I can access the game Whilst rambling across the downs in Tyranny siege, something that I initially didn't pay much attention to when looking into the game started to become quite a hindrance. And that was the hunger bar. I get why that may have been thought of for Crowfall in the first place, but I do think it's an anchor from the original concept of what the game was, and serves as a bit of an irritating and distracting chore from where the game seems to be heading. I should point out, crafting food, or having food per se in an MMO is a useful idea, in my opinion (buffs, for example). But the need to constantly replenish one's character is what ought to be relegated to survival games (again, my opinion), and sticks out a bit like a sore thumb. I'm curious to hear what others have to say about this.
  4. Hallo all, have finally taken the plunge! Looking foirward to making a Stoneborn Cleric. If any of you need plasters, salves, or general stamp collecting advice, feel free to yell "Medic!"
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