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  1. I was replying to the SB vs DF clan. What I said was more in line of "They are one in the same". Not DF is better then SB or SB is better then DF. You are looking for a fight that doesn't exist. There is at least 10 on that list I remember from SB, that's more then a handful out of 31. As I said, I wouldn't doubt many of them really are clans that started in UO. The DF vs SB clan thing was silly to me, because I feel they are all really from the same games anyways.
  2. Did I say one game was better then the other? No I didn't.
  3. More then half of DF clans on that list are SB clans... or at least started in SB or UO.
  4. zault


    I could see formations. I think Gloria Victis is doing this.
  5. zault


    And I can't wait, lol.
  6. zault

    Grey Goo

    Anyone played Grey Goo? Been looking for a good RTS that's new. How the online play and connecting to others? To me you can have the best RTS ever but if the online part of the game sucks, then the game isn't worth playing it.
  7. This is what I kind of think it will be also, EK appears to be more of a safe haven. Well compered to the other worlds.
  8. Yet you make this topic? Saying "looks like the game is being built more around solo PvP play and less around group PvP play"
  9. The healing sounds like Warhammer Online / Wildstar healing to me, which is good. I don't see how you can say this game is being built around solo PvP. Been very clear that Crowfall is going to be very heavy into Sieges. You want raids and holy trinity, you've got about 100 other MMO's with that.
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