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  1. So THAT'S what Dog looks like...
  2. Depends on how good the animations are.
  3. The difference being that every time GW2 or ESO resets, it's the same map, same objectives, same rules. Even within the same "ruleset" in CF, the map will change, being procedurally generated. Just because you won last round by holding the Ubermine doesn't mean you know where it is right off the bat this round, nor even if there will be an Ubermine that will end up deciding the match. Everyone will start off in the same Fog of War.
  4. And I thought it worked really well there. Though you do need to make it more obvious when you're "taunted" who the instigator is.
  5. By jove, I think they might have just figured out how to make this work (you die, you get the boot from that campaign, but you don't lose your character). Last man standing!
  6. Generic voice lines for attack sounds, standard commands, greetings, etc. - Yes. Fully voiced quest text - No. I can read a paragraph of text faster than any voice actor can act it out, and always do. But if there were no voices in the world at all it would feel kind of barren. But if you give us an NPC with a greeting the likes of Angier Stower (the Daggerfall Bank lady in ESO) there will be a mob with pitchforks and torches outside your office.
  7. Have animation locking BUT since we know there's a dodge mechanic in place, allow it to cancel out of animations as an OHSH-T reaction. Also, I'd love to see a viable warrior-priest-ish type archetype, I loved the idea.
  8. The problem with arenas is that as the match sizes become smaller and smaller, the more balance becomes crucial and the more classes have to start becoming more homogenous, otherwise every match becomes "bring class x, y, and z, and classes a and b are not allowed because they're a liabilty". Given how large the # of archetypes is that Crowfall is going for, I don't think this would be a good idea. Now if there was something like say, guild v guild maps that were limited to like 40v40 I could see that working. But I don't think small scale sets would work.
  9. I haven't been thinking tiles either Gaun, though obviously that approach would probably be easier for the devs.
  10. The way I've been imagining it is similar to how Civilization generates random maps before a game. Some script (or I suppose the devs could do it by hand if they really, really want to prior to each map reset, but that could get old) generates random terrain according to certain specifications like "must have at least x mines of this type", "must contain x numbers of fortresses", "Points of Interest (basically anything capturable/holdable) must be minimum x distance apart". The server then gives the client "the map" (I'm not a programmer so I don't know in what form this would be) which I would imagine is just listing all the terrain features, vertices and what objects/textures to place where. The client will already have all the art assets so it just assembles the world according to the blueprint the server gives it. The trick as far as preventing hacking will be forcing the client to ONLY place what the server tells it: if it's possible to somehow tell the client that "here is a 10m tall hill" when there's only supposed to be a 2m tall hill there, suddenly you have an archer in mid air that melee can't touch.
  11. PLEASE take some cues from the combat in the Souls games. It's a beautiful thing.
  12. Let's all not get TOO excited until we hear what they have in store now.
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