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  1. I would suggest joining a guild that is new to crowfall. A lot of these old guilds have hit the point of no return on burnout and are not beneficial to new players. Imagine testing a game for 3-4 years and trying to bring new recruits in to something you feel obligated to play. Find the fresh guilds, or better yet create your own. Some of these dinosaur guilds need to go play something else and let this thing organically grow off fresh eyes.
  2. When I see vet alpha/beta testers talking about player retention the first thing I think of is that they have already invested 4+ years into a game that was unfinished and could change at any moment. If the Alpha state can retain you guys for that long... I have no worries that when its actually done an meant to be played as hard as you guys tested it, that the people playing it will stay just as long. Some of you guys need to take a step back play something else for a year. I don't know a single game that I could play for 4 years and not feel burned out on.
  3. Im all for constructive criticism in the right places. Its a shame out of all the people that have put forth an effort to help guide this game from the beginning we get this as an accepted review. I have seen way better constructed posts that dissect what can be done to fix XYZ issues. Which yes, have been white knighted on these forums against by the same 5-10 guys over an over. Which is one of the reason why Jtodd said he wouldn't do another crowd funded game again. Too many backseat junkyard devs that believe they know how to fix a game and make it fun. Truth be told, its best the devs
  4. Claims hes a hardcore players.... mentions ESO pvp.... /end video I feel like any joe schmo with a camera and a few followers feels like they are entitled to be heard. But yet you fail to provide very little constructive feed back other than "its not fun". I bet this guy was one of the squeaky wheels that got New World to identity swap. Anyone can gripe about the game not being fun. But if you going to monetize a video about it atleast put a bit more effort into constructive feedback.
  5. They touched on it in the stream towards the end. Said they are not going to mess with engine optimization because they have more features to add. It would be pointless. As much as I am agreement with you on the concerns, not much we can do but wait an see.
  6. With Dregs around the corner we are looking to beef up our member base. HIt me up in game or go to the website to apply.
  7. Do we have guild banks yet? Or is that a pipe dream? Bags? Extra storage systems? Or am I going to end up using 4 characters as banks?
  8. Keep adding items.... we don't have space to store it.
  9. This thread is all over the place, Jah and company talking faction numbers when we just trying to find out why login numbers are 70% down.
  10. The item an number debate could be settled fairly easy with hunger dome.
  11. I took a break, never to return... once I seen/played the battle royal.
  12. I wouldn't say they don't play it, but they definitely don't play it as much as some of the testers. We need a means of pvp that doesn't require us to harvest for days to build something that doesn't work.
  13. No one cares about the rings an the petty feuds between guilds/factions at this point. We should be talking about the topic at hand instead of arguing about petty things that have no weight on the current state of the game. If you cannot separate yourself from "my guild/faction is better" than you need to step back take a look as a whole. Because in the end it won't matter what guild pounds it chest, when the only people looking upon your victory is a handful of clueless new players that have yet to reach mid/end game.
  14. Sure that may quiet down some of these guys. I just want people to stop running off to play Smite or Mordhau for the pvp fix and get in on some actual pvp in crowfall. People get tired of logging in to hit rocks.
  15. Unfortunately I don't think the campaign can be fixed quick enough to ensure players stick around to test. Atleast with the option like @Ble mentioned, duels or 5v5's in hunger dome could keep people around CF until they can sort out the issues with the grind fest currently plaguing the campaign.
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