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  1. FoE has taken up competitive tic tac toe. It seems to be more balanced atm.
  2. Yes I did read through the complete list, and while I feel that they do indeed suit Crowfall well, I feel as though "homebrew" as the title suggests hints at something else, so I was somewhat perplexed as I went through the list. Nothing wrong with bringing in old stuff from SB. I didn't choose to nit pic the entire list, and I suppose if you was intentionally trying to claim "homebrew" (as you call it) you would have took a more decisive description than rather using the exact name and almost exact effect for the example I quoted. The title just brought some confusion as to the intention of the post as a whole. I wasn't expecting to see fury, assassin, and major starting discs taken straight from SB. Carry on, i'd like to see these implemented or at least considered as well.
  3. Did you post steal breath? Look above.
  4. Following finishing up at the wartribe camps I ventured to the valley of trepidation to meet fellow guild members farming efficiently naked an under leveled on r9 undeads. As I leaped off the massive cliff to join my comrades I landed quite hard, to the effect of 3k damage. Unknowingly did I know that 2 stealth balance was waiting for me to take the hit and quickly engaged me from behind. As I ran to catch up with the group, I managed to make it just close enough for the 2 balance to realize they have made a big mistake. As my 5 naked fellow guild members using sticks an stones turned on phr00t an friend to defend my honor. With level disadvantage and wooden weapons at there disposal they fought fiercely against the 2 opportunistic adversaries, one by one the sticks from my fellow guild members started to break. With a last ditch effort the chaos guildees was losing hope, they decided to go bare knuckles and finished what they had started. Disposing of phr00t and BenQ. With broken wooden weapons in hand and tattered naked tunics they walked with their heads held high this day.
  5. While I applaud your effort to bring more diversity to the game, ripping skills straight from SB and mixing them together is hardly recreating the wheel.
  6. The 0 import rule set was nice to have. It leveled the field to an acceptable standard. For a lot of us wondering what it would be like to be on equal footing but was always told "it don't make a difference", we all see what a difference it made. Better testing comes from less "unknown variables". Personally I look forward to more balanced fights in the future, tactics and group synergies should be superior to stacking high quality gear.
  7. Just wait for tracking before trying to call for nerfs on stealth.
  8. From what I understand it only works with Centaurs. Sprint + jumping is faster than a mount.
  9. I'll gladly 5v5 when my guys get back from vacation against your 5. Only condition is that we all create basic vessels , with intermediate gear. If you want to do proper testing that is the way it has to be done, any other deviation from base line stats or gear is a waste of time and doesn't represent an accurate test.
  10. Everything Zybak said. Those who just pick up a Templar without knowing and giving it time will find it hard difficult to play. But properly set up is very powerful especially in sieges. The only real issue with Templar at the moment is a gap closer or lack therof.
  11. Maybe you are just having a hard time grasping the way he is meant to be played. The heals I put out are decent even for vindicator line (300-700 per tick). My heal circle is bigger than the clerics. I can use reprisal and hit for 2k every second with knockdown if attacked by multiple targets. HP are 12-15k easy and 20k (max) with buffs. The execute with proper crit build can hit for 1.2-1.8k every few seconds. As I said im sorry you don't grasp the concept. It works well if the user is capable.
  12. Paladin can attack , use censure and the aoe combo (forget the name) to generate pips. I think its spot on the way its sitting right now, the DPS that can be put out is far better than any healer out there. Paladin isn't supposed to be a main healer, more of a hybrid CC/DPS Healer. I believe Templar is one of the classes that is balanced just right for its role.
  13. Wasted for healers? But we all use the same ten runes due to this thinking? Not every rune should be available to every class or even every race. Tons of diversity can be achieved with proper balance. Remove racial and turn them into a set of creation runes for each race. That way we can spec the vessel the way we choose during creation. Those wasted slots for crafting on pure fighting character could build around something else. Im just here for the SB theory crafting. We have yet to reach potential. Creation runes could be a nice addition just saying.
  14. Whoever created that disc must really hate confessors. I'm all for a little heal or reflect, but 125% damage inflicted heal. May as well start a healing service on Balance to heal my Chaos buddies during a siege.
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