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  1. Do we have guild banks yet? Or is that a pipe dream? Bags? Extra storage systems? Or am I going to end up using 4 characters as banks?
  2. Keep adding items.... we don't have space to store it.
  3. Had a blast fighting with you guys. Hands down most fun i've had since campaigns started.
  4. This thread is all over the place, Jah and company talking faction numbers when we just trying to find out why login numbers are 70% down.
  5. The item an number debate could be settled fairly easy with hunger dome.
  6. I took a break, never to return... once I seen/played the battle royal.
  7. I wouldn't say they don't play it, but they definitely don't play it as much as some of the testers. We need a means of pvp that doesn't require us to harvest for days to build something that doesn't work.
  8. No one cares about the rings an the petty feuds between guilds/factions at this point. We should be talking about the topic at hand instead of arguing about petty things that have no weight on the current state of the game. If you cannot separate yourself from "my guild/faction is better" than you need to step back take a look as a whole. Because in the end it won't matter what guild pounds it chest, when the only people looking upon your victory is a handful of clueless new players that have yet to reach mid/end game.
  9. Sure that may quiet down some of these guys. I just want people to stop running off to play Smite or Mordhau for the pvp fix and get in on some actual pvp in crowfall. People get tired of logging in to hit rocks.
  10. Unfortunately I don't think the campaign can be fixed quick enough to ensure players stick around to test. Atleast with the option like @Ble mentioned, duels or 5v5's in hunger dome could keep people around CF until they can sort out the issues with the grind fest currently plaguing the campaign.
  11. When I came to CF I wasn't expecting a crafting/gathering simulator. I have spent the last few months gathering 80% of the time crafting 10% of that time, and im being generous at 10% pvpin. We are playing a crafting simulator at this point. Taking keeps has no purpose, I can still farm around them, the buffs don't make them worth holding. Small group pvp has no purpose, nothing to gain, anyone can bank at anytime. Even with the embargo/bank changes coming it only con volutes the current pvp mechanics. Why remove local banks? That made having a fort/keep actually a perk. Darkfall had full loot, you had risk vs. reward. Owning a territory meant you had a local bank/respawn and access to some high quality spawns. Each unique to the biomes. Mortal Online had full loot as well. Owning territory in Mortal Online, access to blast furnace to make the best metals in the game. Rare spawns or important reagents used all across the world. Shadowbane owning keeps, mines = resources worth fighting over. Keep was a sanctuary of protection that you could come home to , build upon, equip with guards , shops that could be upgraded. All territories are random and serve no purpose in CF. We have no special resource in a specific region or keep/fort that has high value. CF is a glorified crafting simulator. It isn't hardcore due to its pvp, its hardcore crafting/grinding. Everything in crowfall can be accomplished without having to pvp at all.
  12. Gathering for the little amount of pvp currently available has burnt out a lot of players. Give us something to do that satisfies our pvp needs. Temporary hunger dome until this loop is sorted out. Leave the campaign up for those who want to continue in it
  13. You see, the post as a whole was meaningless aimed at demeaning with useless and inaccurate information. Your "retort" as you like to point out. Doesn't apply at all. I am not here asking for help because im behind. I am looking out for the testers as a whole. I could care less about skill points, I have multiple maxed out crafter/harvesters. Healthy tester pool is important and you fight against that to keep your (wins). Its a shame that common sense and logic is overshadowed by pride. No one cares who wins test. We just want to finish it up and do it efficiently.
  14. If you had bothered to read my posts you would know I wasn't asking for a reset. .... please be sure you know what you are speaking on before you jump in. With that lack of attention to detail I will just assume you are speaking your obtuse nonsense. If you need a hug im here for you. The lack of direction is a concern of mine, and many others as well. Its apparent and undeniable. That is all I have on this topic.
  15. You seem to be very abrasive on these forums towards general players who are looking for information. Maybe you are part of the issue? Could it be that you being obtuse towards genuine curiosity, may be putting a damper on questions that people want to ask? Its understandable how someone that has been around as long as you have generated 9 reputation. If you need a friend, ill hold your hand.
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