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  1. Is it only an assassin that can go stealth and if so when you attack someone when u r in stealth, doesn't stealth break? If so then would it be someone using an exploit or hack to fight while still in stealth. Happened to me other day that I saw no one around me but still hitting me, then after 2 or 3 hits the character showed up. Now if there are exploits and hackers will this company take care of them by kicking them out?
  2. Hi: I am a Canadian and I started to play CF just last week and find it alot of fun.I am 60 years old and would love to find a group of guys and gals that don't mind having an old man around lol. Just want to play and I love to craft.
  3. I am trying to find out what package I should get now so that I can download and play the game. I know you are in alpha stage, but I would like to get a package today, download it and beable to play it now Oct. 6 2017. Can someone please answer me this question. I am not looking into buying a 1k package either lol. Thank You
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