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  1. By new abilities, I mean abilities that require engineering (new ones). I agree with you that this change may require more engineering than I previously thought. Maybe knowing how much time would go into this could help us figure out if it's worth the time or not. Imo it is.
  2. I agree those pop-ups could be turned off, however I'd prefer them finding a better way to let the players know about the different paths/keys to press. Creating our own combos is a great way to memorize them I guess. The other advantages of custom combos: possibility to use fewer keys to cast abilities (X abilities hidden behind a single key) avoiding pressing on [8] during a fight adds complexity / choices to our builds (theorycrafting) first step in making the ability system more flexible, then we can suggest chording or other effective input methods. As you mention whether it's 1 > 3 > 4 or 1 > 1 > 1, no big difference. The game needs to know when to treat it as a single ability or as a combo. Pressing 3x the same button or using an extra key (in CF : "e") works well. Pressing 3 > 4 > 1 could be treated as a chain or 3 separate abilities. The core of the suggestion is to unlock the abilities from the combo chains and let the players build their own combos. I think it's reasonable to claim that compared to creating new abilities or systems it shouldn't require too much engineering. The other ideas may take more time and could be added progressively.
  3. I guess you're right, you know yesterday I told myself "why trying to influence the way a project is done", given that every project should be unique based on the decisions of the creators. But then I thought "what is our purpose if not to judge and try to change things". I agree with you that suggesting different methods or ideas politely rather than trying to impose our views usually leads to a better reception from the interested party.
  4. Front page In-engine video looks splendid imo and should be embedded somewhere on the first page. I think that the "Into the breach" artwork is great but the ranger overall looks weird imo, I'd consider polishing it Menus [GAME INFO] FAQ - Classes - Races - Bestiary - Pantheon - Wikis [MEDIA]* Concept art - Screenshots - 3D models - Comic book - Videos - Fan art - GIF [NEWS] Press releases - News - Twitter feed - Facebook [COMMUNITY] Forums - Guilds - Dev Tracker - Influencers - Fansites [PLAY] Download page - Troubleshooting - How to play - Pledge packages - Playtesting FAQ - Playtesting schedule [STORE]** [ARTCRAFT]** Support - Team - Funding - Jobs - Partners - Contacts *I believe this change should be prioritized: new comers often check the Media section before purchasing a new game **Clickable images (store : cart, ACE : logo) I think that the flags for the languages should be hidden behind a single button rather than displaying foreign flags prominently on the front page when most of your customers speak English.
  5. The comic book is an extremely effective material to share the word about Crowfall. Hopefully we can get more pages soon.
  6. I suggest to make the change asap because: It shouldn't require much engineering, compared at least to creating new abilities or systems The windows that pop-up in the middle of the screen every 3 seconds imo are: blocking the view annoying for new players and live stream viewers useless to players after a few minutes playing a certain archetype not the most effective way to convey the information about the different paths It'd add a lot of depth and customization options at relatively low development cost: There could be bonuses or penalties depending on the order abilities are chained "the 1st ability of the chain gets a -15% damage penalty" "the 3rd ability of the chain gets a +15% damage bonus" Incapacities on the caster depending on the abilities of the chain (risk / reward) "3x offensive abilities : caster is snared for 1 second" "2x class abilities + 1x discipline : blurred vision for 2 seconds" Special effects on the target depending on the abilities of the chain "3x fire abilities : target is set ablaze and receive 500 damage over 3 seconds" "3x frost abilities : target is slowed down by 15% for 3 seconds" It'd allow player to slot abilities more ergonomically (more abilities slotted on keys 1 through 5) It'd open the door to other changes related to input and controls (holding a key to create an ability chain, directional input with abilities for special effects (e.g. forward + LMB different than backward + LMB), etc.)
  7. 1. How about letting players choose which abilities they want to slot as combo/chain? For example, a Confessor could slot any 3 of its abilities and form a combo with them, instead of the presets. There could be bonuses or penalties depending on the combination of abilities. (theory crafting) 2. Then getting rid of the windows that constantly pop up during combat asking us to choose which button to press. ^ one of the biggest annoyance for me in CF
  8. "Kingdom Under Fire II is a video game set in a high fantasy setting developed by Blueside which merge real-time strategy (RTS), role-playing game (RPG) and massively multiplayer online (MMO) genres - the game is to have a single player, and online multiplayer mode. The game follows on chronologically from Kingdom Under Fire: Circle of Doom, and is the first RTS game set in the Kingdom Under Fire universe to be released since the 2005 Kingdom Under Fire: Heroes. The game was announced in January 2008, and has been subject to delay and changes to release platforms; A closed beta-test began in December 2011 in South Korea. In November 2013, the developers announced that a version for the Playstation 4 was in development." The Chinese version of Kingdom Under Fire 2 entered a no-wipe Closed Beta state in March 2017. In July Taiwanese version entered an Open Beta." https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kingdom_Under_Fire_II
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