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  1. How do you get Dizzy from playing FPS games?
  2. Ashes of Creation devolving into a Battle Royale, trouble with Chronicles of Elyria, and just recently Camelot Unchained doing an "Ashes of Creation" move by working on a second game before the first one is even finished...not looking good for these Kickstarter MMOs. Will Crowfall be next?
  3. Devs: Crowfall Beta!...Crowfall BETA!...get your BETA here folks...We all know you've been waiting for that B E T A. Me: But the game is in Pre-alpha, shouldn't the next phase be Alph- Devs: B E T A!!!! WE DOING B E T A!!!!! Y'ALL WANT THAT B E T A Me: ... I bought into Crowfall because Warlords of Draenor was terrible...and it the last 4 years we've had 2 more Wow expansions, Classic wow came out, New World got announced, developed, and soon released, Albion Online came out, a multitude of other games have been released....and Crowfall. Crowfall in that time has gone from pre-alpha...to "Beta" If they said Alpha we'd think Crowfall was Star citizen 2.0, and gonna release some time later this century. So of course they had to say "Beta", because they are seeing every other game in the industry moving at light speed by comparison. Camelot Unchained also went into Beta 1.5 years ago. Because being in Alpha for nearly 8 years was not gonna sit well with the players, and we're seeing the same mentality here. So look, I understand Kickstarter MMOs don't have the huge AAA budgets or larger staff to make these things go faster, but I have to be realistic. There are gonna be children playing Crowfall that were born and raised during its development. Now it's not as bad as Star citizen, where literally the Grandchildren of the current backers will be playing this game, but I'm sure you can see the problem. Waiting for games to come out shouldn't feel like wandering the desert for 40 years.
  4. I just noticed on the Crowfall home page a "Beta Sign up" button and was wondering where this came from? Does this mean that Beta is coming soon? Because I thought that Crowfall just went into Alpha.
  5. I am a dwarf and I diggy a hole, diggy diggy hole, I diggy a hole
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