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  1. How do you get Dizzy from playing FPS games?
  2. Ashes of Creation devolving into a Battle Royale, trouble with Chronicles of Elyria, and just recently Camelot Unchained doing an "Ashes of Creation" move by working on a second game before the first one is even finished...not looking good for these Kickstarter MMOs. Will Crowfall be next?
  3. Devs: Crowfall Beta!...Crowfall BETA!...get your BETA here folks...We all know you've been waiting for that B E T A. Me: But the game is in Pre-alpha, shouldn't the next phase be Alph- Devs: B E T A!!!! WE DOING B E T A!!!!! Y'ALL WANT THAT B E T A Me: ... I bought into Crowfall because Warlords of Draenor was terrible...and it the last 4 years we've had 2 more Wow expansions, Classic wow came out, New World got announ
  4. I just noticed on the Crowfall home page a "Beta Sign up" button and was wondering where this came from? Does this mean that Beta is coming soon? Because I thought that Crowfall just went into Alpha.
  5. I am a dwarf and I diggy a hole, diggy diggy hole, I diggy a hole
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