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  1. Are there no campaigns available? Infinite "NO SCENARIOS FOUND" screen.
  2. Thanks for that it explains alot.
  3. So I've been playing for about a week now and noticed that some of the servers when online e.g. bloodbath and eu east/west that the servers are quiet like no one is on about 1/150 it says. Is it me or is no one playing or playing private servers?
  4. Looking for a guild possibly OCE to help with timezones but any are fine, maybe a guild that could teach me a bit as well in the game (discord or ts is a must). Have played a lot of MMORPGs for about ten years. Heavy PvP player in multiple games I used to play like GW2 wvw, was top 150 demo WoW and top 500 hunter in Destiny.
  5. I felt like the biggest idiot after reading this. Hopped on and it worked and I can play the game for a bit now so that's good. Thanks for the help guys.
  6. Yeah I'll give it another go later tonight. Nothing comes up on my screen like "F to interact" when I'm in front of trees. Maybe pings too high for game to acknowledge it.
  7. So I've watched starting guides and they tell me to first cut a tree. Now for some reason I don't have that interaction available for some reason. Is it something on my side (playing in Australia so 350 ms ping) or am Imissing something.
  8. Oh ok sounds good. If I do enjoy the game can I upgrade to higher pledge and if so could I Layaway it?
  9. So forts and stuff arent really needed?
  10. Hey guys. Before I pledge or go for a Layaway, what is the best pledge to get for someone new to this game. Not looking to spend $500 if I don't have to. But does the experience change or do the pledges at higher levels make the game somewhat easier. Thanks in advance
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