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  1. Tried using my workstation today to log in after having troubles on my old game machine. Having issues on the workstation as well. Anytime I try to enter the world it does it's load thing in the lower corner like everything is OK and then ends up back at the home screen rather than in the game world. At some point I'll try a 3rd machine, hopefully eventually get to play, game looks pretty promising. The machine specs are as follows 2 Intel Xeon E5-2678W Windows 7 Service Pack 1 with 32GB RAM Quadro 5000 2GB GDDR5 w latest drivers Theoretically shouldn't matter but I also have a Nvidia Tesla C2075 in the machine. I also work in Unity3d developing training applications and have for a couple of years on this machine with no problems. I know the setup is capable of running Unity and Unity built applications, so must be something specific to the setup on this game/server/etc.
  2. I'm running on an older machine, and it runs fair enough, I wasn't expecting 120 fps. I have an I7 860 w 8GB of RAM running Windows 10 64 bit. My video card is a Nvidia GTX260. Drivers are the latest available for that card which are 342.01. Not sure if it's related to my specific machine or not but figured I would post one issue I ran into. Anytime I have to swap the interface out or render to another area and back to the game screen, I get a black screen with the UI over it and my FPS drops to almost nothing. For instance when I flew over to make a character things were fine until I finished and went back to the game world. It was black and getting 10 fps and had to exit and come back in. When I came back in everything was fine again and I wandered around and explored just fine, but after I hit M to check my map and came back, it was black again and losing FPS and had to exit out again. Several time I was able to reproduce this.