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  1. We will be there. Not sure if we will be there as a clan or maybe we will join up with some others
  2. That means you are doing something wrong as a guild. In Darkfall you always had people protecting the loot and keeping an eye out(i.e. scouting). If you let your loot get stolen because you arent paying attention, than perhaps you shouldnt have tried it in the first place. It rather ADDS a layer of difficulty. Its more carebear to secure loot without the possibility of it ever getting lost, how can you say otherwise is beyond me, lol.
  3. Darkfall TSP? Good to see you guys are still around
  4. Action based with active blocking of course. The more skill involved the better.
  5. Full Loot would be a dream, death means so much more and it will most likely mean gear is LESS dominant than it your typical themepark MMO. Which hopefully means skill will be more dominant(and not skill levels or your level in general).
  6. Skill should be dominant over gear and levels. Also in a seamless and persistant world, you should be able to run into people with higher (skill)levels, no cut off safezones or starter territories would be my preferance.
  7. The problem with high end graphics is that it demands way too much power to be able to handle large scale battles. If they want large scale battles without too much lag and desync issues, they need to cut down somewhere. I personally like the style.
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