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  1. One last comment but the core community groups need to quit being so resistent to change. DAOC did a way better job finding a pvp place for every scale of fighting that this game does not do well. Most of the small scale player just want a space included not taken away from the large guilds. Ive been in and watched this community be extremely toxic to any suggestion of anything that isnt oriented at the large guilds all through testing.
  2. I played DAOC and this game isnt a shell of that game.
  3. Ya we have a ton of them stored at the moment so I couldnt tell you where they all came from at this point.
  4. They couldnt deliver and until they can you should adjust your expectations.
  5. The logistics on my level are for me to worry about not you. We can cross the bridge of what happens in 6 months when that happens.
  6. I do know and I still don't care. I accept that doesn't fit my play style and am not advocating taking that playstyle from you or your people.
  7. Pretty sure they only drop minors, I dont remember getting any majors from them.
  8. All of this sounds great in theory but the zone cap is 200 people. Until that situation is rectified 500 people is just too many to allow into a zone to halt all pvp. As someone in a smaller guild every time I see posts like this it baffles me. I don't want your castle, I don't really care about it. I don't understand the need to have these large faceless guilds of bodies just to inflate a number count. its not fun PVP to me. If you enjoy it that, it's fine, personally I don't want to take away from that I just want a place to have my enjoyment in the game and for some reason there is this core group of people that want to force people into their playstyle. The other options smaller guilds have is to go play something else. Hopefully that leaves enough to keep the lights on for the remaining community, but this community is hostile to people playing this game outside of their playstyle for some reason.
  9. They dont have to limit it in game just in each zone, They need to do something you cant put caps that wont support the existing guild structure. If only 200 people can be in a zone they need to limit how many of those 200 can be one guild or alliance. Doing anything would be better than what it is now for pvp. Last I checked it was supposed to be a pvp based game.
  10. Crowfall does this with pop capped zones that only support 200 people. Thats why there are sieges happening where one side doesnt show because the zones are locked. Either the game needs to support the guild/alliance sizes it allows or changes need to occur for more pvp to happen and less one sided sieges.
  11. Some people are so sensitive about comments not even directed at them.
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