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  1. Its hard to take feedback serious from someone that spent as much time as OP has telling other people in their feedback they are playing the game wrong.
  2. Its META dude, you dont get it.
  3. I see a lot of earth and sun players from the last campaign in this thread complaining about moon like they were the heavy populated side the whole campaign. Moon was sitting so far out of first a week in and you never saw any moon players. My group swapped to moon when sun and earth were duking it out for first and second place in the teens of score and moon was still around 6k points. over the next week there were several nights of decent sized fights but the populations were pretty close during siege windows. When moon took the last two keeps from sun and earth at that point the moon population skyrocketed and the fights died. The problem wasnt that people switched to moon as much as people that switched to moon in the last couple of days. Prior to that the campaign did a decent job of self balancing. Its pretty clear that it impacted people though as roaming around for several hours during NA East and West windows in campaign lead to seeing a couple of fights against moon that was more than a couple groups. FvF does need some attention from the devs though if its ever going to be successfull. You cant slap 3 factions onto the existing dregs ruleset and call it a day. Turn some of those knobs that were discussed through testing. We dont need a dregs lite rules set. Like it or not if you allow freedom of choice a majority of players will take the easy way out if it means they "win". Even if winning means less fun players will do it. This is just going to continue bleeding players in the name of freedom of choice.
  4. Sounds about right considering you didnt comprehend anything by the OP correctly.
  5. There must have been a mass fallout in the last twenty years and the tech was lost. Its the only logical explanation.
  6. Such a cringe out of touch answer given in response to that.
  7. If the game isn't recognizing your playstyle, it sounds like you are playing the game wrong.
  8. You realize the guy you are talking to is earth right?
  9. I like the idea of putting more thought into the rewards. I do feel like the time logged in is exploitable if the check is whether they are logged into the campaign or not. I could see people on stealth classes sitting in random out of the way spots afk clocking time or just sitting in temples afk in safety. For factions you need some sort of sliding reward though for time spent in current faction unless the only faction rewards are personal. Otherwise, you will still have people changing onto the winning side at the end to collect the best rewards rather than playing out the campaign.
  10. I wasnt complaining. My guild moved from earth to moon about a week ago and for that time we found a lot of fights with similar numbers from all three factions. It looked like earth was coasting to victory and we were not finding many fights outside the Salmons guild that has since pretty much moved on. So we made the call to move since at the time moon was completely out of the picture. Last night was obvious people either gave up or moved factions.
  11. The US east faction campaign was going fine until last night. There have been really good fights by all 3 factions and then last night the dam broke it seems.
  12. Live Server Top 5 Crowfall likes (things you feel we're doing great on). I like the small man pvp, only applicable during siege windows though. Live Server - Top 5 Crowfall dislikes (what you feel we could be doing better on or a pesky game mechanic that you don't enjoy) and how can we make it better? I dislike pvp during non siege windows. Hot zones do not foster enough population for any meaningful pvp. You overtake a hotzone with numbers but there is no reason for more than a couple people as the hot zones do not support more than a couple people. Unable to change discs in an EK. enable this please. In campaign bank UI is not good scrolling through a long list to find things. We need an option to create our own tabs in the bank UI. Giving better rewards to try and force people into playing dregs is bad design for people that do not enjoy that playstyle. Bump the materials up in factions, the gameplay is not entertaining if I need to join a larger guild to enjoy it. PvP ranks could be one item that is missing that would foster some reason to pvp outside of windows. Dynamic hot zones as opposed to static ones on the map, activate a buff by doing something on a parcel to give you a short term parcel hot zone buff that shows up on the map like current hot zones. You can gain more materials/gold/ex but also expose yourself on the map to take advantage of it. The map takes forever to open. I dont know how you make it happen but it shouldnt freeze your game opening it. Eliminate the guild caps(5 guilds per alliance) on alliances if you are capping the player count. This would enable smaller guilds to band together to accomplish something in dregs. This would need some sort of alliance scoring system to make it flow in dregs.
  13. I think most people agree that a large portion of the player base logs on during the siege windows and once those are done the servers empty out for the most part. I think they should remove the hot zones from a schedule and implement them differently. Add some sort of camp at each war tribe location(parcel), gathering location on the map that can be killed to activate a hotspot buff on that parcel. Give the normal hotspot percentages to the buff and let people choose to activate a hotspot buff in any farm spot on the map. Limit the buff to short term like 5-10 minutes so it needs maintained, once the buff is activated though that parcel gets the hotspot flames on the map. Rather than funneling people to select spots on a schedule allow people to activate these buffs to gain materials and gold faster during non siege windows at the expense of exposing where they are farming. Im sure that there are holes in this idea all over but i think it could push people to do things more often during off hours which could lead to some more pvp during those times.
  14. This wasnt just a meta shift. Its being moved out to re-evaluate at this point, but there is tons of informative posts in the thread explaining the issues with the changes as originally laid out.
  15. Is there any intention of modifying those discs/powers(stakes discs, redirected strikes on knight, ironwood body on druid) that are impacted by this as well? Those are pretty well dead discs/talents at this point for the value they provide.
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