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  1. Kind of a chicken or egg issue honestly. A huge impact on the thin player base is game performance. The idea of Crowfall is also cloudy and doesn't know what it wants to be any longer. As a backer this, doesn't seem to have much of the idea the game was kickstarted around at this point.
  2. Wake me when the server can handle that load reasonably well.
  3. There seems like there is a lot more work to be done and not enough time to do it since they are intent this needs to be released soon.
  4. This seems less about the Earth faction and more about some beef with Zyback.
  5. So the complaint against the Earth faction is that they are an unorganized blob? If they tagged all those earth faction people up under say a tag called "Wild Hunt" the difference would be what? Smaller guild people/unguilded have always been told to get in a bigger guild and some people have and its an issue all of a sudden.
  6. They should really change that as well, shouldnt be able to delete things while in combat.
  7. Does the game tell the player this in any way in game for number 8? They do a really poor job getting game information out to the player.
  8. If thats the way its designed fine, just saying you arent going to hold those peoples attention very long. Caps on AoE just encourage people to run a bigger blob to cheese the programming to avoid damage, we saw this in GW2 and its present again here. I am faced with the choice of join the blob or move onto a game that i can find fun in. If they think its a good design decision to force people into those choices the people that choose to run opposed to that for various reasons they will just find something else. Its supposed to be beta though so its feedback. As for point #2 i was
  9. To add to this if you want the game to succeed there needs to be a way to play other than biggest blob wins. Get rid of the 5 person ae caps it just rewards bigger groups Make it harder to hold keeps/forts the more you own. Increase the vulnerable times as you add x amount of keeps/forts under your ownership. Its fine to zerg or small man but at some point one of those two groups is going to go find another option. The smaller groups will leave for a game that allows for their preferred gameplay choice The larger group will get bored when there isnt any population. I would
  10. It really shows the spot they are in when you open on a dps druid and they lose barely any health before they just melt your face off. Duelist is a far better assassin than assassins currently.
  11. I will say the part that made it seem bad to me was all of the lore posts. I don't mind lore posts but that seemed to be really the majority of the news in October. There wasn't the usual pacing of whats going on information we have grown accustomed to.
  12. Kind of figured that but this is the longest dead spell i can remember in testing activity, 5.8 must be massive in additions being made.
  13. I was a little shocked by the lack of activity on the forums seems like testing is at a standstill from reading the forums.
  14. God please no that was the worst part of GW2 in my opinion
  15. Im glad to see this post. We all hate delays but pushing out an unfinished product was a bigger concern to me.
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