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  1. I will say the part that made it seem bad to me was all of the lore posts. I don't mind lore posts but that seemed to be really the majority of the news in October. There wasn't the usual pacing of whats going on information we have grown accustomed to.
  2. Kind of figured that but this is the longest dead spell i can remember in testing activity, 5.8 must be massive in additions being made.
  3. I was a little shocked by the lack of activity on the forums seems like testing is at a standstill from reading the forums.
  4. God please no that was the worst part of GW2 in my opinion
  5. Im glad to see this post. We all hate delays but pushing out an unfinished product was a bigger concern to me.
  6. It's just disappointment seeping through right now. The June announcement made it sound like 24/7 testing was right around the corner, which to me, meant it was going to start looking like the vision we all funded. Almost 3 months later and the current test still isn't much of a game at the moment, and supposedly their vision for soft launch is still on pace from the last thing I read. The MMO scene being bad as it is right now isn't leaning in their favor.
  7. I feel ya. While I enjoy hearing about the people making the game, they do seem like these have taken the place of game news on days they release news sometimes. We got a bunch of news real quick then it just kind of dried up while we wait to see 5.3. I pretty much lurk but you arent the only one thinking it.
  8. So if Doggett screws something up can he just blame it on staring at the sun too long now?
  9. No rezzing would be really annoying and cumbersome. You lose a guy and have to wait for that one guy to regroup with you rather than just being able to revive them once out of combat? Definitely doesn't sound fun, I get punishing deaths but if my group is alive and we aren't in combat there should be a less cumbersome way to get groups back together.
  10. Bard feels like it should have almost been its own class.
  11. I hope you guys can hit a home run with this massive announcement you've teased.
  12. It takes a real visionary to give the art team direction. At least the artist are capable of coming up to J Todds level of creativity and he doesnt have to dumb his vision down for them.
  13. I know my problem with the crafting stats are they are listed as basic crafting which made me feel like those didn't benefit any of the advanced trees. I also haven't noticed a change in my success rates on the recipes as I train things that increase success rates. While the stats are very diverse in the attributes trees its not really clear what impact they have on what you are doing.
  14. I guess at this point, does anyone doubt Doggett is the brains behind this entire operation?
  15. It sounds great on paper but it played out as a back line healer more often than a front line one.
  16. I havent tested for a while but latency was always my biggest fear. While its alpha and I get that I would think they would be making progress and lagging out bigger fights at this point but it seems like the number of people per match still isnt increasing. The feedback threads all seem to have the same issues every time of "frames and lag". Again its alpha, but with talks of soft launching and more and more stuff being added to it yet the upper population limits of matches not increasing, continues to make me skeptical that all of the ideas they wanted to do are feasible in a smooth running environment.
  17. I completely forgot about that part of it. I just read food and the penalties of the system and it sounded like something you just had to manage. Being able to do things like you explained gives it a broader appeal and could be entertaining.
  18. Not sure if this will be viewed as an additional layer of something fun or just a general nuisance chore you have to do.
  19. Took a couple minutes but it showed up for me.
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