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  1. I am a crafter & roleplayer at heart. Guild criteria: Region: NA - I'm actually Australian, but NA is better than EU for me lag wise and most of my friends in general are American and Canadian ^^ Atmosphere: I prefer an atmosphere that is more relaxed, but still the guild should be well organised and well ran. I like to be delegated tasks and the crafting scene is really important to me. Casual/Hardcore?: I'm more closer to hardcore, but only in the sense of crafting. I do not like a tense atmosphere though. My timezone being GMT+10 sometimes mean that I will be more active in off-times for the guild if they're NA, but a guild with a lot of night owls will appeal to me. I'm also okay with being on for set times if there is a group event. Size: Competitive Size, but I'm okay going into a guild that is small and helping building it up. Play-Style: Crafting and roleplay. Honestly. I'll PVP as a member of the guild, and I certainly won't shy away from it, but I'm here primarily to create stories and craft, craft, craft. Commitment: This is odd. I think it depends on the needs of the guild, and my own RL. Miscellaneous: N/A Experience: WoW Most modern FPS games. FFXIV Ragnarok Online EVE Black Desert Online Elder Scrolls Online A ton more. Over 10+ years of RP experience Voice-Chat services: Discord, preferably.
  2. Hello! I've just purchased as a backer of the game. I think it's intriguing and very fresh as far as features and general scope/focus is concerned. Looking forward to seeing you all in world.
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