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  1. Lamim

    What We Want

    That doesn't sound very cool or flashy. More seriously, it is a bit superficial and shallow but it is what I want. I would play a game for it's aesthetic if I found it attractive.
  2. Lamim

    What We Want

    I want cool and flashy over the top abilities
  3. Lamim

    Leader Boards

    Just need to control what the leaderboards will be then. I like how you worded that, playing the leaderboards as the game. In that case, wouldn't you think it would be good to promote how the devs want the game to be played through the leaderboards? For instance, if the devs wanted the game to be a crafting game, they just need to base the leaderboards around crafting. I dont agree with a killboard, but I would agree with having multiple leaderboards, one for each of whatever matters. Killboards and leaderboards are implemented in Albion online right now (a fairly recent sandbox mmorpg), and the only negative impact ive observed is that it made the game sort of.. a onesided domination by those who endlessly grind and are most active, but none of the ones mentioned in this thread so far, neither do I think that will be an issue with this game with the effort being put in to avoid that scenario.
  4. I hope this isn't a dumb question, but what do the color codes (between shaded, half shaded and unshaded) mean?
  5. Lamim

    Leader Boards

    What's wrong with bragging about accomplishments? It's more incentive to work towards them and makes you feel more rewarded. That's like saying removing ranked from league so people can't brag is a good idea. Seriously, these types of opinions are leaving me a little confused. I feel like I'm at a coffee shop listening to people complain about how they don't want coffee. On the other hand IT CAN BE AVOIDED, and everyone can be happy if you just never look at it if you really dislike the idea of a leaderboard that much. The leaderboard itself isn't doing anything to you and is there for people who want to see how they compare to others. If you don't like others bragging you can just ignore them and just not talk to them. Honestly speaking this seems more like a personal problem than a game problem.
  6. Lamim

    Leader Boards

    Ok so my most played style of games are MMO's. Ive played a lot of them, seen a lot succeed, and a lot crash and burn. However I have a fair amount of time.invested in MOBAs too. league specifically Ive played on and off since season one with an average of platinum rank. MOBA's are literally the most team oriented games Ive ever played so I honestly fail to see your point. yes this game has leaderboards in the form of the ranked system or ELO, which I love about the game and wouldnt evem bother playing otherwise if they didnt have it. I assume you've seen some of the developer videos. The concept they want for their game is a MMO tied in with strategy components. The way they want to do this is through campaigns. This is literaly atleast a MOBA (multiplayer online battle arena) or ARTS (action real time strategy) type game with inclusion of campaigns cause of how they work.
  7. Lamim

    Leader Boards

    Alright, but you are missing the point of it. It promotes competitive play. This is a PvP oriented game, so why wouldn't you want to encourage competition? It can get toxic but if you dont like competitive environments you should avoid PvP oriented games entirely instead of making what I think to be harmful opinions. You have a very narrow view on the topic at hand, for one, the leader board does not not to be solely a KDR stat, there are many other stats that can be used, like leader-boards for resources, win rate, assists, most crafted, most gathered, etc. Im in agreement with those suggesting that there are more (hopefully meaningful) stats. This is a multiplayer game where players compete with each other, why would you want to take away social and competition specific mechanics and make the game closer to a single player game? Also I think we are a missing a key point here since the term moba is being thrown around here. Moba stands for Multiplayer online battle arena. Crowfall does have a lot of MOBA characteristics, campaigns in themselves, are like large scale multiplayer online battle arenas so it wouldn't be wrong to say this game borrows a lot of MOBA characteristics.
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