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    Find solid Daily pvp'ers and guild crafters for my guild to funnel materials into :P

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  1. Guilds - when will it happen?

    yes 5.8 will be coming soon. also your guild name is flown on the campaign scoreboard. time to bring out your numbers
  2. Beach Head Houses

    Would be a cool idea to let guilds get a resource from capturing Keeps/ Forts. Use that resource to get a deed for guild chests in a house at starter spot :P. Just idea for progression of having a guild. Maybe there is something in works other than just a guild EK?
  3. Material Requirements

    one of the disciplines give you 50% additional decay rate for tools like a must have
  4. Material Requirements

    well at least im learning alot of good info about game from this post
  5. Material Requirements

    yeah im not trying to bash the game at all just from couple days ive played seeing what kills people from playtesting longer periods of time with current state of game. im still vouching for game to get all my buddies on board to join guild and get online
  6. Material Requirements

    yeah i understand that you can specialize into it. just trying to suggest how they accomidate for solo players that want to pvp and not spend a decade grinding to do that. i havent gotten my buddies to pick the game up yet
  7. Material Requirements

    and also picture grinding 45 minutes plus for iron / tin for your craft to fail and lose those materials
  8. Material Requirements

    Please reduce the cost of materials per item. to build a whole set of gear to go and pvp in takes a little too much time to farm it. If you play solo like i have been doing takes way too long to get in a fight. Seems you have material requirements like everyone is gonna have a group to help grind it out quickly.