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  1. So I don't know if leveling progression is sped up during testing or what level will be the max, but I feel the leveling is very unsatisfying. I compare all games too my all time fav Hardcore Diablo II and with this game it is like I literally do nothing and I am lvl 6 to 10 without blinking. I feel in a game you should really earn that level up through brutal beat downs and trial and error and not just have it handed to you. In Diablo even at low levels you could run into a angry lightning enchanted elite that would wreck your day if you were not prepared. In some causes you would have to go search out new gear with resistance before you could take him on. With that said, I feel I could level all the way to 30 with minimal to no gear, leaving little reason to craft gear because I find better gear then I can make(at least early on). Also find no reason to cook because I find prepared food and I have little resistance from enemies to go searching out a meal that could give me a buff to help tackle the challenge. I feel this game could really take a lesson from Diablo II and bring in some elite mobs with unique, brutal enchantments along with the chance to nice item drops. That is what I feel made Diablo great, the brutality of it and the quest for the epic gear to take on that challenge. I have not delved much further than lvl 30 or engaged with guild pvp; tho I have beta tested here off on and for years to check the progression. One more thing because I do love PvP, I can tell without ever engaging in large PvP battles, this is a knuckle buster game. When you have to use W,A,S,D to move it is almost a deal breaker in PvP game like this for me, you might as well remove the right click to block or dodge, you can easily bind that to another key. I would much rather use right+left click to move forward so I can keep my fingers on my skills and not have to try controlling my char and using my abilities at the same time. I am sure I can think of more improvements, but I am not going to trying reinvent the game, I think the game is gorgeous and promising; ok one more thing. What is with the the player worlds? What are these going to be used for? I feel no reason to have a personal space that is disconnected from the map. This game would be amazing if each player was able to pug his map into the entire world map. If you had like hostile NPC maps pieces with creatures where you could create your base along with like a shops where you can sell what you crafted or a ghost town players had to fight through to get to your fortress. I feel no need to visit other players worlds to see what they built unless there was something to do when I got there, maybe something to fight. Being that I don't really know what your plans are and I barely keep up with this game, in this regard I feel you could learn from Boundless, a completely player build world. You see what I am looking for is "One game to rule them rule them All!" If I was you I would combine the best from all games and compile them into one badass game so we don't need to look no further. I feel a lot of us have been waiting for a game we would be willing to play forever. I think us older gamers are burnt out waiting, beta testing and hoping someone would create a Diablo meets Warcraft, meets Boundless meets ect. ect. I hope some developers are reading this, I know you are fellow gamers, I wish I had gotten into game development long ago when I was younger. It might take out some of the frustration we see when a game we have such high hopes for just misses the mark and we are back to looking for the next beta to test. But with that said, good luck to you all! I wish I was able to buy stock in the company, I missed that long ago, let me know when I can buy shares in the company and when I can be on the board meetings hahaha! Force be with!
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